Light vegetable soup with cauliflower

The menu of many diets include light vegetable soups. Alas, not everyone knows
how to cook them properly and tasty. Recipe “Throw in the pan
vegetables ”does not work. Often the soup is just tasteless. I have
There is one good proven recipe – this is a light vegetable soup with

It is cauliflower that gives the brightest sour note, which
it revives quite a completely uncomplicated dish. For more
Dietary benefits prepared this soup on the water, and not on the broth. Soup
It turns out really tasty and useful, because it successfully
combines the tastes of several vegetables at once.


(for 3 servings)

– squash – 100 g; – celery stalk – 50 g; – carrots – 50 g; –
onion – 0.5 pcs .; – cauliflower – 200 g; – peas
canned – 30 g; – spices, salt – to your personal taste; –
vegetable oil – 3-5 g; – fresh dill – 1 sprig; – water –
1.5 liters

Dietary Vegetable Soup Recipe

We sort cauliflower into inflorescences, large “bouquets”
cut into several parts, squash wash, do not remove
peel, cut into medium pieces. Dip these vegetables in boiling
water (slightly salted), boil for 4-5 minutes, setting the average
the fire.



During this time, you must have time to clean the onions and carrots, chop them
dices / circles, also chop celery stalks


Pass this vegetable mixture in vegetable oil about 3-4
minutes, then add to the soup and continue to cook it for another 5
minutes Add spices and salt.



Peas and dill (and you can not cut it) add for 2
minutes before turning off the soup.

Infusing soup before serving is not necessary. It is advisable to prepare a portion
at 1 time, so as not to reheat the dish again, because it is palpable
lose their taste.


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