Manicure Ideas for February 14

Already for a long time all over the world in winter comes special, for all
lovers, day – February 14th. It is customary to mark it
leg, ”so on Valentine’s Day couples exchange different
gifts, sent to stylized parties and
romantic dinners in restaurants. Of course, such an interesting holiday
requires a special look that girls give
increased attention, because in front of your young man you want
look in the best light. Romantic mood finds
reflection not only in clothes, but also in hairstyles, and even manicure.
So what can be a manicure on February 14 (Day of all


  • Color spectrum
  • Heart Design
  • Nail design for February 14 with rhinestones
  • Themed jacket and moon manicure
  • Other drawings on the nails for Valentine’s Day

On this day, it is customary to use the red color to the maximum,
which is associated with loving hearts and beautiful roses.
In addition, red nails, as well as lipstick, are enduring
classic female image. Therefore, despite the annual
changing fashion trends, red hues – always at the peak
popularity And if clothes in such a bright and sexy palette
not every girl dares to wear, then on the nails such a color can
afford any.

Color palette for February 14

The most traditional and classic for Valentine’s Day
white and red colors are used, both used independently
so in tandem with each other. They immediately create a mood
holiday and joy.

In addition to fairly bright colors, pastel or
the so-called candy shades are mint, pink, yellow,
coral and other gentle “girly” colors, symbolizing themselves
femininity and youth.

If the image does not involve the use of classic
a romantic palette on the nails, then the original manicure can be
create with the help of more extraordinary – blue, black,
golden, lilac shades. They will look great on
youth themed evenings or in a cafe, especially if the image
will be appropriate.

Fashion trends strongly influence even the stylized holiday
manicure, so it is not surprising that the girls have nails
On February 14, you can see a combination of several colors at once:
for example, 1 nail is painted in a blue and white background, and it decorates it
red heart Moreover, all other nails are made in red
and white palette.

Another fashion trend is the combination of patterns on clothes and
on the nails, for example, the same cell or strip. Colors for pattern
in this case, it is recommended to choose the closest friends
to a friend – if the cage on the skirt is made in red-white color, then
In the “checkered” manicure use them. But nobody forbids
additionally decorate 1 finger with a small heart.

Heart design options

Of course, the main symbol of the holiday of lovers is hearts. Them and
try to portray on the nails in one way or another all the girls
of the world. I am glad that there are plenty of design options with them now, but
The most popular materials remain:

  • red lacquer;
  • rhinestones that lay out in the form of a heart;
  • glitters that need to be applied immediately in several

You can not suffer and buy ready-made rhinestones in the form
hearts that are sold in specialized nail shops. If a
some set of rhinestones liked especially, it can be captured to
his master – suddenly, he has no such.

Negative Space Nail Art

If a совсем не хочется или не позволяет дресс-код покрывать
hearts are all nails, then unobtrusively hint at a holiday can be with
using modern technology, the name of which can be translated as
�”Coverage with uncovered areas”. To perform such a manicure is pretty
easy: all nails are covered with a monochromatic gel polish, except for a couple of zones
in the form of a heart that is left blank, empty.

Especially beautiful this option looks on neutral
natural or pastel shades. It is perfect for
everyday manicure, but also in the presence of a dress code for a business
meeting he does not confuse anyone.

Rhinestones when making a festive manicure

Rhinestones are often used to decorate the nail plate,
and on holidays, interest in them grows several times.
Large species variety of colors and sizes makes it easy
fit them into the conceived design – this or that type of rhinestone will
depend on many factors. On February 14, many spread on
one of the marigolds is a heart-shaped pattern, using small

They are used not only in monotone manicure, but also for
the distinction between 2-3 coating colors. In this case, the crystals
enhance the contrast between them. Rhinestones are not spared the moon
design – with their help fill the nail or nail bed in
form of a heart.

Registration of moon manicure and service jacket

Do not despair and lovers of classic low-key
options, for example, french with a picture that the Day of all
Lovers are also slightly decorated. Usually the main theme
different romantic details become, for example lace or
thematic drawings – these can be ordinary hearts, balloons and
etc. There are lots of options, let’s say:

  • all but two nails are made out with a regular jacket, and left
    – painted in a single color and decorated with hearts from
  • You can interestingly arrange the tips of the nails, for example, such
    so that the jacket is a heart.

If a в оформлении френча или лунного маникюра уже используются
bright colors – red, hot pink, then on the surface of the nail
It is enough to decorate with thematic stickers.

Patterns for February 14

Girls on this holiday prefer first
drawings with a romantic mood. And this is not surprising, since
they reflect the emotions and feelings that overwhelm us on this day.
But you can get even more fun if you create a festive
Manicure yourself. It does not have to go in cycles.
only on the red and pink palette – drawings can be
neutral or contrasting. In addition to hearts recommended
The following thematic drawings and plots:

  • bright lips;
  • cute cupids, their arrows or all together;
  • heartbeat in the form of a cardiogram;
  • Silhouettes of a couple in love in different versions.

But in pursuit of romance and a holiday you should not forget that
that it is easy to overload your nails with such cute drawings and colors,
so be careful when choosing them. Discreet manicure yet
just reflect the beautiful sense of style of its owner.

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