Kubyshka – medicinal properties and application inmedicine

Fri, 08 Jul 2016


Kubyshka – general description

A pod is an aquatic perennial plant of the family Nymphaeaceae.
It has a poisonous yellow-green, and in the cut – white, rhizome with
cord-shaped root processes. Large leaves of the capsule are divided
into two types: underwater and surface (floating). The first – gentle,
soft to the touch, the second – rather tough, notched at the base,
whole rounded.

Yellow flowers, concentrated on long underwater
pedicels, very fragrant, solitary. The heads themselves develop
above the surface of the water space. Bloom, usually in
throughout the summer. Box-shaped fruits of green color ripen in

Kubyshka – types and places of growth

The jug is conventionally divided into 8 varieties: the jug is small,
Japanese jug, arrowhead jug, etc. However many
botanists claim that all species are monotypic and are
integral components of the polymorphic variety – egg yellow,
By the way, the most common among the rest of their relatives.

A yellow jug, like a water lily, is widespread in
temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere. On the territory of our country
occurs almost everywhere except in the Far East and
arctic areas. Its habitats are lakes,
overgrown ponds, old ladies, shoal and slow flowing shores

A very similar species – small beef – grows mainly
in Europe and also occupies forest belts and shores of some
Russian lakes. Listed in the Red Book of many areas and
republics, since its number in recent years has fallen to
critical level.

Kubyshka – medicinal properties

В народной medicine используют кубышку желтую как
anti-inflammatory, antifebrile, hemostatic
facilities. Rhizomes of the capsule, due to the content of alkaloids in them
Nufarin groups have a detrimental effect on opportunistic microflora
organism, destroying many strains of Candida, Trichomonas and other
malicious agents. Therefore, the question of its application is particularly
relevant for people suffering from immunodeficiency, due to AIDS,
organ transplants or chemotherapy.

The tincture is also used for rheumatism, gastritis and
bleeding, decoction – with pneumonia, tuberculosis, pyelonephritis and
cystitis, while flowers and leaves are applied to the affected skin.
In homeopathy, yellow cups are used as a means
causing sexual desire on a level with marine

Kubyshka – dosage forms

As noted above, the medicinal elements of the yellow capsule
are rhizome, flowers and leaves. Rhizome best harvested
in early spring, before the leaflets bloom, or in early autumn, after
the formation of fruits. It is cleared of silt, cut into pieces and
dried, spreading in a thin layer, with good lighting and
airing. Well dried raw materials as a result of mechanical
impact must break with a bang, not deformed. Are stored
roots needed for 2 years.

Flowers and leaves are harvested as they bloom, that is, in
throughout the summer. Dry in the oven, stirring occasionally, while
60 degree temperature. Store the prepared extract in the cloth
container no more than 1 year.

Kubyshka – recipes of traditional medicine

Broth: four tablespoons of crushed rhizomes add to
liter of boiling water, simmer on weak fire for several minutes
(5-7). Next, you need to cool the broth, strain and take three times in
day on the table. spoon before meals (20-40 minutes). It is advisable
apply with pulmonary and urinary diseases.

Tincture to maintain immunity: for its preparation is better
use fresh roots, but in case of urgent need you can
dry. Pour a glass of crushed raw materials into a glass container,
pour a glass of vodka and insist for 10-14 days. Further
squeeze, and to the resulting liqueur add another 350 ml of vodka and
shake up The first 7 days of tincture consumed 10 drops.
Diluted to the table. a spoonful of water, the second – they drink 20 cap., and so
bring up to 50 drops. The course is quite long and varies from
2 to 6-8 months.

Kubyshka – contraindications

The rhizomes of the pods are poisonous, therefore preparations based on them cannot be
use for children and pregnant women. Exceed the allowable
dosage is also prohibited, as overdose may
provoke severe poisoning up to death.


Tina 04/26/2016 I know about this plant, I only knew that with his
With help you can perfectly strengthen your immunity. And this is very
important. In practice, the most important thing is good immunity, do not let
to you any illness. And neither viruses, nor just bad are terrible
mood. Antonina 04/26/2016 A very necessary plant, with such
healing properties. Indeed, many diseases are
dangerous that they can not even catch a cold. And using the jug,
You can avoid the spread of various bacteria. Thereby,
extending your life. Valentine 04/26/2016 Neither of which myself! Even with
marine aphrodisiacs can be compared in strength of action on
sexy desires and opportunities! And growing everywhere
practically. Again, since the plant is poisonous, it is not worth it
self take it inside. Lilia 04/26/2016 Again
dangerous, poisonous plant. But, but what diseases it treats !! I
so I realized that with AIDS you need to take it in order to
kill all possible bacteria. And this is with such a serious
disease, it is very important, life expectancy depends on it
the patient. Tom 04/26/2016 What an interesting, unusual plant.
Although it is written that it grows almost everywhere in Russia, I am
I never saw a jug. Such a bright yellow color of a flower
would definitely remember. And the name is not familiar to me.

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