Mechanical face cleaning – a description of the proceduresphoto before and after. Reviews of mechanical facial cleansing

Сб, 17 сен 2016 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

Clean skin is the basis of feminine beauty.

Comedones, acne, acne inflammation occur for various reasons,
one of which is inadequate care and cleansing.

There are several types of cleansing, but still
effective is mechanical cleaning of the face.

Description of the mechanical cleaning procedure

No matter how thorough the daily cleansing of the face, avoid
the formation of sebaceous plugs, keratinization, clogged pores will not succeed.
Bad ecology, excessive sebum secretion, negative
weather conditions (dust, heat, ultraviolet), cosmetics – all this
leads to the formation on the surface of the skin comedones, millet,
acne, acne. Mechanical cleaning will help to get rid of them.
face, which conduct cosmetologists.

Description of the mechanical cleaning procedure лица можно найти в
free access. In fact, it resembles an independent
home getting rid of pimples and clogged pores to which
resorts every girl. The difference is that the cabin procedure
carried out in a completely sterile conditions, which excludes
infection, and using special high-performance

Mechanical cleaning of the face according to reviews is rather painful, but
the most effective procedure. The beautician will remove even the most
deep skin plugs that neither peeling nor
ultrasound, no vacuum or laser.

The procedure has two types:

• tool cleaning (using special

• manual brushing (with fingers wrapped in special
disinfecting cloth).

In fact, in the process of cleaning the specialist often combines both
method of exposure, achieving perfectly cleaned pores. As
tools used double-sided spoon Unna (or Uno), needle
Vidal On one side is a nozzle-sieve for removal.
the top layer of keratinized skin cells and sebaceous secretions, on the other
– a funnel with a hole to remove individual greasy plugs or

In the process of cleaning the skin is constantly disinfected,
therefore, infection is impossible.
If there is any
doubts about this, you must read the description of the procedures
mechanical cleaning of the face. Especially important to make it moms
teenagers who very often suffer from rashes and need
professional assistance. Beautician works in sterile
gloves, always prepares the face for cleansing and soothes the skin
after completion of the procedure. So fear (feast provided that
the procedure does an experienced specialist) is not worth it.

Despite the fact that mechanical cleaning is an independent
procedure, it is well compatible with other types of cleansing
(hardware or chemical). In addition, this method is effective.
skin care is not just for the face. Mechanical success
cleavage of the neckline, shoulders, back.

The benefits of mechanical cleaning

Despite the rather tough way to fight acne and cleanse
clogged pores, mechanical cleaning remains the most effective
way deep cleansing of the skin.

Beautician works with individual pores and inflammatory
elements, acting on each individually. Going on
extraction of purulent elements and compressed skin secretion from
the mouth of the sebaceous duct, the pores are really cleaned. Thanks
even very deep manual doses can be removed
comedones, which other methods do not reach.

Нужно понимать, что при всех плюсах ручной
Facial cleansing procedure has its drawbacks. Since deep
the effect on the skin injures it, then the red spots on the face
persist for 2-3 days. On made after mechanical
photo cleansing of the face clearly shows that the skin will need quite a lot
recovery time. Therefore, if there is any important
an event or a date, the procedure should be postponed.

Кроме того, боль в момент надавливания
can be quite strong. This is evidenced by some reviews about
mechanical cleaning of the face. If the procedure does inexperienced
the cosmetologist, he can severely injure the dermis. Deciding to purge,
not worth saving. You can trust your face only
a professional.

How is the mechanical cleaning procedure

Facial cleansing involves several steps:

• face preparation;

• pore disclosure;

• cleaning with a sieve attachment;

• cleaning with a funnel;

• disinfection;

• pore tightness;

• moisturizing.

The description of mechanical face cleaning procedures begins with
stage of preparation.
The skin before any cosmetic
exposure, especially related to the violation of the skin,
must be completely free of cosmetics, dust, grease. After
washing with a mild cleansing gel, the beautician rubs his face with warm
steam (using a vaporizer) or heats a special
lotion, gel or put on a steaming mask. Open pores
you must: without it get deep inside
is impossible.

The procedure itself is carried out in horizontal
position under good lighting.
Thanks мощной лампе
the beautician sees the client’s face clearly and can carefully
to work out all the problem areas. Will have to work quickly and accurately,
since in half an hour the pores will close.

First of all with the help of the nozzle-strainer beautician
treats the surface of the skin, removing fat and dead cells
horny layer of skin.
Inflamed skin is not
processed, eels are skipped. Peeling movements
gliding, resemble shading. Heavily contaminated sieve in
process is washed with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol

Then comes the very stage for which
cleaning is in progress.
Beautician with a funnel cleans
ripe eels, black spots (comedones), greasy congestion. Hole
the funnel is combined with the treated sometimes, after which the beautician
presses on the corners of the funnel and extracts the contents. Right after
removal of pus and sebum, the treated area is disinfected

If using a spoon to remove the secret failed, beautician
conducts the procedure manually, wrapping fingers with a sterile cloth and
pushing on the area around the pollution. Sometimes widen greasy
the duct is assisted by a special needle, the tip of which inserts into the pore.

To remove whiteheads (called pro-women), beautician
pierces the skin in the area of ​​accumulation of wen, then squeezes out
his puncture area disinfects.

If there are a lot of acne on the surface of the skin, several
procedures. After того как поры закроются, воздействие на кожу
getting very painful. The procedure is terminated so as not to
deliver unnecessary suffering to the client. Sometimes a mechanical field
cleaning is carried out additional vacuum cleaning. This is done in
If the surface of the skin is severely inflamed.

After завершения чистки специалист протирает кожу
alcohol tincture or treats with liquid nitrogen.

Final disinfection prevents inflammation. When
the skin surface dries, it is soothed with a special drying
mask It simultaneously pores, relieves redness and
swelling, soothes pain and prevents development

After снятия маски можно нанести легкий увлажняющий крем. it
Especially important for dry skin. The main thing is that the texture was
very light and did not contain fat.

Indications and contraindications for the procedure

Particularly effective mechanical cleaning of the face in the following

• enlarged pores with heavy pollution;

• a large number of comedones and black dots;

• dull, gray skin;

• the presence of milk grass (milium) and Wen;

• acne, acne;

• flabbiness of the dermis.

All this indications for mechanical cleaning, reviews of
which is the most positive. Desperate people can get
real help if the procedure is carried out professionally and
timely. It may take several sessions, but the matter is
worth it.

Despite its effectiveness, mechanical facial cleansing is not indicated.
all There are cases when the procedure can not be carried out.
Contraindications are as follows:

• very dry skin;

• skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema, herpes);

• furunculosis;

• fragility of vessels;

• blood diseases;

• increased skin sensitivity;

• bronchial asthma;

• high blood pressure.

It is not necessary to schedule the procedure for critical days. In this period
bleeding and sensitivity to pain increases.

Mechanical cleaning results

The results of the procedure become noticeable after a few days.
when the marks of the impact of Uno’s spoon and the needles pass. Special
obvious consequences of mechanical cleaning of the face in the photo taken before
procedures and after it. The results are as follows:

• the disappearance of comedones and acne;

• soft, moisturized, elastic and soft skin;

• inconspicuous pores;

• pleasant even complexion.

Thanks глубокому очищению улучшается кровообращение и
cellular respiration is restored, pores narrow, disappears
unpleasant effect of constantly shiny skin that you want everything
time to powder.

According to reviews, after mechanical cleaning of the skin
completely healthy. Of course, skin diseases procedure is not
cures, but still helps to significantly improve the appearance

Is it possible to carry out mechanical cleaning of the face at home? Despite
that cosmetologists are categorically opposed to amateur performance, sometimes
You can do the cleaning yourself. It is important to understand that in the presence of
major problems should contact a dermatologist and complete a course

If the skin condition does not inspire serious concerns, then after
necessary training, having the appropriate tools and taking care
о carefullyй дезинфекции вполне можно избавиться от прыщей и
comedones yourself.

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