Luxury and chic! Manicure with a crown on the nails

To diversify and decorate everyday manicure, women of fashion
use all kinds of decor and put a variety of pictures.
One of the most suitable for this image is considered the crown.
Crown nail decoration does not require special abilities
drawing, a similar design can be made independently. This is under
power even to those who have never done nail art.

The crown on the nails will be appropriate both on a weekday and on
festive event. It is important to choose a universal background for
nail art, which will be suitable for different outfits.

Design features

This kind of nail art can be combined with any everyday or festive
outfit and gives originality to the image.

The crown is usually painted on the nail of the ring or middle finger.
At the same time, all the nails do not need to be decorated with such a pattern. From this
the manicure has an overloaded look and it will be difficult for you to appreciate the beauty
the crown. Only when creating a French manicure is allowed her
image on each finger. But in this case, the top of the crown
replaces the traditional smile.

You can display the symbol of power in several ways:

  • Use the finished sticker.
  • To use manicure stamping.
  • Putting the decoration of individual decorative elements (crystals,
    small stones and others).
  • Redraw the image you like with a thin brush.

You can decorate with a crown nails of any length and shape. On long
nails it is better to place closer to the free edge, and on short –
in the center. Perfectly crowned manicure looks on square and
oval nails.

Most often the symbol of power is painted in gold or silver color, radiance
noble metals makes the crown more expressive and noticeable. But
made in black, white or yellow color
less majestic. It is only necessary to choose the right contrast
background and noble decor.

Interesting ideas of manicure

  • French. Traditional french can be an excellent basis
    для the crown. It is versatile, well combined with any style and
    in a way. Crown able to give a French manicure
    originality, make it boring, emphasize it
    refinement, nobility and conciseness. In most cases
    The crown is placed on the main part of the nail plate, but you can
    try and connect it with a smile line. Classical
    French manicure with nude base and white smile can be considered
    The most successful option for decoration with a crown. No less impressive
    looks like a royal symbol on a color jacket or reverse
    (moonlight). As an option, you can focus on the ring finger,
    having covered the nail plate with white lacquer completely, and from above draw
    gold crown.
  • Monophonic. The basis for the crowned manicure may be
    coating of any color. On nails pink, peach, beige
    or another pastel tone will look harmoniously crown
    painted with black lacquer, and on a green, purple or blue background
    – white crown. For greater expressiveness, the basis can be made
    matte, and the crown itself to paint a glossy varnish.
  • The black. The crown of white looks great on a black base,
    gold or silver color. She will be pretty expressive.
    and be sure to draw attention to the hands. You can add it
    small rhinestones or sparkles, scattering them on the surface of the neighboring
  • Red. Red manicure has long become a classic, and will be relevant
    at all times. Beautifully painted crown does not get lost in the bright
    background, but to achieve greater contrast and to emphasize it
    the greatness of the nail, on which the crown will be depicted, can be
    paint white or beige.
  • Crown of rhinestones. So that the painted crown has more
    its luxurious and noble appearance is decorated with rhinestones and colored
    stones. The sparkling decor can be placed at the base of the crown or
    decorate them to the top. Using the smallest rhinestones, you can
    completely lay out the crown. No matter what style
    made manicure, shiny elements are sure to attract attention
    to hands.
  • Brilliant manicure. Glitter, shimmer or small shiny
    звездочки только усилят сияние the crown. If the golden crown
    shown on the ring finger, the other fingernails can be
    decorate with shiny elements. For example, making french, draw
    glitter border between a smile and the main part.

The manicure, decorated with a crown, looks noble and
majestically. Depending on the execution style, it can be done
for weekdays, and for special occasions, its easy
combine with any outfits. At the same time creating a similar nail art
does not take much time.

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