Man and woman: find 10 differences

Sat, 29 Oct 2016

Women love horoscopes. If this is not enough, then we climb into
Interpreter of names to learn more about a person. We adore
any kind of classification and typology. Do not feed us with bread
find similarities and differences in those or other characters. But about the most
the main thing we often forget … all people are divided into men and
women! We will talk about their differences today.

I’m not happy about spring and birds singing …

When a bad woman, she goes to friends. The first story may
last an hour or two, the retelling will take about thirty minutes,
the third girlfriend learns about all the details in five minutes, and the sixth
already nothing to tell, this is all nonsense.

Men experience everything in themselves. They are trying to stay alone with
themselves often closes. A man talks about his misfortune only in
when he really needs advice. Not consolation, but
exactly the information. By the way, if the lover does not ask you, then
you should not instruct him on the right path, thus you put under
doubt his masculinity. He is able to independently take
decisions, he’s already a big boy. Be patient, let her be alone
the moment when the passions in his soul fade. Then and
come off.

You do not understand me

Probably every woman ever thought that her man
absolutely not understand. The thing is that we live in feelings and
emotions. We love to exaggerate and simplify, so that he will
understandable, and he clings to the words.

Suppose you are tired of going home from work and back. Bored
evenings at the TV and routine. You want to tell your
beloved that you miss him. You need his care.
I want to take his hand, feel that you are together, get out
somewhere Experience pleasant emotions, it’s so great when you
together! In this case, more often than not, you just tell him
that you want to be together, not letting go in long arguments.
Everything is simple and understandable, only shorter. What do 8 men answer?
out of 10? “And aren’t we two now?”

Men are too blunt. Even in the soul of the most sensitive
rarely bloom violets. Can’t blame the strong half for it
of humanity. We are just different, that’s all.

By the way, women often do not themselves understand their lovers.
Suppose you know that a man has problems, but to your questions he
answers in monosyllables: “everything is fine”. What do you think? You will
seem like he doesn’t care about you. He does not want to share his
problems because they do not trust. In especially nervous ones
to “our relationship has cracked.” What does a man think, responding that
“is everything ok”? Never guess. He tells you everything
fine! He will cope, you have no reason to

Before you think about horoscopes, think about the most important thing that you –
woman, you were brought up differently, you are weak defenseless
creature. In theory, you should embroider, spin, sew and have children.
Your favorite man – the protector and support. His task is to kill
animals in various ways. He is a predator, and you are … different.


Alesya 11/15/2016 It’s not enough …. Masha Smirnova 10/31/2016 And where is 10
differences? The article describes two differences. Where are the other eight?

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