Like a boss: manicure with an emphasis on one nailroyally

What is the king-nail? This is a real magnet for thinking. is he
draws attention, allows you to place accents in the image and
correspond both at a business meeting and at a party. So
call a design in which one nail is made out of rhinestones,
sequins, stucco, transfer pictures, veil or foil,
either just different in texture. Our “boss” may be
hand-painted or pasted print. Modern
style allows you to choose a variety of options.

Relevance accent style

The selection of one nail does not leave the fashion scene now
some years. Actual design combines mass

  • Fits all. It doesn’t matter if the plates are short or long
    the form and whether there are any flaws and imperfections beautiful
    decorated nail will create a luxurious look and help “align”
    other nails. Accent will divert attention from being too short or
    uneven plates.
  • Proper selection of colors and patterns will allow the manicure to remain
    relevant in the business world, and in the style of any party.
    For everyday wear, these nails are perfect, they replace jewelry
    and make even the simplest image attractive.
  • Space for fantasy. �The “main” is usually the nail
    ring finger. is he меньше всего подвержен бытовым травмам и
    least likely to break. You can decorate anything from huge sequins
    and decals with palm trees and fish, or with Christmas trees and
    gifts for the season, to unobtrusive folk ornament, stylish
    flower, or rain droplets.
  • Will help save time. For those who are always in a hurry, manicure with
    shellac is given with pain. Need to allocate more than an hour in your
    schedule, to come to the salon, to find time for design, in order not to
    look too easy. King-nail will solve this problem. On design
    only one plate will take much less time than
    decorating the whole hand because busy this option is suitable
  • Personal style. The emphasis can be any. Someone draws
    only flowers and only on the ring finger. Others choose big
    finger and print with your favorite pet. Nails with portraits of people and
    other things on the verge of kitsch regularly fall into different public
    for masters, in general, there are no barriers for the girl who wants
    look individually.
  • �”Built” in different technology. Master can love madly
    moon manicure and make it simply divine. One nail is not
    spoil this technique, but will add emphasis. Or customer
    always makes matte nails, but asks not to get bored asks
    one is brilliant gloss varnish.

The best ideas for a manicure with a king-nail

  1. Do you like french? Yes, everyone loves him, for 20 years now he
    relevant. And to make it not so boring, classic and
    simple, we suggest to make a manicure with a single nail.
    You can draw patterns, monograms and anything on the nail plate,
    and can be different pictures.
  2. Minimalistic manicure can be done if you select one
    nail rhinestones, and the rest to decorate with pastel varnish or
    any classic color. So руки не будут выглядеть
    overloaded with colors and ornaments, rhinestones can be organically entered
    even in such a design.
  3. Dark nails – timeless classics. Today palette
    expands and you can use not only shades of red and
    brown, but also classic black and blue. Soие лаки
    become relevant in the official business environment and at various
    ceremonial events. The more formal event us
    to be, the less need to focus on the details.
  4. One nail can be decorated with gold painting, small
    rhinestones, sequins, other decorations. If the event is not
    formal or in clothes let’s say a freer style
    to focus on the nail with some brighter
    contrasts, for example, large bouillons or rhinestones, or large
  5. Classic summer manicure – ombre with the transition from more dense
    and rich color to less bright. Soой вариант хорош, если
    it is required to single out one nail with a plant or flower
    ornament, you can make the nail quite bright, in contrast, or
    as though to muffle the general juicy background, using “dusty” or
    powdery shades of varnishes.

Manicure Tips

Rules in creating a design with a king-nail quite a bit,
each beginner master will cope:

  • It is better not to choose immediately large attractive rhinestones, bright
    sequins and some accented drawings. Soое сочетание может
    only make your nails vulgar, too bright. Avoid
    �”Gypsy” to not look like the queen of the quarter from
    cinematic Italy;
  • Designs must be combined with each other. Stucco with rhinestones with
    A picture is a bad option. The texture should absorb
    drawing and drawing attention to it, and not serving as some kind of ridiculous
    background for the nail, which is unclear what he wants to portray. Too
    many different techniques require either filigree performance or not
    should be applied together in the same manicure;
  • Nothing spoils the image like a manicure with a faded picture,
    regrown cuticle and we rub the tip. If there is no possibility
    do nail correction and go to the manicure regularly, it is better to do
    it so that you can quickly “tweak” at home

Hands will look well-groomed and attractive if
use classic shades of lacquers and one accent. Need to
follow not only the manicure, nail regrowth and chipped, but also
for the condition of the skin of the hands. Take care of yourself in a complex, and image
will always remain stylish.

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