June 22: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on June 22.

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Holidays June 22

Day of Remembrance and Grief in Russia

In the entire history of Russia, its calendar had many sad dates, but
the most tragic is June 22. It was on this summer day in 1941
the Great Patriotic War began, the longest,
cruel and bloody. It lasted 1418 long days and nights
taking the lives of over 25 million people. Soviet Union won
victory, but paid a very expensive price. Every year on June 22 we
we remember those who died in battles, tortured in concentration camps, all those who
did not break before the formidable force of the enemy, and at the cost of his life fulfilled
debt, defending the Fatherland. In addition to Russia, the sad date is celebrated.
Belarus and Ukraine. And heads of state, and ordinary people, in
this day they bring flowers to the graves of fallen warriors so that
heads, thank them for their courage, bravery and courage. Throughout
The country is lowered by state flags.

June 22 in the national calendar

Kirill. Summer Solstice. Marfa Nursery.

Kirill had the shortest night, but the longest day.
It was believed that the sun on this day gives the earth all its energy.
Therefore, in order to recharge the natural force, peasants came out in
forest, on the river bank, grassy meadow – health gain and just
in the sun warm up. Grass mowing and drying start on Cyril
hay, and also collecting medicinal herbs. This is one of the last days
when planting late seedlings. Early blueberries appear in the forest.
strawberries If linden blossomed by this time, it foreshadowed
sunny and warm summer. On Cyril necessarily conducted
special ceremony – with the help of fire, water and copper dew cleaned
children from spoiling. Water and dew on this day were considered especially

Historical events June 22

22 июня 1862 г. в России были закрыты
Sunday schools

In the middle of the 19th century on the territory of the Russian Empire received
широкое распростраnotние Sunday schools. Classes are usually held
in small rooms in churches. Children attended such schools
to receive education and upbringing in the Christian tradition.
Classes were free, so the lessons were most often attended by children.
peasants and low-income citizens. And the adults went to school
to learn to read and write. After rising in society
антиправительственных настроений, Sunday schools стали
used by revolutionary activists as a place
propagate your ideas. Lecturers and students of some Sundays
educational institutions have been seen spreading revolutionary
manifests. Then, by decree of Emperor Alexander II, in order to avoid
возможных смут и мятежей, Sunday schools в России были
universally closed. 22 июня 1889 г. германское
the government was the first in Europe to establish a pension for its citizens
old-ageGerman chancellor Otto Bismarck first in Europe decided
take care of the elderly citizens of their country and imposed a pension on
old age, which was calculated from 70 years. True take
such a privilege could not every German, because the average
life expectancy in Germany at that time was a little over 40
years old. After leaving Bismarck from public office, under pressure
профсоюзов, пенсионный возраст снижен был до 65 years old. 22
июня 1985 года
скончался поэт-песенник Леонид
Derbenev Leonid began writing poetry while still in school, some of his
the works were even published in Pionerskaya Pravda. But in the writers he
I did not go, and for life I chose the profession of lawyer, by whom I worked after
graduation from the Moscow Law Institute. But the creative vein,
which lurked in the soul of the poet-lawyer, did not let him go. And in 1959.
Leonid Derbenev decided to devote his life completely to creativity. is he
translated western hits and in parallel wrote his poems. They were
written over two thousand poems, about half of
which went to music and became songs, almost all of them –
smash hitters is he автор слов таких хитов как «Этот мир», «Чукча в
the plague “,” You, you, you “,” Red Horse “,” Native Land “,” Robinson “,
�“Marusya”, “Live, the country!”, “Atlantis” and many others. His songs
performed by Valery Obodzinsky, Lev Leshchenko, Alla Pugacheva, Mikhail
Boyarsky, Masha Rasputin, Philip Kirkorov, Igor Nikolaev, groups
«ATеселые ребята», «Земляnot», «Здравствуй, песня!» 22 июня
1986 г.
Диего Марадона забил в ворота соперников гол рукой
This unprecedented incident occurred in Mexico City on the football
World Cup, when played teams of England and Argentina. Walked 54
minute of the match, Maradona made a pass in the direction of his comrade on
team, but the ball hit the English player’s leg and bounced back.
Diego had a fist, and sent the ball into the goal. The arbitrator
it seemed that the kick was struck by the head of a football player, and he counted
Goal. The Argentine national team won 2-1. Later myself
Diego said so about this moment – the ball was partially scored by my
head, partly by the hand of God. This goal in the history of football and
entered as the “hand of God”, although the British press found more
meaningful expression – “the hand of the devil.” I wonder what it is not
the only time that Maradona played with his hand. Similar episode
repeated at the next World Cup when Argentina
I met with the USSR national team. Seeing how the ball sent to the Soviet
footballer, flying right into the goal, Maradona decided to help his
the goalkeeper, and throwing out his hand, hit the ball. Diego alone is aware
произошло это случайно или преднамеренно, но арбитр нарушения not
noticed Perhaps Maradona is indeed the pet of Fortune, to whom
a lot of things get away with it.

Were born on June 22

Людмила Иванова (род. 1933г.), советская
film actress, theater artist Lyudmila Ivanova – graduate
Moscow Art Theater School Studio, she worked for a long time in the theater
�”Contemporary”. During her creative career she played more than 100 roles.
in the theater and cinema. Lyudmila Ivanova can be safely called the queen
episodic, or second roles. is heа так мастерски с ними
справляется, что notредко своей игрой затмевает главных героев. BUT
фразы, произnotсенные ею в фильмах, становятся крылатыми
expressions. What is it worth activist social activist Shurachka from
�”Office Romance”, which colleagues put forward once on
общественную работу, а задвинуть обратно уже not получалось. AT
free time from filming Lyudmila Ivanova writes poetry, music,
performs bard songs. He is the founder and leader
musical children’s theater “Impromptu”, teaches at the Slavic
Academy of Humanities, she is a professor of humanities.
Наталья ATарлей (род. 1947г.), советская
актрисаКрасавица, спортсменка, активистка, комсомолка — кто not
remembers these words. is heи были адресованы Ниnot из «Кавказской
пленницы», которую так мастерски исполнила Наталья ATарлей. Although their
можно отnotсти и к самой Наталье — разве она not спортсменка, not
активистка, not комсомолка? Also insanely beautiful girl! It is from
this picture came to the actress stunning popularity. Although then
она еще профессиональной актрисой not была, а работала простой
balancing in a circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. As confessed later
Natalia herself, this film dramatically changed her life, because she
никогда not мечтала быть актрисой. After the “Caucasian Captive”
ATарлей поступила в Щукинское училище и в 1971 г. его окончила.
Снялась в более полусотnot ролей в кино. The most famous paintings
— «ATий», «12 стульев», 7 notвест ефрейтора Збруева», «Переходный
age, old letters.

Name Day June 22

BUTлексей, Иван, BUTлександр, Кирилл, Марфа, Фекла, Мария

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