March 29: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays March 29th.

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Holidays March 29

Good Friday (date for 2013)

On Good Friday, Christians Remember the Crucifixion of Jesus
Christ, his death, burial and resurrection from the dead. In those
times the execution on the cross was considered the most shameful, cruel, long
and painful. This test was subjected to only special
guilty before the law: murderers, repeat offenders,
rebels and disobedient slaves who betrayed the master either
repeatedly tried to escape. The torment of crucified people is impossible
describe in words. Pain compared to unbearable heat and thirst
retreated into the background. Many suffered on the cross not one day.
According to local laws, the criminal crucified on the cross was cursed and
in every way humiliated. It was such a terrible death that the Jews prepared.
Jesus Christ. According to legend, on the cross, the Messiah tried to drink wine,
to ease the suffering however he refused because these
he was destined to suffer for the sins of mankind. Jesus
He prayed for everyone, including his own murderers: “Father! sorry
them, for they know not what they do. ” The suffering of the Savior saw everything
his followers, Mary Magdalena and mother. It is impossible to describe how
her heart was breaking at the sight of the crucified son. Meanwhile in the city
a great eclipse happened. The light was darkened, and the pitch came
darkness, everything seemed to stop waiting for something unpredictable.
The Savior raised his eyes to heaven and called the Heavenly Father to help.
Бог прислушался к молитвам страждущего, и сию же секунду Jesus
gave up the ghost. Was there a solar eclipse on that day –
scientists do not know, but the phenomenon was described in detail in the messages
Pagan historians: Phlegonte (Roman astronomer), Falloma and
Uni African One of the philosophers of the time, Dionysius
Areopagite, described the eclipse as a witness. Wherein
seriously noted: “Either the Lord is oppressed, or the world is finished.” After
what happened Dionysius believed in the Creator and adopted Christianity.

Madagascar Memorial Day

The national holiday in Madagascar is timed to the top
revolutionary uprising against French domination. March 29
people remember those who, by sacrificing their own lives, fought
with colonialism. The power of the French over the island has never been
so strong as to keep him in check. And in 1947
year in Madagascar, a powerful resistance uprising broke out,
which was put down a few months later.

March 29 в народном календаре

Trolley Day (Savvin)

March 29 православная церковь чествует память преподобного
Great Martyr Savin Ermopol. There lived a saint in the third century on
Egyptian land. Savin (Savvin) peasants dedicated a day in Russia
cart. Repaired it, if necessary, strengthened the wheels, corrected
shafts. There is a saying in the people about this: “On Savina
leave the sledge and move the cart. ” However, on a sled at this time already
It was not destined to work because the snow was melting at a tremendous pace.
So people switched to summer transport. On Savvina, as a rule
the streams already covered the whole earth, even if the sun was temporarily hidden:
�”Twist – do not twist, but spring has entered into its possession.” Was considered if
this day is kept warm and clear, then the whole spring will be

Исторические события March 29

March 29 1886 год — Джон Пембертон создал
Coca-Cola recipe Coca-Cola is the most popular drink in the world. And created
his colonel and part-time pharmacist John Pemberton.
In fact, Pemberton’s plans were to create a “tasty” cure for
headache. Inspired by the good purpose, he cooked a special
caramel syrup mixed with coca leaf extract, added sugar
and some caffeine. Quite a stimulant turned out at
the pharmacist. He never expected to get so gorgeous by
taste properties result. Without thinking, Pemberton decide
implement the invention through the pharmacy network. First portions
Coca-Cola was priced at five cents. Drink bought up with
lightning speed. A few years later, Coca-Cola decided
diluted with sparkling water, that’s when the drink got it
title. March 29 1940 год — Английский банк
first issued paper money with a high level of protection against
fakes The function of protection against fakes began to perform “interwoven” in
banknotes thin metallic thread. Thus, the bank stopped
the mass distribution of counterfeit bills in Britain that
were introduced to sow chaos in the economic sphere of the country.
The quality of the fakes was up to par with their naked eyes.
it was impossible to distinguish from real money. With the introduction of protection
the enemy’s plans failed, and all the products of fake pounds fell into
hands of allies. The first protected were bills of one pound.
sterling and ten shillings. In addition, the banknotes changed color –
from green they turned blue-pink and ten shilling
banknote – in mauve. March 29 1998 год
Vasco da Gamy Bridge Vasco da Gama Bridge Opened in Lisbon connects
the banks of the Portuguese river Tejo and is the longest bridge
in Europe. Its grand opening was timed to celebrate
Anniversary of the opening of the waterway from Europe to India. This event and
made navigator Vasco da Gama famous throughout the world. On
organizing the opening ceremony of the bridge, the authorities did not stint. Along
the facilities were put five-year holiday table
kilometers And it took him fifteen thousand guests to bring
which the organizers rented about two hundred buses. By the way
note that the longest bridge on earth is located in China and
it is called Hangzhou Bay. A truly magnificent bridge 36
kilometers connects Shanghai with the largest port in
East China Sea.

March 29 родились

Дмитрий Бибиков (родился в 1792 году) —
Russian statesman, Minister of the Interior, member
State Council. Participated in Russian-Turkish and
Patriotic Wars. – Лаврентий Берия (родился в
1899) – political and statesman, Marshal of the USSR,
Commissioner General of State Security. Participant
organizations of Stalinist repression. During WWII, Beria played the main
role in the state committee of defense. After смерти Сталина он на короткий
the term became the de facto leader of the country, or rather, the minister
Interior and Deputy Chairman of the Soviets. Afterwards
was executed, and in fact killed by Khrushchev and his entourage.
Алексей Романов (родился в 1629 году) — русский
king. On престол вступил будучи шестнадцатилетним подростком.
The first years of government was a devotee of religious and moral
ideas, participated in the drafting of the Cathedral Code in 1649. In
during the reign of Alexei Romanov there was a church schism.
Станислав Говорухин (родился в 1936 году) —
Soviet, Russian film actor, film director and screenwriter (among
of his famous works: “The meeting place cannot be changed”, “In search of
капитана Гранта», «Inрошиловский стрелок», «Десять негритят»,
�”Bless the woman”, “9th company”, “Love-carrot”, etc.). Onродный
artist of the Russian Federation, politician. Since 2005 – member of the “United
Russia. “

Именины March 29

Name day on this day will be celebrated: Anton, Alexander, Dionysius,
Emelyan, Pavel, Ivan, Patricia, Savin (Savvin), Trofim, Julian,

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