Lean Turkish soup with bulgur andlentils

Bulgur has long been unfamiliar to the Russian consumer, but, to
Fortunately, now it is found in many supermarkets, like lentils,
couscous, quinoa.

Булгур Ярмарка

Bulgur is cereal obtained from specially processed
wheat grain. For centuries, it has been popular in India,
countries of the East and the Mediterranean. Bulgur make many
delicious dishes, including side dishes, salads, soups.

The calorie content of bulgur is 83 kcal per 100g. 3 grams of protein per 100 grams.
High fiber content. Турецкий суп с булгуром и lentils

In our recipe, bulgur will be used to make
traditional thick turkish soup. This is a delicious savory.
vegetarian dish without animal fats.


– bulgur – 100 grams – red lentils – 150 gr – potatoes – 2
small tubers – bulb onions – 1/2 heads – a handful of dried
tomatoes – black pepper – turmeric, salt, greens.


Pour water into a 2 liter saucepan, add lentils,
boil. Add bulgur, tomatoes, pepper and turmeric,
cook over moderate heat.

Meanwhile, cut the potatoes into cubes, onions
chop, add to the pot with the soup, salt. Cover up
cover and bring to a low heat until ready.

Ставим суп на плиту

In total, the soup is cooked 30 minutes. Serve with greens –
onions or cilantro, mint.

The soup should be quite thick. It should be eaten immediately
you can not leave the next day, otherwise the lentils and bulgur will absorb
in itself all liquid, and porridge will turn out.

Готовый суп с булгуром

Turkish soup with bulgur will be indispensable in the days of fasting, and
vegetarian food lovers will surely love.

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