Liprina for weight loss – another Supplements Suppressantappetite

Italian dietary supplement Liprina became available in Russia in 2006.
Active advertising campaign that promised quick weight loss without any special
effort bore fruit: the drug has gained popularity.

Many bribed vegetable origin Liprins and promise
full safety of its application. Almost 10 years since not passed
for nothing: those who were trying to lose weight with the help of Liprina had accumulated
tell, and scientists had time to investigate its constituent
Components. Липрина


What is Liprin

The main active ingredient of this supplement is dried
extract from the leaves of the cactus Hoodia gordonii, growing on
extremely limited territory of Namibia and South Africa – in the desert

The nomadic Bushmen of South Africa, who have long consumed cactus
the time of long transitions, noticed that with him the road does not seem
so grueling. But the main thing – Hoodia is able to suppress the feeling

The composition of the juice of the cactus Hoodia gordonii are not known until
1998 special substances – steroid glycosides. Today the most
studied is P57, which has a pronounced anorexigenic
эффектом (подавляющим appetite).

In addition, P57 increases the rate of metabolic processes in
increases body temperature and acts like
mild diuretic. All together leads to weight loss,
especially when taking supplements in combination with low-calorie

In addition to the hudia of pride in Liprin, there is an overwhelming desire for
sweet chromium picolinate and vitamins B1 and B6, presented by advertising
as a means of enhancing the effect of the extract from H. Gordonii.

Is it possible to lose weight on Liprin

A report is posted on the official website of the Russian importer Liprina.
clinical research during the month of
Russian doctors in Tomsk on 15 volunteer patients.
It is noteworthy that the study is dated 2007, that is,
when the drug has been in free sale in Russia for more than a year.
It is also noteworthy that since then the manufacturer has not considered it necessary.
update information, then there are no additional experiences for these
years not spent. But back to the report.

The aforementioned report by Tomsk doctors says that
drug volunteers weight, indeed, decreased. True, there
It is honestly written that body weight decreased in 10 patients from
control group, losing weight on the same diet, but without Liprin.

Doctors have suggested that
moral support for slimming volunteers and strict adherence
diet during the study. This version is confirmed and
low-key reviews about the drug on online forums: many
Липрина, действительно, подавляет appetite, но многие признаются,
that the effect of the reception is not felt.

Liprina – side effects

Liprins side effects are widely known and have long been made public on
west. In many patients using hodia
gordonii, recorded cases of life-threatening increase
blood pressure and pulse rate.

These side effects, like the nomadic endurance after
cactus use is the result of a powerful adrenergic stimulation
systems of the body as when releasing large quantities

Accepting Hoodia simulates a person in a state of severe stress,
mobilizing all his reserves, artificially supporting emotional and
physical stress.

On the one hand, it contributes to losing weight, since
results in burning an increased amount of calories compared to
rest, and on the other hand poses a great danger
for people with poor health.

Throughout the course of taking Liprina losing weight is in
condition of chronic stress. It is fraught with occurrence
hypertension and its complications: myocardial infarction,
renal failure, cerebral stroke. Is it worth it
taking risks is up to you.

If after reading this information, the desire to check for yourself
The effectiveness and side effects of Liprin’s supplements are not lost, not
confuse it with having the same name officially
registered drug used to
Parkinsonism treatment.

How much is?

Price Liprins in pharmacies about 700-900 rubles per pack.

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