Little black dress: fashion models andstyles

Fashion – та еще ветреница: сегодня один, завтра другой…тренд,
of course. And as this girl does not get tired all the time squeak and
be naughty? Curiously it turns out that the entire partial half
weak and beautiful humanity, in fact, not quite standard
orientation … and when it comes to fashionable men, so women
temple twist. Not fair!

And yet, thanks to this whimsical yoke, the world saw legends and
the classics, which, well, no matter how hard it tries, never goes off the runways
and fashion shows, and designers are all stamped and stamped enduring
outfits for a special occasion. One of such eternal symbols of fashion and
the lights of the spotlights – a little black dress – yes, yes, it is our own

They say this item evening dress should be in the wardrobe at
every decent woman and girl that be a woman of fashion without pants and
shirts, and such a dress must have. But they say so not
accidentally and not at all to scare us or into awkward
position to put. Little black dress is incredible
powerful weapon that gentlemen cannot resist.
In the meantime, they have not yet fallen to our feet, we need to reload the weapon and
fill up the arsenal.

So today we choose a little black dress.

Модели и styles

By the way, this sophisticated and favorite piece of clothing came up with
Coco Chanel. That, the original dress had extremely
a simple cut in a semicircle, and below the dress covered his knees.
It is known that the famous lady considered her knees the ugliest
part of the female body. In those days, such a simple vestment could
afford any frenchwoman and the ease of finishing and how
consequence, the wealth created by accessories images quickly
brought popularity to the dress.

Маленькое черное платье: модели и styles

Now fashion houses create their interpretations of the classics, adding
Exquisite finishes, various collars, and varying lengths. let’s
рассмотрим наиболее популярные styles.

Let’s start with the dress-strap on the straps, which will be the decoration
women with any figure. It is versatile, also very
unobtrusive and cute option for the office and cocktail evening.

Маленькое черное платье: модели и styles

Or you can pamper yourself with classics: boat neckline, narrow
sleeves knee to hem, although you can try and sleeveless
short dresses.

Another novelty – the emphasis on the shoulders or hips. Only such
styles подойдут не всем, нужно примерять и искать то, что сядет на

Маленькое черное платье: модели и styles

Add shine and wear a dress with stripes and rich
sparkling finish. And in combination with volumetric or compressed parts
get an original, but still feminine outfit for the evening.

In fashion and asymmetry. Try a dress on one strap, or
sloping down. And not necessarily follow the classic
framework: the length can reach the middle of the calf, why not?
Add high heels and go.

Маленькое черное платье: модели и styles

They love designers and effectively place accents. For example,
beautiful model: concise and incredibly simple dress
one-color matte black and radiant contrasting V-shaped

Do not like the severity of slim silhouette? Feel free to wear
little black dress free form. Fortunately, fashion houses sew and
such, by the way, very attractive and diverse.

Маленькое черное платье: модели и styles

For extravagant persons designed lace dress. It may
be as a separate insert, and the entire dress. With the help of such
attire you can effortlessly hint at specific details or at all
expose the body, slightly covering it with lace.

The main thing is not to dwell on classical models and forms, because
despite the black dress of Chanel, which will be the eternal ideal and
the standard of fashion, modern fashion designers sometimes create copies
worse than the classics. Another thing, if you have a conservative spirit:
put on a dress, add accessories and climb the “boats”
– even the high society of Hollywood cannot resist this …

Маленькое черное платье: модели и styles — фото

Маленькое черное платье: модели и styles

Маленькое черное платье: модели и styles Маленькое черное платье: модели и styles Маленькое черное платье: модели и styles Маленькое черное платье: модели и styles Маленькое черное платье: модели и styles Маленькое черное платье: модели и styles

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