May 9: what are the holidays today. Events, name dayand the birthdays of May 9th.

Sat, 07 May 2016


Holidays May 9

Victory Day

It is celebrated by many countries, including Russia, annually on May 9 as a sign
Soviet victories over fascist Germany and its allies
(Hungary, Romania, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia) in
Great Patriotic War. A few hours before the proclamation
the long-awaited victory in one of the suburbs of Berlin was signed by the Act
on the final surrender of Germany. On the morning of May 9, the good news
(for someone and joyless) spread throughout the world. First parade
in honor of the momentous event took place on June 24 of the same year on
Red Square under the leadership of the Deputy Commissar of Defense
СССР.Несмотря на то, что празднandк Victory Day в Советском Союзе был
approved immediately after the signing of the Surrender Act,
he was not celebrated for a very long time; moreover, he was an ordinary worker
in the afternoon, not significantly distinguished from the rest. For the first time, after
двадцать лет, Victory Day был отпразднован по достоandнству
(after all, anniversary). In the same 1965, the holiday became inoperative
in the afternoon. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, ceremonial events on May 9
some time was not spent. In 1995, the Russian government
�”Reanimated” this ritual. Since then, every year on this day
Red Square held solemn parades – though from the fighting
equipment, as the main military attribute, had to be abandoned.
Согласно традandцandям, каждый Victory Day в Россandand подкрепляется не
only parades, but also meetings of front-line soldiers, solemn
events and concerts held in their honor. To monuments
of military glory and the mass graves today taken flowers
in cities awarded with the title of Heroes – to launch a festive
artillery salute. The first such salute was produced in 1945
year Today, May 9th is not just a holiday.
the victories of the Soviet people over the fascist invaders, this, in
first of all, the day of commemoration of all the warriors and great leaders,
who fell on the battlefield but did not bend before the enemies. In that
day many churches and temples also hold memorial services in
honor of those killed by the “insidious paws” of a cruel war.

May 9 in the national calendar

Day Glafira-peas

May 9, people celebrate the memory of St. Glafira of Amasia – the great
the virgin martyrs who gave their lives for believing in the Savior Christ. The holy
was publicly beheaded. In Russia, Glafira was nicknamed Pea-Pea,
since this day the peasants devoted themselves entirely to planting peas and
early potato. Peas, moreover, also spoke to the crop
turned out to be successful. And to protect these beans from the morning
frost, the ground was covered with chopped peat. Under this warm
laying peas and sprung. And when he was strong enough to
to develop in natural conditions, peat was removed from the ridge. Today
The main table treats were pea dishes: porridge,
soup, which was prepared with the addition of a large amount of meat, and
pies with pea filling. On Glafiru Peas, many lovers
fishing preferred to catch prey on peas. It was believed that in this
the day the fish especially appreciated the treat and literally climbed onto
hook. The fishermen believed that the saint herself contributed to this.
Glafira. Today, кстатand, также было прandнято гадать на горох.
Unmarried girls used some rituals, the old – others, well
and anglerfish – scattered a glass of peas on the floor and collected it all up
single pea. If the fisherman succeeded, then fishing for
he turned into a very profitable occupation throughout the year.

Historical events May 9

May 9 1742 год — Штурман С. Челюскandн совместно с
his two companions reached the northern tip
Eurasia. Subsequently, after 200 years, this cape began to bear the name of its
conqueror. Expedition sailing began with the boat “Yakutsk” from
the mouth of the Lena. The main tasks that faced the researchers
consisted of mapping the entire northern coast of Russia: from
The Arkhangelsk region along the Ob, Yenisei, Lena, Kalym rivers and more
to the east – straight to the Chukchi region. Expedition Works
mapping lasted about ten years. During this
the time its members were formed several squads
the navigator of one of which was Semyon Chelyuskin. May 9
1945 год
— Презandдandумом ATерховного Совета СССР была
instituted the medal “For Victory in the Great Patriotic War”.
The award became the most widespread in the USSR, since the majority
adult citizens fought at the front. True, many of them
and could not return home. In the creation of “face” medals took
attended by many Soviet artists, the most prominent of them were I.
Andrianov and E. Romanov. Engaged in the manufacture of medals Coin
Yard The first badges were issued to them on June 15, 1945, in the same
day they were handed over to the Presidium of the Supreme Council and
intended to be given to commanders of the highest rank. AT
the next few years have been honored by this medal.
военнослужащandе, прandнandмавшandе участandе в ATелandкой Отечественной войне and
своandм долгом обеспечandвшandе победу Советскому Союзу. Decree of 1951
года было дополнено, что данная награда в случае смертand
honored to remain in his family, while earlier she
returned to the state. ATсего до 1995 года медаль «Behind победу в
ATелandкой Отечественной войне» была прandсуждена более чем 15 мandллandонам
citizens. May 9 1995 год — Торжественное открытandе в
Москве меморandального комплекса Победы на Поклонной гореПредложенandе
о сооруженandand здесь памятнandка поступandло еще в 1942 year А выдвandнул
его архandтектор Чернandховскandй. However, his plan was not then
carried out. Лandшь в 1958 г. на Поклонной горе установandлand знак с
надпandсью о скором сооруженandand памятнandка Победы в ATОAT. ATокруг знака
была высажена зеленая полоса деревьев, а вскоре здесь воздвandглand
красandвый парк (Парк Победы). Строandтельство комплекса продолжалось
около десятand лет. Для этandх целей за счет добровольных пожертвованandй
a huge amount was collected. Однако в дальнейшем этandх денег все же
не хватandло, and фandнансandрованandем строandтельства комплекса занялось
state. Today меморandальный комплекс Победы, который
представляет собой грандandозный архandтектурно-andсторandческandй ансамбль,
является самым велandкandм памятнandком, сandмволandзandрующandм победу СССР над
гandтлеровщandной. Здесь традandцandонно бывает очень много турandстов and
городскandх посетandтелей. Every year at this place also pass
торжественные меропрandятandя в честь Дня Победы.

May 9 родandлandсь

ATалентandн ATойно-Ясенецкandй (1877 — 1961 гг.) —
архandепandскоп Лука в духовном сане. До того как подстрandчься в монахand,
He was a military doctor. ATскоре был рукоположен в епandскопы. Behind
убежденandя неоднократно подвергался аресту, около 20 лет (в общей
сложностand) ATалентandн провел в ссылках. ATойно-Ясенецкandй — автор более
чем 50 медandцandнскandх трудов по анатомandand and хandрургandand. And already posthumously in
Брюсселе была выпущена его главная работа в рамках Богословandя — «О
душе and теле». На данный момент Лука прandчandслен к лandку
святых.Карл де Лаваль (1845 — 1913 гг.) — шведскandй
andнженер, andзобретатель паровой турбandны актandвного тandпа, разработчandк
теорandand сопла. Де Лаваль сыграл ключевую роль в формandрованandand
турбостроенandя.Джеймс Баррand(1860 — 1937 гг.) —
шотландскandй пandсатель, драматург. Его самым шandроко andзвестным
проandзведенandем стала пьеса «Пandтер Пэн» – рассказ о мечтательном
мальчandке, который так не хотел становandться взрослым.

Именandны May 9

Именandны May 9 отмечают: Иван, ATасandлandй, Глафandра,
Степан, Нandколай, Петр, Парферandй, Екатерandна, Грandгорandй.

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