Lip Care: Moisturizing and Nutrition Reviewmeans and methods. How to ensure proper lip care inhome conditions

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Lips – this is the first thing that draws attention to a person looking at
your interlocutor.

They are an indicator of the health of the body, show features
the nature of the individual.

It is for this reason that the lips should always look

This is especially true of the fair sex.

The skin of the lips is very tender and sensitive, subject to negative
exposure to the environment and rapid decay.

It is very easy to damage it, therefore cosmetologists warn
women do not use “cheap” lipsticks and gloss with doubtful
composition. If a lady wants to always look attractive, she
should provide daily lip care.

Lip care: a special massage that fills a smile
�”Juiciness and volume”

Few people know that lips also need to be massaged to keep
their natural beauty and appeal. It does not take much
time, but with regular repetition of the process, the result will be
stunning. If several effective massage methods that
will give female lips an alluring volume.

1. Мягкая зубная щетка. It is desirable for massage
purchase a separate brush, always with soft bristles, so that it
did not hurt the skin. Apply a small amount of shea butter to it or
jojoba (sold in pharmacies), almond oil. Further
light gentle movements of the lips are massaged. This way is not
damage their structure, but instantly activates the natural
the process of regeneration and hydration. Massage is recommended for
a few minutes every day before bed. It improves blood circulation,
gives lips a “juicy” natural shade.

2. Массаж с использованием льда — это один из
the most effective ways to increase lip volume at home
conditions. First you need to drive a few minutes over the skin
ice After that, a moisturizing balm is applied to it.
pinning effect. Cryomassage is an effective remedy that gives
mild appetizing swelling of women’s lips. Actually do it
before an important date or business meeting.

Lip care: moisturizing

To make lips look bright and long over the years
healthy, they must be saturated with moisture. Most
women think that this is enough
regularly use balms. They put cosmetic
remedy every few hours. It has been proven that the application
balms makes delicate skin dry even more, it is for this
Because of this, lips require a regular “dose” every few hours,
covered with painful microcracks.

How does balm work? It covers the skin
an oily film that disrupts the natural process
moisture evaporation and cell regeneration. Its use only for a while.
gives the lips a healthy look, then they return to the original

How to get out of this situation?

1. The most useful and safe is the usual children’s cream.
It must be applied not only to the face, but also to the hoods, more subtle.
by layer. Fat balsams can only be used in winter to protect
delicate skin from cold and wind.

2. Lips do not require so often the next “dose” of balm,
need to refrain from using it for several
weeks. Cosmetic can be replaced with vegetable oil
primrose, which is sold in pharmacies at the best price. She is
contains gamma-linoleic acid and vitamin E.
These components effectively regenerate the skin, heal cracks
and relieve irritation. Oil is recommended to be applied during the day.
3-4. Between applications you can not lick your lips – it is very
bad habit. Already after the first week a woman will notice that her
the smile became richer and more attractive.

3. It is important to understand that any product that is applied on
lips, enters the body. For this reason, ladies recommended
purchase only natural cosmetics with maximum safety

Lip care: maintaining health and youth

There are several recipes for nourishing lip masks that
must be done several times a week. This will help the woman on
for many years to keep the attractiveness and youth of his smile.
Самое приятное — маски можно приготовить в home conditions при
minimum financial cost.

1. Vegetable oil (castor, rosehip) mixed in
equal proportions with honey until dissolved. Thick layer
the mask is applied to the lips, left for 1-2 hours, washed off warm

2. The mask recipe described above can be added. To
get rid of irritations and cracks, there is added essential oil
lavender, chamomile or rose (2 drops). To придать губам больший
volume and juicy tint, added essential oil of ginger, lemon,
cinnamon or mint. The mask is applied to the lips for 10 minutes, then the skin
Massaged with a toothbrush. Residues are removed wet
a napkin.

3. If there is candied honey in the house – it can be used
for what give skin to lips bright pleasant shade to refresh it
and add natural shine. Massaging product
applied to the lips, after 5-7 minutes removed with a cloth moistened with
warm water.

4. Once a week it is helpful to use a lip scrub, which
You can make your own hands. Unrefined Coconut Oil (1/4
a teaspoon) is mixed with crushed brown sugar to
formation of homogeneous mass. There are added 2-3 drops of essential
orange oil. The mask is applied in a thick layer on the lips, through
15 minutes washed off.

5. Pomegranate seeds are a great way to make your lips even
pink shade. It is necessary to chop them well, mix with cream
high fat content. The resulting paste is useful to put on the lips every
Day for 15 minutes before bedtime. You should not expect instant results,
The effect will be noticeable after about a week.

6. A pinch of red henna is brewed with boiling water, there
coconut oil and cinnamon essential oil (1 drop) are added.
A brush mask is applied to the skin evenly, washed off after 20
minutes This mixture gives the lips a pleasant shade, so when it
When applying it is very important not to go beyond the contour.

Lip care: effective exercises

Special set of exercises for the lips – an excellent prevention
for each of the fair sex. Much time they don’t
occupy, but struggling with age-related changes. Time for
Exercises are abused by anyone – in the morning before applying makeup or
in the evening before going to bed.

1. Lips need to stretch as if you are blowing a candle. Muscle
try to strain as much as possible. The exercise is repeated 10-12

2. Repeat vowels, while trying to maximize
expressively articulate lips. The exercise is repeated 10 times.
for each letter.

3. The lips are pulled out by a “duck”, while the mouth needs a little
leave ajar. Further губы расслабляются и рот закрывается.
Процесс повторяется 10-15 time.

4. The tongue protrudes forward as far as possible, at the extreme point.
it is important to delay it as much as you can. Exercise
достаточно повторять каждый день по 5 time.

Maximum efficiency can be achieved if a woman is
Give 10 minutes of lip workout every day and perform the entire
a set of exercises listed.

Lip care: avoiding bad habits

If the woman decided to provide
full lip care, she needs to completely get rid of a number
bad habits.

1. When the skin on the lips dries out, you can not lick them. it
only aggravate the situation. In this situation, you can use
hygienic lipstick based on organic ingredients.

2. You should try to expose your lips to the least negative
UV light. When choosing a cosmetic for
care you need to look for it to be with SPF protection.

3. Bad habits such as smoking and drinking
adversely affect the entire body of a woman. Lip skin
is no exception. Need every day to use 1.5-2 liters
fluids so that lips are moist enough.

4. It is important to try to eat a balanced, eat
seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Comprehensive daily lip care is a great way.
give them juiciness and attractiveness, keep young on
long years.

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