Kissel for weight loss: the basics and recipespreparations

kisel-dlya-pohudeniya-raznovidnosty-i-retseptyA long time ago
the high season is the beach season, but not all girls have managed to flourish
like beautiful roses after the cold season.

Many during the winter have changed by no means for the better: their skin and
hair became dull, and the figure thoroughly spoiled unnecessary

Such girls need to pay maximum attention.
the process of losing weight, using all sorts of methods and
facilities. One of them is jelly.

Today there are many different options for it.
– this is oatmeal pudding, and oatmeal, and beetroot, and even

They all taste good, are very nutritious and very healthy.
for the organism as a whole, therefore people have long accustomed them
use not only to combat excess weight, but also as
means that helps to improve well-being and promotes
good appearance.

Kissel is a purely Russian invention, but it is also like
and many other dishes has analogues in the cuisines of other nations of the world.
It was first mentioned in the 16th century, with many
variations of the recipes in the interpretation of the monks of that time are used and

Oatmeal kissel for weight loss: features, recipe

Технология preparations киселя совсем несложная. All his
useful and unique properties are acquired directly in
the fermentation process, as a result of which the notorious
sour taste, which served as the basis for its occurrence

As for the oat jelly, it is easily digestible and
the most valuable dietary product. Its caloric content is quite low,
but at the same time the saturation of vitamins and useful trace elements
just impressive.

The texture of oatmeal is viscous, which is favorable
affects the digestive process, saving the body from
constipation, enveloping and strengthening the intestinal wall.

His reception allows you to successfully cope with the problem of “bad”
low density cholesterol (the main culprit
strokes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, obesity and
diabetes mellitus), and protein in oatmeal contributes to
faster regeneration and growth of tissue cells.

Рецепт preparations:

You will need the following ingredients: 250 gr. oatmeal or
oats, a slice of rye bread, 100 gr. kefir, 15 gr. sour cream
(about one tablespoon) and 1.5 liters of boiled water (you can
A bit more).

In a 3-liter jar, fold the oats, pour the kefir and sour cream,
mix well, then add water, cover the neck
cans with gauze (folded in several layers) and set aside in a warm
place of the day for three. After kissel must filter, squeeze,
put on a small fire (preferably in an enamel saucepan)
and, stirring constantly, bring to a boil. That’s all!

It is necessary to accept it within one month on 100 gr.
before each meal (30 minutes). After make a small
break months at 6 and repeat the procedure again.

As a result, you will feel an extraordinary lightness and vigor,
working capacity will increase, extra kilograms will be guaranteed gone,
the body will be cleaned, the work of the digestive tract will be improved,
pancreas, liver, metabolic process normalizes,
immunity will get stronger and the skin will rejuvenate.


Hercules Kissel for weight loss: the solution is found!

The following version of jelly is also very useful for successful
weight correction, but it is not based on oatmeal (as in
previous version), and Hercules flakes.

Рецепт preparations:

Manufacturing technology of this type of jelly remains similar
previous recipe, but instead of oats, we take flakes, pour
water and insist for all the same 3 days. After composition
wring out and boil.

It is necessary to take such kissel from Hercules once a day.
(only before bedtime), and absolutely in any

Weight loss with flax jelly

Flax seeds are well respected by the people.
healers, because they have a wonderful effect on the intestines in
as a laxative agent, which also has its undeniable
benefits in terms of weight loss.

Plus, flax seeds help those people who can not
cope with their excessive appetite, because, getting into
stomach, they swell, causing a persistent feeling of satiety.

Flaxseed is rich in protein, indispensable polyunsaturated
omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B, E and D, minerals
substances, dietary fiber and organic compounds.

Рецепт preparations:

You need to boil sparse jelly and, until it is cold,
add ground flax seeds. During this time, they swell, and
jelly itself will get a pleasant taste and a viscous consistency, beneficial
affecting the process of losing weight.

It is necessary to consume flax jelly for half an hour before each
main meal. But remember the main thing – decoction is contraindicated
people who have low stomach acid and are prone to diarrhea,
because flax seeds have a mucous basis. In addition, any
diets need to be supported by proper level of physical activity.

Kissel slimming beet: it’s easy!

Beetroot jelly, like its other species, has incredible
cleansing properties due to a unique combination of
It has such beneficial ingredients as beets, prunes and oatmeal
flakes. Yes, it is this composition that is used in this dish,
which is popularly called cleansing jelly.

Indeed, besides the fact that beets themselves are capable of
beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, but together with
With such helpers, its effectiveness just rolls over. Prunes
well stimulates the bowels, slows the aging process
body and gives the jelly a special savory flavor, and oatmeal
the flakes are well saturated, so the feeling of hunger you will not

Рецепт preparations:

You will need: a small beet tuber, 30 gr. oatmeal
flakes (two tablespoons), 100 gr. prunes and 1.5 liters of clean

Fresh beets must be grated, prunes melanko
cut into a knife, mix it all up and add to the mixture
овсяные flakes. Then, pour boiling water, put on the stove and
boil for another 15 minutes on low heat. Kissel
strain and cool.

Принимать за 2 часа до сна абсолютно в любом quantity.
The rest of the thick can be eaten for breakfast. Cleansing jelly
Perfect as a fasting day!


Kissel для похудения: отзывы бывалых

Света: « … Kissel в нашей семье готовится уже не одно поколение
– great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, now here I am. I do it by
стандартному рецепту, но без sour cream, и в конце немного сахарю и
add a little butter to taste. Maybe that’s why
Our family has no weight problem !? … “

Hope: “… I was advised by a cleansing kissel friend. Right away
I did not dare to make it, but then even regretted the money spent
time to think. In general, I lost 4 pounds and
I’m not going to dwell on this! … “

Karina: “… Despite the fact that the products are part of the jelly
really very tasty and healthy, but for some reason I
lose weight on it does not work, even shoot yourself … And the laxative
the effect was terrific, but those extra pounds “as attached”.
Не знаю, что и делать… “

Galina Ivanovna: “… I suffer from chronic pancreatitis is already very
long. I was advised to take kissel one very good
I have been drinking it regularly for about three years. For this
period I managed to cure varicose veins (by the way, I am 55 years old), joints
mine became cleaner, my gait improved, the pain disappeared. It remains to overcome
pancreatitis, and the price is not this tool! As for excess weight,
so there was a slight decrease in the initial stages, apparently in
metabolic recovery period and process improvement
пищеварения… “

Sasha: “… Oatmeal kissel is just a bomb !!! In my experience I can
to say that it is also useful during pregnancy, when the stomach
strikes and refuses to work … Not for nothing oats are considered wonderful
cereal, and always appreciated by people! … “

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