Lunar calendar haircuts for May 2013

Thu, Nov 17, 2016

So we are women, that a good hairdresser for us
more important than the best friend. He can do a little miracle.
not only with the look, but also change the mood and even
inner state of mind. In the atmosphere of beauty salons through the ages and
Today preserved signs about haircut. For example, extremely
it is undesirable to shave hair by yourself – because they have
great value in the balance of our biofield. If you change it
on your own, you can harm yourself energetically. Also
It is desirable to choose a master of one sex Remember – in
The biblical tale of Samson was ruined by a woman who shrieked him
hair? Now it’s very fashionable to think that a man’s hairdresser is better
knows what a woman needs. Perhaps this is so, but the old omens
they say that a male barber can destroy established
love relationship.

By the way, if you do not want to change your life and love completely
control it, it is better to choose a master younger than himself, so that the strength
its effects did not overlap yours. If you want to change
your life – choose a master much older. It is also important
choose the time to go to the hairdresser, because
the beautiful Moon is quite capable of influencing hair growth and even on
quality hairstyles. The lunar calendar should always be at hand,
in order not to accidentally get into the salon at the full moon or the new moon.
Astrologers simply forbid to go to hairdressers these days. In May
2013, the full moon falls on the 25th, and the new moon begins
May 10. Beginning in the second decade of the month, favorable
days in all undertakings, including trips to beauty salons. Besides
of this, it is worth paying attention to the days when the moon passes
constellations most favorable for cutting and forming new ones
hairstyles: this is Virgo, Taurus, Leo. The most unfavorable days pass
under the influence of the constellations Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

Lunar calendar haircuts for May 2013 – curling hair

The most successful perm is under the influence of Virgo, any suitable
moon phase. True, if you fall for growing, keep it
it will be too long, but the hair will suffer more. In May это 18 и
19 numbers, just coinciding with the growing moon. It’s no secret that
any perm has a negative effect on the hair – dries
makes them lifeless. So do not think that having done a perm,
you can free yourself a lot of time from styling. Same time you
must spend on hair care, making masks, drying hair
in the natural order, etc. In the days of Leo (May 16, 17)
may also be too strong, as these days the hair and themselves
fine scroll. So it’s good to use these days for those who
just wants to spin the hair on the bobbins without the use of chemical
drugs. Generally suitable for perm any day except Aquarius,
Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio (1,2,13,14,15,23,24). Curled hair these days
risk becoming dull and lifeless.

Lunar calendar haircuts for May 2013 – hair coloring

Best of all coloring keeps at the growing moon. In May – это
the middle of the month until the full moon. (from 11 to 25 May). Check,
can you choose one or another color, you can use the coloring shampoo
on a waning moon (from May 1 to 3 or the last week of May). With
hair coloring, remember that you can not keep the paint longer
time – it can only hurt. Before the procedure
mow dry split ends.

Lunar calendar haircuts for May 2013 – favorable days for

May is almost summer. Hair care becomes very
relevant, girls are increasingly resorting to the services of a hairdresser.
It is clear that I want to refresh my hair or create a new one for myself
image, but the hair over the winter lost its luster and became dry and
brittle. The growing moon will help to cope with these problems.
Starting from May 11 and up to the full moon on the 25th, feel free to go to
to the hairdresser. You will be satisfied, since from 16 to 19 May. Moon
is under the influence of Virgo and Leo, that is, the most favorable
for hair growth constellations. После haircuts в эти дни волосы будут
Look thick and keep fit. These days are wonderful
будут смотреться haircuts на коротких волосах или на среднюю

Lunar calendar haircuts for May 2013 – unfavorable days for

First of all, among the unfavorable days, we denote the full moon
and the new moon are the days when astrologers strongly recommend
refrain from visiting hairdressing salons. To not
spoil your haircut, and with it the mood, May 25 and 10
do something else. For example, cleansing and
restorative procedures. All the more, that in day full moon
Moon находится под влиянием созвездия Стрелец, что еще больше может
aggravate the situation. It doesn’t matter to the hair
waning moon in the constellation Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces. In May это
will happen in 3, 4, 27, 28 31 numbers. Harmful cut hair on
the waning moon in Aries, that is, 6, 7 May. However if you like
короткие haircuts — вам ничто не угрожает.

Hair will grow back quickly, will obedient and silky,
hair correction is also excellent – just refresh your hair,
Cut the tips and trim the fringe. Hair dyeing
will also be successful. And the most successful procedure these days – of course
depilation. Among the many ways to remove hair you need
choose the most suitable. This can be a simple deletion when
relief cream, or more serious – wax removal. Any of them
will be quite favorable. The waning moon in Capricorn – that’s what
it is necessary so that hair in problem areas does not appear as
can be longer.

Lunar calendar haircuts for May 2013 – conclusion

According to the eastern calendar, numbering more than one millennium, year
Dark Water Snake should bring a lot of wise decisions and
fair deeds. Reason, wisdom and will of the dark snake
get along well with cunning and excessive emotionality.
Many people under the influence of a snake will make rash decisions,
rely on emotions and impressions, not listening to the advice of others.
In order not to be disappointed later in your actions, check
their plans with horoscopes, including the lunar horoscope hairstyles.
Choose favorable days that will bring along with a hairstyle
positive changes in your life. If you do not like to change
often your image – just trim your hair ends more often, this
helps to improve health and clean the body


Marina 04/03/2016 Yes, yes! And about the master younger than myself, I know. it
in general, all true truth, and failure to comply with the schedule, the lunar
calendar can badly affect your health. Yes, and the hair
will not be so beautiful, and a hairstyle made on an inappropriate day
– disliked. Anita 04/03/2016 And since my childhood I know that no
full moon, no new moon is absolutely contraindicated
do with hair. By the way, along with various old
recipes for masks, our grandmothers were also serious about the lunar
the calendar. Stasya 04/03/2016 Read, and just a shame for Aquarius
it becomes!)) Neither something in their days can be done, neither painted nor
to curl … Seriously, I do not belong to this, but like any woman –
especially in defiance of going too I will not. Zest 03/04/2016 I do not know
who as, and I believe. тем более во все, что касается haircuts волос, и
in general any manipulations with them. At least – phase matching
the moon, no one else hurt. and shave your happiness, just
because it was too lazy to look, I do not want. Ivanna 04/03/2016
Honestly, I don’t strongly believe in all these horoscopes and
like that But, all the same I read))) So, just in case)) And
more that i’m going to make a new hairstyle soon.
I looked – in May you can do what I want.

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