Lunar calendar haircuts for May 2018:favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, curling and dyeinghair

Вт, 28 фев 2017 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

Maiden appeal and feminine power are directly related to
the moon. The body of a woman is sensitive to the movement of the lunar disk,
therefore, important events in her life need to be correlated with this unhurried

Any change in appearance for a woman is, of course, important.
event. In addition, astrologers assure: if you mow, paint
or curl curls at the wrong time, you can direct your life to the wrong
side, cause illness or malaise.

You need to focus primarily on the state
moon disk. In May, it changes like this:

• newborn sickle (new moon) – May 15;

• perfect moon disk (full moon) – May 29;

• the growing night light from May 16th to 28th;

• the decreasing disk of the moon – from the 1st to the 14th of May.

People have long noticed that if you cut the curls on the growing
луне, hairы быстрее начнут расти. This feature can
use those who need to grow long strands quickly,
for example, to some significant date.

Лунный календарь стрижек на май 2018 — завивка hair

Perm completely transforms a woman, making traits
softer and more romantic. Many girls are not long
решаются на «химку», боятся испортить hairы. Really,
cardinal transformation can be trusted only to an experienced master,
который точно не сожжет hairы и учтет все нюансы.

The lunar calendar will tell the most favorable days.
carrying out this procedure. Protect strands from aggressive chemistry Virgo.
May moon guests in the House of the Virgin 23rd and 24th. Boldly
sign up to the master: curls and curls are sure to please, and
strands will not deteriorate.

It is necessary to fear the “lion days”, then eat a period when the lunar
The disc is located in the zodiac of Leo. At this time, the procedure is better not
schedule. It will turn out too strong, and very few people will have a cool curl.
is coming However, if you are the owner of hard, straight strands, not
Pay attention to this nuance. �The “lion” period in May is the 21st
and the 22nd of May.

In the days of water signs, perm, hairstyle and “Khimka” may not
work out. In May, you need to think carefully before
go to the procedure on such days:

• 7th – 9th of May (Aquarius);

• 10th, 11th of May (Pisces);

• 19th, 20th of May (Cancer);

• 26th – May 29th (Scorpio).

Совет: как часто можно делать «химку»,
depends on the composition of the clamp and technology of the procedure. how
only the root zone will grow, the procedure can be repeated. Thats
there is a re-enrollment procedure will be through
half a year

Лунный календарь стрижек на май 2018 — окраска hair

Coloring is a routine monthly procedure for many women.
Если вы красите hairы впервые, то лучше прислушаться к тому, что
whisper the stars. For example, dyes are better laid on strands, if
to be painted on the full moon or on the growing moon. With a decreasing disk
hairяные стержни становятся слишком уязвимыми, а краска быстро
will wash off.

Be sure to consider the influence of stars on the world around you.
Record well to the stylist for the June

• 2nd natural basma or henna will make the day memorable,

• 3rd one can experiment, so that the flow of positive energy
filled your day and presented new opportunities;

• 4th natural colors smooth out the negative trends of the day;

• 5th staining will help to join the team, to establish
contacts with colleagues and relatives;

• 7th natural dyes will help strengthen the material

• 8th will cheer up;

• 12-го, 29-го новый цвет hair подарит уверенность в себе и
will help to enjoy life;

• 17-g will strengthen relationships with others;

• On the 18th, it will increase your weight in the eyes of the authorities and allow you to keep
financial stability;

• The 19th and 20th will have a good effect on low self-esteem,
give the joy of communication with your loved ones and friends;

• 25-го хна и басма улучшат самочувствие, сделает hairы

• 26, 27 will bring success, give luck at work and at home;

If you believe in horoscopes, put off staining on the 9th, 10th,
19th, 20th (quarrel with someone), 14th (ruin the relationship),
The 15th (everything goes wrong), the 22nd and the 23rd (it will
quarrel), the 28th (well-being will suffer).

Совет: окрашенным прядям раз в неделю
requires a mask with nourishing or moisturizing properties. After
шампуня при каждом мытье hair нужно пользоваться бальзамом.

Lunar calendar haircuts for May 2018 – favorable days for

Стричь кончики нужно обязательно, чтобы не дать hairяным
rods with time to stratify. It will make strands sloppy,
fluffy, naughty. Haircut during maturing of the moon disk
cause curls to grow quickly. But those whose strands look
weak, dull, you need to try to get a haircut on a waning moon.
You will see: the bulbs will strengthen, the hair will become more magnificent, thicker.

Favorable for trimming and styling curls are considered
the days when the lunar disk passes through the Virgo zodiac (May 23, 24)
Taurus (May 14, 15), Leo (May 21, 22), Libra (May 25, 26),
Capricorn (5, 6 May).

Astrologers advise using a haircut to improve
своих жизненных обстоятельств в такие days:

• 2nd everything will be fine;

• On the 6th you will feel a surge of strength, improvement of well-being and

• on the 7th, the 12th, the sphere of relations with people will be restored;

• On the 14th you will feel joy, haircut will provide

• On the 16th, all changes will be successful;

• on the 19th, the material situation will improve, emotions will last
will remain positive;

• 22nd, 23rd, 26th increase life expectancy,
charisma will increase;

• On the 28th, relationships with loved ones and colleagues will improve.

Pay attention to the 29th of May. The day is ambiguous. After haircuts
cash flow may come to life, success will come. But with equal
With a degree of probability you may experience a breakdown, depression,

Совет: чтобы укротить непокорные
strands, do not fill them with varnish. It looks unnatural. Achieve
нужного эффекта и не перегрузить hairы химией можно, брызнув на
comb and using it.

Lunar calendar haircuts for May 2018 – adverse days for

Hair is not recommended to cut off on days when night
the beauty moon is floating through the heavenly houses of Cancer (May 19, 20)
Стрельца (30, 31 мая), Рыб (10, 11 May).

Hair will weaken, will split, in general, will cease to please.

Неблагоприятными считаются такие days:

• 1st, 3rd, 4th, 15th, 31st haircut will attract something bad
will cause malaise;

• 5th spoil the mood;

• 8th, 19th, 20th, 27th provoke a breakdown;

• 9th, 10th, 11th, 18th will end in indisposition, since
cuts off some of the vital energy;

• the 13th can make the life path shorter;

• 21st dangerous conflict;

• the 24th, the 25th will cause the disease;

• 30th can cause injury, migraine.

Астрологически неблагоприятных дней для haircuts в мае много.
Будьте внимательны, особенно если hairяные стержни повреждены,
injured, prone to falling out and growing very slowly.

Comparing your plans with the moon, do not forget to follow the tips.
lunar calendar. May as a whole is a difficult month, many of its days are so
or otherwise not suitable for cardinal transformations. But still
You can choose the best day for a date with the master.

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