Magne B6 during pregnancy

Wed, 16 Mar 2016


Зачем нужно принимать Magne B6 during pregnancy

Magnesium is a vital element that takes part
in almost all biochemical processes occurring in the body –
normalizes the muscular, immune, nervous system, accelerates
metabolism, promotes the restoration and formation of bone

During pregnancy the need for this trace element
increases two to three times. Its deficit may have a negative effect.
on the health of the woman and the formation of the fetus. For example, lead to
malformations of the joints, mitral valve of the heart, etc., and
women provoke premature birth or threatened miscarriage.

Lack of magnesium leads to insufficient muscle elasticity,
ligaments and tissues, which increases the likelihood of perineal rupture
childbirth time. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant consequences, the doctor
назначает препарат Magne B6 during pregnancy. It includes and
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), which not only increases digestibility
magnesium, but also enhances the positive effect of each other.

For example, vitamin B6 improves the absorption of magnesium from the gastrointestinal tract in
blood, which accelerates its penetration into muscle, bone and
blood cells. Often a lack of magnesium during pregnancy
is directly related to the deficiency in the body pyridoxine, without which
magnesium salts are practically not absorbed.

Magne B6 during pregnancy: кому рекомендуется

The value of magnesium for the body is very large, its deficiency
imposes a negative imprint on almost all systems, organs
and functions. Therefore, it is possible to determine the shortage of this element by
many featured.

The most recognizable are: – muscle spasms, convulsions,
tics, pulling pain in the lower back and lower abdomen, muscle contraction
uterus (hypertonia of the uterus, which can lead to miscarriage); –
dizziness, sleep disturbance, irritability, headaches; –
arrhythmia, hypertension or hypotension, palpitations, pain in
heart area; – nausea, vomiting, unstable stool – constipation
alternating with diarrhea, cramps, abdominal pain; – tendency to swelling,
chilliness, lower body temperature. If a woman found in
Some of these symptoms should be reported to the doctor about them.
Если потребуется, он назначит препарат Magne B6 during pregnancy.
Do not self-medicate and take medicine
on their own. To make sure that the negative symptoms
causes a magnesium shortage, the doctor may give directions to
lab tests. If research does not appear
возможным, назначается пробный курс Magne B6 during pregnancy на
period of 5-7 days. If after that the woman feels better,
the fact of magnesium deficiency is confirmed and the further intake of the drug
going on.

Magne B6 during pregnancy: принцип действия

Often during pregnancy a woman is found to be elevated.
the tone of the uterus, in which she feels tension in the lower abdomen. Everything
this is accompanied by pain and anxiety. In that
If necessary, take a sedative preparation, for example,
valerian pill and use candles with papaverine, which
help relieve spasm. In this situation, Magne B6 will quickly help.

This drug will simultaneously relieve the spasm and calm the nervous
the system. Magnesium ions reduce not only the excitability of the nervous
system. They keep muscular in balance
system, instantly suppressing the increased excitability of all muscles.
This is especially important during pregnancy, when it is necessary
stop the threatened abortion during
uterine spasms. Calcium leads to muscle contractions,
which is located in the muscle fibers.

Принцип действия препарата Magne B6 during pregnancy направлен
on the displacement of calcium from muscle cells. Magnesium does well
with this task because is a calcium antagonist. Reduction
the amount of calcium in the blood leads to another positive
Result: reduces the risk of blood clots in the vessels.

Magne B6 during pregnancy: передозировка и совместимость с
other drugs

Нередко прием Magne B6 during pregnancy назначают на длительные
period. This leads to the reasonable question of whether this
drug child, does magnesium accumulate in the body? Worry
this is not worth it, Magne B6 is well tolerated by the body
pregnant women, and the dose that the doctor sets in therapeutic
purposes, magnesium overdose does not lead.

Usually prescribed 6 tablets per day – two pieces in three doses.
Take the drug is better during the meal. Magne absorption
B6 occurs in the small intestine, only half of it enters the blood.
this amount. By blood, magnesium is transported to the inner
organs, bones, muscles, red blood cells, and its surpluses are derived from
urine. With the normal functioning of the kidneys, the intake of Magne B6 with
pregnancy does not lead to toxic reactions.

Overdose and intoxication can occur only in
If a woman suffers from renal failure, and the excess
magnesium is not excreted but is accumulated in the kidneys.
Poisoning is accompanied by vomiting and nausea. if you accept
additionally vitamin complexes with increased content
calcium or iron, tell your doctor about it. Necessary
so that it determines the different times of entry into the body of these
drugs because their joint reception reduces absorption
each one of them. If the vitamin complex includes magnesium, the dosage
Magne B6 should be changed downwards.

Magne B6 during pregnancy: противопоказания и побочные

Противопоказаниями для применения Magne B6 during pregnancy
serve: – severe renal failure; – intolerance
fructose (included in the composition of the excipients of the drug); –
allergic to ingredients. If the drug is taken in recommended
doctor doses, it does not cause any negative reactions. Exceptions
there are only rare cases that lead to side
effects. They can be identified by special features: – Allergic
reactions of the body; – upset stomach; – nausea; – vomiting; – pain in
the stomach. In that случае прием препарата необходимо прекратить и
consult a doctor for alternative treatment.


Aigerim 08.28.2016 Thank you very much for the useful information, useful
know what is prescribed. I learned a lot from the above.
She stopped hurting her head, went into convulsions and nervousness !!! ilona
04/13/2016 I take magnesium throughout pregnancy: the truth is
one talet per day, not 2 as prescribed by the doctor. As a result, half
uterus tone disappeared, pressure normalized (it was high), relieves
swelling. Victoria Vladimirovna 03/28/2016 Girls! The main thing,
do not engage in self-medication and self-designation. It does
gynecologist! Karpova 03/28/2016 I think it is proven
a drug. He has been prescribed for pregnant for many years. But if I do not
I am mistaken, there is his domestic counterpart Maggelis. Hanna 03/28/2016
What a cute tummy in the photo, I will soon be the same!
I hope the magnet B6 I do not need, but for the general development to know

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