Lavender – healing properties and use inmedicine

Sat, 09 Jul 2016


Lavender – a general description

Lavender – a perennial shrub of the family Yasnotkovyh. Height
Lavender is usually 50-60 cm. The stems of the plant are straight, the leaves
have an oblong shape, slightly bent at the edges. Colour
leaves are grayish-green. Silver shade gives them a gentle
pubescence From early June to August, lavender blooms. Her flowers
forming spiciform inflorescences, may have a color from
bluish violet to lavender.

Medicinal properties of lavender – not the only application.
Thanks to its pleasant smell, lavender is often used in
cosmetic and perfume industry. More ancient Romans
the plant was added to the baths. So lavender got its name. After all
the word “lava” means “wash.” The spicy taste that it possesses
the plant allowed him to be in demand in the area

Lavender – the types and places of growth

Homeland plants is considered the Mediterranean. Wild lavender
and in these places can be found now. Gradually, thanks
its unique aromatic, medicinal and culinary
properties, lavender has spread throughout the European territory.
Next, the plant appeared in Africa, in the tropical part of Asia. Then,
having overcome a great distance, spread in Australia and

In 1812, lavender appeared in Russia. Originally
grown only within the Nikitsky Botanical Garden,
lavender gradually gained importance industrial culture. Now
Lavender grows in the Krasnodar Territory, Ukraine and
North Caucasus.

Lavender – healing properties

Lavender has a calming effect, helps to relieve pain.
The use of lavender can increase appetite, normalize
acidity, blood pressure. It is believed that this plant
promotes the flow of bile.

Migraine pain, bouts of rheumatism, increased
irritability and palpitations – in such cases may
help lavender. This plant contributes to the recovery of patients.
the flu.

Dried lavender in combination with marjoram, rose petals and
other herbs make medicinal teas. In pharmaceuticals
Lavender is used to create herbal preparations.

Lavender – dosage forms

A week after the start of flowering lavender, you can start
collection of medicinal raw materials. For procurement use inflorescences
plants. Collect flowers should be only in the morning, as soon as they
will open up. Inflorescences are carefully cut and hung to dry in
ventilated and dark place. In the light, they may lose their
wonderful color.

In Austria, collect the leaves of lavender. Do it until the period
цветения plants. Lavender is used in the form of syrups, decoctions and
infusions. And from the plant get the essential oil, which also
used for medical purposes.

Essential oil is obtained by factory processing from fresh
inflorescences of lavender.

Lavender Recipes

Lavender syrup is prepared from 200 grams of fresh inflorescences
lavender. Raw materials should be poured half a liter of boiling water,
wrap and insist day. Next, strain and squeeze well
the remainder. New portion (200 grams) of fresh inflorescences pour half
liter of the resulting infusion and leave in bundled form even on
day. In the filtered infusion add a pound of sugar or honey,
stir well and cook, constantly stirring, to the state
thick syrup.

The resulting syrup helps with neurasthenia, tachycardia, migraine,
cold and hoarseness. You can take the syrup 3 per day for 1
tsp with water. 30 minutes after taking the syrup should
to eat

Amazing effect has lavender essential oil on
human memory. It allows a person to quickly get together and
make the right decision in any stressful situation.

A tampon with lavender oil helps with leaks from the ear. Five drops
Lavender oil on a piece of sugar contributes to the appearance of appetite.
For bronchitis, a few drops of lavender oil will help.
added to a teaspoon of honey.

Infusions of lavender are prepared, pouring 2-3 teaspoons of raw materials with two
glasses of boiling water. After 15 minutes, the infusion can already be drunk. how
soothing and antispasmodic it take 0.5
стакана четыре раза в day.

Lavender – contraindications

Lavender oil can not be used during pregnancy,
This is especially true of the first months. Lavender can contribute
contraction of the muscles of the uterus.

After abortion, lavender oil is also not recommended,
so as not to provoke bleeding. You can’t use lavender,
if the patient is taking medication with iodine or iron.

The use of lavender oil in large quantities can
promote depression and irritation of the mucous membranes
stomach and intestines.

All lavender-based preparations have a strong effect.
may be individually intolerable or cause strong
allergic reaction. Therefore, self-treatment with these drugs


Dasha 04/27/2016 Oh! Thank you so much for such information. No where
I haven’t heard that lavender has a great effect on memory.
Be sure to take this into account! Interesting, but children can
use? Not internally, but as a perfume? Yuliya
04/27/2016 And I have always believed that lavender fields are a prerogative
Of Provence. And the fact that it grows here, in the Krasnodar region, even
and was not aware of. I, too, somehow helped the lavender oil from
migraine attack. Very good tool. Zara 04/27/2016 Yes, really …
Run, but lie in such a field, probably the whole
enjoyment But, for a long time you don’t walk there, the smell is probably just
tire quickly. how, интересно, ее собирают? I like lavender
helps calm down, I always have lavender oil. Svetlana
04/27/2016 Well, the fact that lavender is used in the treatment of tachycardia,
hysteria and similar diseases, this is understandable. After all она имеет такой
soothing smell. But about the contraindications, I was even surprised.
I did not think that lavender can cause such effects. Alyona
04/27/2016 I can’t even imagine what the smell is on
this lavender field … beautiful! And, of course, did not suspect that
Lavender can also be treated. Its more common use in
perfumery. I love this smell.

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