June 8: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays June 8th.

Wed, 18 May 2016


Holidays June 8

World Oceans Day

In daily bustle, few people think about the fact that our Earth is
70% is covered by the waters of the world ocean. That means from being on
how much will the ocean waters be clean and safe
the ecological situation of the earth itself will be safe. To
to draw people’s attention to the problems of the world’s ocean, to save it
pristine nature, fauna and flora, in 2008 UN, at the next
The General Assembly decided, starting in 2009, to officially
отмечать 8 июня как World Oceans Day. Taking care of
oceans, it is possible to prevent pollution by chemical and other
waste water surface of the Earth, as well as save from extinction
many types of marine animals and plants.

Russia celebrates Social Worker’s Day

Social Worker’s Day – a holiday of people with great kindness
heart Often they perform duties much larger than
prescribed job description. After all, they have to
daily problems with the most vulnerable
population – children, the disabled, the elderly, who refuse to help
or not to pay too much attention is simply impossible. Celebration of the Day
social worker does not accidentally falls on June 8. It is June 8
in 1701 Peter I issued a decree in which he commanded the poor, the sick,
Elderly determine for free in the poorhouse to assist them
feasible help and necessary support. So in Russia it was
The beginning of the system of state social protection and guardianship
to people in need.

June 8 in the national calendar

Carp-carpov. If you believe the national calendar, then June 8 all day
need to spend on fishing. After all, Karp is very good
his namesake is caught – carp fish. So who has fishing
tackle and the desire to go fishing, can check whether it is really
business And on June 8, they went to the blooming wild rose, in order to inhale the aromas
flowers, charged with positive energy, get rid of ailments and
melancholy. It was believed that on this day a fragrant bush gives
the surrounding air has special healing properties. With Karp
peasants began planting late varieties of radish, cabbage, turnips.

Historical events of June 8

June 8, 1909 first Russian serial released
The car was assembled at the Russian-Baltic factory in the city of Riga.
Graceful two-seater gray cars had a 4-cylinder
24hp engine These cars have proven themselves
as reliable and durable cars. They enjoyed elevated
in demand, even in the royal garage there were 2 such serial cars.
�”Russo-Balty”, so called these cars, were repeatedly presented
at the international automobile exhibitions, where they were awarded five
gold medals. June 8, 1947 Dnieper became
completely navigable riverEtha third largest river in Europe, up to
1947 was not considered shipping. This was hindered between
Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk Ukrainian shield, which
represented a stone rapids. At one time they served
amulet, and did not allow the enemy ships to climb the river. But
after the war, the question of opening the river path was acute. Therefore, on
the site of the Ukrainian shield was built Dnieper hydroelectric station, which
eliminated the barrier, and in 1947 earned Zaporizhzhya floodgates, and
the entire length of the river became navigable. June 8, 1958
футбольная сборная СССР на чемпионате мира,
held in Stockholm, held its first match. The USSR team
football for the first time participated in the world championship. First match
she played with the team of England. The outcome of the meeting is a draw – 2: 2, but
The advantage of the whole game was on the side of the Soviet team. The British
literally 5 minutes before the end of the match, they equalized the score by implementing
penalty. Perhaps our team lacked a bit of experience and good luck,
чтобы удержать перевес на своей стороне.8 июня
Ramon Mercader, the murderer of Leon Trotsky, awarded
the star of the Hero of the Soviet UnionThis was not the only
the gratitude of the Soviet government to the NKVD agent for the death of one
from the organizers of the October Revolution and the Red Army – Leo
Trotsky. Mercader was also granted a state near Moscow.
cottage, gave a large monetary reward from both the KGB and
Central Committee of the CPSU, and recruited at the Institute of Marxism-Leninism.
Trotsky’s murder was committed back in 1940, but then the Soviet
the government has denied any involvement in this crime. And you
Mercader was sentenced by a Mexican court for 20 years, the full term of which
he served in a Mexican prison. Just returning after
заключения домой в 1960 г., награды нашли своего «героя».8
июня 2001 года
певцу Александру Розенбауму присвоили
title of People’s Artist of Russia. Although music by Alexander Rosenbaum
He began studying at the age of five and graduated from music school.
violin and piano, yet did not bind his life with her.
After graduation he decided to go to medical school,
who graduated successfully, even managed to work as an ambulance doctor
help. But его душа по-прежнему stretched to the music: in the evenings, the field
working shifts, he studied at the jazz school. He first wrote
songs for student performances, amateur ensembles, but in
1980 made the decision to leave medicine and began professional
musical activity. Author and performer of many patriotic
songs dedicated to the Afghan theme. Although you can call him a singer
versatile genre, because There are a lot of songs in the repertoire,
dedicated to thieves, maritime, gypsy, historical topics and
etc. All-Union fame brought him for the first time “Waltz-Boston”,
which singer performed in the late 80s.

Were born on June 8

Иван Кожедуб (1920-1991г.г.), трижды Герой
Soviet Union, WWII fighter pilot, air marshal
During the war, the renowned pilot was considered one of the best
Soviet aces. During the war, made 330 combat
sorties, took part in 120 air battles, in which he managed
shoot down 62 enemy aircraft. Ivan Kozhedub can be called
lucky: for the whole war his plane was never shot down. After
The Second World War continued to serve in military aviation, graduated from the Air Force
Academy, then the Military Academy of the General Staff. In 1985 he was awarded
the title of Marshal of Aviation, was awarded multiple orders and
medals Бонни Тайлер (род. 1951г.), английская
rock singer star above this illustrious singer for the first time
rose in the distant 1976. It was then in the British charts her
the single “Lost In France” took 9th place, and Bonnie herself became popular
and recognizable. But долго почивать на лаврах певице не пришлось. AT
1977 for reasons of health, she underwent surgery on the larynx, removing
nodules. After которой длительное время нужно было не
just do not sing, but do not talk. Bonnie could not with this
reconcile, and once, in a fit of despair, she could not restrain herself and began
shout. After чего голос ее приобрел характерную хрипотцу. On your
fear and risk, especially not believing in a happy outcome, Bonnie Tyler in
1978 Records a new single, “It’s A Heartache.” Unexpectedly for her
itself, it turns out to be in the top lines of the British and American
hit parades oh bonnie tyler talked again she acquired the world
popularity. To date, the singer continues to give concerts,
conducts world tours.

Name Day June 8

Alexander, Ivan, George, Yegor, Yuri, David, Makar, Karp,

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