March 1: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on March 1.

Mon, 08 Feb 2016

Holidays March 1

World Cat Day

As you know, March is the month of cat festivals and
heartbreaking “concerts”. It is not surprising that “feline
day “dates precisely this number. Cute, gentle animals go
with us in one leg for many centuries. What only
they have not undergone their history of existence! They were respected and
they were afraid, undeservedly associated with witchcraft and exterminated.
The roots of superstition go back to ancient Egypt, where cats and attributed
�”Paranormal” abilities. However, the Egyptians are very reverent
related to pets as opposed to future “offspring”
after all, cats, in their opinion, protected people and houses from evil spirits,
driving them away. Today, a cat is not a messenger of darkness, but only
only a defenseless animal that needs us so much.

World Civil Defense Day

The holiday is celebrated in honor of the creation in 1972 (March 1)
civil defense organizations. Originally it was called as
�The Association of Geneva Zones and at the initiative of many states was
based in the capital of France. However, subsequently received
intergovernmental status and transformed into ICDO (International
organization of civil defense). World GO Day was established in 1990 and
celebrated by more than 50 member countries Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation entered into
organization in 1993 and since then participates in all activities
who spends mygo.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Independence Day

The state of Bosnia and Herzegovina annually celebrates March 1 Day
independence, which is associated with the referendum of February 29, 1992
the result of the event residents of the republic unanimously
voted for the independence of the native country and its separation from
the former Yugoslavia. Traditionally on this day the cities and villages of Bosnia and
Herzegovina conduct mass celebrations, solemn concerts with
evening fireworks, discos and salutes, as well as

March 1 in the national calendar

Yarilin day

Yarilo – the god of the sun, birth, renewal and fertility among the ancients
Slavs, which drives away the winter away and comes to warm the frozen
Earth, give her new forces so that she could “get stronger”, give
impetus for the birth of new vegetation, and therefore food
for its inhabitants. Often with the first “rays of spring” in the people
It was said: “Yarilo rose – take the man by the pitchfork.”

Pregnant women also lost no time. They believed that
It is in the first days of March that they are given a unique
opportunity – to receive a blessing from Yarila himself. For accomplishment
rite was enough a few minutes to bask in the spring
the sun, so that the future baby could gain strength, and mother – energy
and patience.

If on the night of March 1 snow fell, people cleared the path to
the well. It was believed that such a ritual would bring happiness to the house, and
his inhabitants will endow with good health. Until the 19th century there was
Unbreakable tradition – do not go to work on this day. People could
allow yourself a little rest before the stormy spring days,
began so-called Yarilin dances, arranged in honor of
the arrival of spring.

Madder’s Day

There is another national holiday, celebrated on March 1, –
Day of Mary Marena – the Great Goddess of Winter and Death. Mara maren
belief, was the wife of a very formidable deity – Kashcheya, therefore
the people called her the one-eyed Kikimore. Usually on this day
people came to Kalinov bridge, because it was believed that possession
Madder lay behind the river separating Nov and Yav, through which
Kalinov bridge thrown. According to sign, if the sun is not hiding
behind the clouds at noon on March 1, then spring will melt the snow blanket
very early, but a raging blizzard testified about the upcoming
persistent cold.

Historical events of March 1

1 марта 1555 года — Нострадамус опубликовывают
prediction book

It is on this day that Michel de Notrdam, known to the public
as Nostradamus, released his “brainchild” – a book called
�”Prophecies of M. Nostradamus”, the contents of which are
carefully encrypted rhymed quatrains (quatrains). AT
Nostradamus’s messages do not indicate any dates, but the researchers
studying the prophets of the seer, this fact does not bother.
Thanks to the hard and hard work they managed to match
many records with real historical events. but
most Nostradamus poems are not taken seriously: by their
opinion, these predictions are rather blurred and have multi-valued
meaning, that is, cannot be interpreted as any
specific event.

1 марта 1564 года — выпуск первой печатной
books in Moscow

The first Russian printed book called “Apostle” was
released by decree of Ivan the Terrible with the approval of Metropolitan Macarius.
Ivan Fedorov and Peter Mstislavts, who went down in history as the best
The first printers took part in the creation of the book.
It turns out that the choice of the genre was not accidental. �”Apostle” in Russia
used to train the clergy. First printed book
served as the perfect model for creating subsequent masterpieces.

1 марта 1869 года — Менделеев составляет
chemical element table

The first version of the periodic system of atomic elements
installed by an outstanding Russian chemist D. I. Mendeleev. AT таблицу
originally included sixty-three chemical elements, however
subsequently, scientists found all the heavier substances that
constantly replenished the table. Recall that today
Mendeleev’s periodic system contains 118 chemical elements.
Scientists do not rule out that this is far from the limit, and in the remote
In the future, they will still have to complete a number of atomic-molecular problems.

1 марта 1954 года — взрыв водородной бомбы на
Bikini Atoll

ATзрыв мощностью в десятки мегатонн произвели Соединенные Штаты.
AT результате испытаний пострадало несколько японских рыболовный
ship Shock wave, as well as its consequences – fallout
– excited the whole world, including the experimenters themselves.
Subsequent statement by Einstein, Russell and Joliot-Curie laureates
led to the formation of a nuclear disarmament movement. Since 1
March is celebrated by the Japanese as the “National Day of Struggle for

Born on March 1

Алессандро Боттичелли — великий живописец
the era of rebirth. Considered the best in Florence at the end of 15

Глен Миллер (1904 — 1944 гг.) — известный
musician, orchestra leader, organized in 1937 and in
further involved in the filming of some American films.
In all of his short activities, Miller recorded over two hundred

Борислав Брондуков (1938 — 2004 гг.) —
famous actor. I remember and fell in love with the public thanks to
paintings like “Afonya”, “Prize”, “Autumn Marathon”, “Garage”,
«Жестокий романс», «ATас ожидает гражданка Никанорова» и т.д.

Борис Черток (1912 2011 гг.) — легенда
Soviet cosmonautics. His activity was entirely aimed at
the creation of a control system for missiles and other space

Томас Андерс (родился в 1963 г.) — экс-солист
the popular group “Modern Talking”, a composer and a talented actor,
who played in two famous films. For all the creative
Activity Anders recorded 19 albums.

Name Day March 1

Celebrate “Angel Day” on March 1, representatives will be able to
following names: Daniel, Makar, Ilya, Pavel, Samuel, Porphyry,
Юлиан, Панфил, ATалентин, Федул, Уалент.

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