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Pie from semolina is not only economical, but also amazing

Baking can be prepared in different ways, for this there is
hundreds of recipes.

But manniks in a slow cooker deserve special attention (recipes with
photos are shown below).

These cakes can really help the hostess, they are made
very simple.

Mannik in the slow cooker – general principles of preparation

The main thing in the preparation of manna is to give the croup swell in
fluid. Usually used dairy products: kefir,
ryazhenka, natural yogurts, sour milk. They semolla soaked
for half an hour or an hour. Sometimes prepare the dough and allow cereal
swell immediately in it. There are recipes for mannikov in milk,
sour cream, but on the water pies never do.

What else can be added to the dough:

• eggs;

• flour;

• butter;

• sugar;

• rippers.

Often mannik baked with fillings. Usually it is fruit or berries.
The combination of sweet dough and juicy patches is excellent. Also
use all kinds of dried fruits, most often it is raisins. For
the flavor lay grated zest, vanilla, if the pie with apples or
cherry, you can pour cinnamon. And you can add powder
immediately into the dough or sprinkle on fruits or berries.

Multicooker saucepan before laying the dough to grease.
But not entirely, one third of the height and the bottom is enough. It is better
use butter. It does not need to be melted
surface rubbed with a piece. You can sprinkle oil on top.
layer of dry semolina. For приготовления пирога всегда используют
baking program. Time depends on the recipe. Average manna
baked for 60-80 minutes.

Common manna in a slow cooker (recipe with photos)

A variant of a simple mannica in a slow cooker, which is familiar to many.
The dough for the popular cake is prepared on the usual kefir, fat
product any.


• 300 g of kefir;

• 200 g of semolina;

• 150 g of flour;

• 200 g of sugar;

• three eggs;

• 90 g of oil;

• 10 g ripper.


1. Any dough with semolina need to stand. It is better всего просто
pour kefir with rump (room temperature), stir and forget
about the mixture for an hour.

2. Beat eggs until foam, gradually adding sugar.

3. Pour the egg mixture to kefir semolina and pour in
melted, but in no way hot oil. Can
use refined vegetable oil, with it mannica too
work out.

4. Fill the flour mixed with the ripper.

5. Carefully, with a large spoon or spatula, stir the dough.
until uniform.

6. Sent to the slow cooker.

7. Close the miracle saucepan and bake for 70 minutes.

8. Then you need to open the lid and let the cake stand still.
half an hour to cool a little.

9. Now you can turn the mannica on a flat dish, completely
cool, steal powder or fresh berries.

Mannik in a crock-pot with raisins (recipe with photos)

The raisins for such a cake will be pre-soaked in warm
some water. This will give mannica in a slow cooker (recipe from the photo below)
special juiciness and taste. Dough on sour cream.


• a glass of flour;

• sour cream 200 g;

• 120 g of raisins;

• 140 grams of semolina;

• sugar 180 g;

• three eggs;

• ripper 7 g;

• salt 1 pinch.


1. Immediately pour the raisins with cushy little water, let it be infused and
swell. The liquid should cover berries by a couple of centimeters,
as they will soon increase in size.

2. Making the dough. For этого просто нужно смешать все ингредиенты.
If you wish, you can beat the eggs separately with sugar until
good foam and then mix to the cake. So he will

3. Test need to brew for about twenty minutes. If the eggs are
whipping, it is better to add them at the end, when the semolina is already
swell up.

4. Drain the raisins into a colander, then add a spoonful of flour to the berries,
stir and pour into the dough. We distribute evenly.

5. We shift the dough with raisins to the slow cooker. Leveling
with a spoon.

6. We bake an hour. If necessary, time can be added.

Chocolate manna in a slow cooker (recipe with photos)

Oh, these sweet teeth, which they just do not put in pies, even
add cocoa. With him, manna is very appetizing,
fragrant and similar to a cake. If desired, it can be coated with icing or
smear with chocolate paste. Who can stand?


• 250 g of sugar;

• sour cream 220 g;

• 180 g of flour;

• 4 spoons of cocoa;

• three eggs;

• 1.5 tsp. ripper;

• 110 g of oil;

• 100 g of semolina.


1. Shake sugar with sour cream, throw a pinch of salt. how
only the sand will begin to dissolve, and the mass will become thinner, it’s time
add cereal. Stir semolina with sour cream and forget about them on
half an hour.

2. Combine flour with ripper and cocoa. The easiest and most convenient
do this in a sieve, and then sift it all together. Then the ingredients
make better friends in the test.

3. Melt the butter, let it cool.

4. After half an hour, you need to mix the butter with the flour mixture and add
to them swollen rump. Immediately break into the dough eggs and all carefully
stir The mass should be homogeneous, but not thick.

5. Pour into cooked bowl.

6. Close the slow cooker and prepare the chocolate mannik an hour and 10
minutes Check the toothpick readiness, remove from the molds and

Cottage cheese manna in a slow cooker (recipe with photos)

Another useful option for simple mannic in a slow cooker,
recipe with photos and little cooking tricks. Curd can
take the cottage cheese, which is, but if it is weak, then maybe
need to pour some flour. Here you need to look at
consistency test.


• 0.8 kg of cottage cheese;

• 5 tablespoons sour cream;

• full glass of semolina;

• 1/2 ложки ripper;

• 4 eggs;

• a glass of sugar.

At will in mannnik we add raisin, vanilla, candied fruits.


1. Rub the curd. If there is a combine, then make it easier.
It is necessary to beat the mass to such a state that not a single one remains.
large lump.

2. Add sour cream, pour sugar into the cottage cheese and sugar immediately

3. Throw eggs one at a time.

4. Stir and leave for an hour, it is better to put the dough in
fridge. It is very important not to add the ripper yet, otherwise the curd
will melt.

5. We take out the dough, now you can pour baking powder, stir.
At the same stage add raisins, vanilla or fruit.

6. If suddenly the dough turns out very liquid, then you can pour
a couple of spoons of flour, starch.

7. We shift in a multi-cooker saucepan, close.

8. Выпекается творожный манник час и 15 minutes But in many ways
time depends on the humidity of the dough.

Apple manna in a slow cooker (recipe with photos)

With apples, they bake not only your favorite charlottes, but also
delicious mannics in multicookers. Recipe with a photo of the cake, which
It always turns juicy, tasty, baked.


• semolina 200 g;

• kefir 220 g;

• sugar 220 g;

• flour 140 g;

• three eggs;

• three apples;

• 40 ml of oil;

• cinnamon, soda.


1. Stir kefir with soda, add semolina with

2. Then pour in the oil and throw eggs, add all
the remaining ingredients, except apples.

3. If desired, put vanilla in the dough, you can drop any
Essences, the pie will make this more appetizing.

4. Оставляем тесто на half an hour.

5. While semolina swells, you need to prepare the apples. Fruits
wash, skin does not need to be removed. Cut the apples into four pieces,
then cut the stub from each lobule. Quarter cut another
three pieces, you get tidy pieces.

6. Pour immediately all the kneaded dough in a slow cooker.

7. Top with an even layer of slices of apples. If all is not
fit, you can overlap or drown a few
pieces, nothing terrible will happen.

8. Sprinkle the apple layer with cinnamon powder.

9. Close the slow cooker.

10. Печется яблочный манник 65-70 minutes Very important not
open the lid the first hour to top the apples too

Cherry manna in a slow cooker (recipe with photos)

Another recipe for juicy mannik. For него понадобятся любая
cherry. Can взять не только свежие или замороженные ягодки, но
even from compote. We take out the bones, throw in a colander and give
drain juice, but for now you can make dough.


• multi-glass semolina;

• multi-kefir;

• 3 tablespoons flour;

• multi-sugar;

• 100 g melted butter;

• 10 г ripper;

• 200 g of cherries already seedless;

• 2 eggs;

• 1 spoon of powder;

• 1 scoop of starch.


1. Stir in the bowl all the ingredients except cherries, powder and
starch. Can использовать миксер, взбить тесто на малых
revs. Set aside for a while, let the semolina swell for 20

2. Cone-free and pitted from excess juice
need to mix with starch.

3. Добавляем ягоды в тесто, stir

4. It remains to shift the mass in a slow cooker and bake.

5. Preparing cherry manna hour. Then you need to cover slightly
open slightly, let the cake cool down a little and remove to the dish.

6. After complete cooling, the top of the cake is decorated with powder.

Mannik in the slow cooker – useful tips and tricks

• Manniki, and other pies, are poorly baked in a slow cooker
from above. Of course, you can flip the cake and bake the second side.
But it is better just not to open the slow cooker in the baking process in order to
do not let out the heat. In this case, the top will still grab and not
will remain raw.

• Soda or ripper? Torment doubts? Can заложить в тесто и
both. Culinary experts believe that in this case it turns out
lush, with a uniform porosity crumb.

• You can put not only berries, fruits and dried fruits in manna.
Amazing cakes are made with nuts, chocolate drops,
candied fruit. Can добавить в тесто порезанный кусочками мармелад.

• Mannik can be not only a cake, but also an amazing cake.
Cut it into cakes, promagte jam, decorate in your
taste and feel free to send to the table.

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