Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2013

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В Marchе энергичные подвижные и неуемные люди начинают свои
actions to achieve goals. At this time, many
will be able to achieve financial well-being and success. Are coming
acquaintance with people who are able to influence the future life.
The fateful projects started at this time can lead to
real success. Moving forward with confidence and without fear, many
people will listen to their intuition. March is favorable for distant
travel and leisure.

Feel a surge of energy will even those who winter themselves
felt not good enough. It is advisable to always have in front of you
lunar calendar to know about all without visual inspection
stages of the passage of the moon, it will help increase the growth of energy and
avoid recessions. As you know, for hair growth and haircuts
наиболее благоприятны знаки Девы и Скорпиона, а в Marchе это 24-26,
29-30 numbers. Новолуние начинается с 11 Marchа. This month
полнолуние приходится на среду 27 Marchа. The rising moon contributes
and hair growth, on a waning moon, you can make haircuts, keep
they will be longer. But the painting and perm in the first half of the month
may be less persistent.

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2013 – curling hair

If you have thin brittle or dry hair, then not even
peering into the lunar horoscope, from perm to the nearest
time is worth giving up. Do not need a perm and
beautiful long hair Thick hair may not respond
on special chemical solutions. The optimal length for
holding a perm from short hair to mid-shoulder.
The basis for a modern fashionable hairstyle is a light curl,
which is done within 2 hours. More hair applied
sparing solution than when chemized. Keeps such a perm about
three months. Sometimes it’s enough to do a perm in local parts,
in certain areas, it allows you to make fashionable hairstyles with
the effect of mild negligence. По лунному календарю в Marchе 2013
астрологи называют самыми благоприятными днями 15, 16, 25 Marchа.
These are the days when the moon not only grows, but the constellation Virgo passes
and Taurus – the most favorable for the beauty and health of hair.

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2013 – hair coloring

С 1 по 4 Marchа, во время продолжения продолжится первой четверти
waning of the moon, experiments with hair can be unsuccessful. If a
you want to drastically change the image – set it aside for the end
of the month. The first half of the month is more suitable for corrective
procedures. If a вы решили в это время попробовать себя в новом
image, then the possible failure to fix will not be so easy.
Of course, the women’s holiday has to change, many wish
hit the surrounding people in an extravagant manner however draw
attention to other ways to change the image – make-up, clothing and
other 10 Marchа вообще не следует красить волосы. Starting from 12
Marchа — экспериментируйте на здоровье. You can dye your hair
самого полнолуния, которое, как известно, в Marchе пройдет 27 Marchа.
The best thing to keep will be the coloring performed on the growing moon,
то есть с 12 по 27 Marchа. Full moon time itself is better not
consider for a visit to the hairdresser. Last three days decreasing
the moon passes through the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpio, which in principle
nothing can harm your hair.

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2013 – favorable days for

If a вы любите часто стричься, подбирайте дни, когда Луна растет
and is in I or in II quarter. It is suitable for those ladies
who often like to change hairstyles. If a салон парикмахерских вы
If you want to visit as little as possible, select the days when she grows old.
On the waning moon strengthens the hair roots. В Marchе походы к
стилистам благоприятнее всего проводить в конце of the month. Trust
experiments on hair only by professional hairdressers,
especially on the waning moon. В Marchе луна растет с 12 Marchа, и
только в последние три Marchовские дни она убывает. Какие haircuts в
2013 are popular? Of course, the most different. Long or short
haircuts в любом случае должны сохранять с волнистыми и красивыми
curls. You can trim your hair without any obstacles.
early april.

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2013 – unfavorable days for

Обратите внимание на новолуние — оно в Marchе приходится на11
Marchа. On the New Moon the unlighted side, the moon
invisible, except for eclipse moments. В Marchе затмения не предвидится.
At this time, you can update the environment, use the new
opportunities, complete old affairs and plan new ones. condition
decline is characteristic of emotion and life potential. On this day
depressed people may feel anxious
and alarm. It is not necessary to undertake on this day and manipulations with
hairstyles Shift your haircut to a better time
more than that in just a couple of days and until the very end of the month
You can cut your hair without any problems. Adverse day for
haircuts астрологи считают и 27 Marchа — это день полнолуния.
Осторожнее отнестись к волосам следует 5 Marchа — день последней

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2013 – conclusion

In total, the moon goes through four main stages. For the moon
cycle, lasting 29.5 days can highlight the new moon, full moon and
last quarter. These phases from antiquity are noted in all lunar
calendars. From the moment of the new moon comes the first lunar day, then
the countdown is by the day. Every time a new moon begins in new signs
Zodiac. All phases of the moon affect the human condition.
and the surrounding nature. Days of the new moon, the full moon of the first and last
quarters reflect the intense interaction of the Sun and the Moon. In these
days it is not recommended to assign important affairs, plan grandiose
projects. For a person, these days are less favorable and require more
recreation. Starting a business is worth on a growing moon, and finish on
waning, but try to complete them by the new moon. Concerning
haircuts and hairstyles – just enough to check with the moon
the calendar. Knowing what stage the moon is in, you can assume
how the hairstyle will hold.

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