June 10: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays of 10 June.

Sun, 22 May 2016


Holidays 10 June

In Japan, celebrate the Day of hours

June 10, 671 for the first time appeared in the Japanese Imperial Palace
watches, so the Japanese chose this date to celebrate.
Every year on June 10 in Japan, presentations are held and arranged
Exhibitions. Where visitors can not only look at the fancy
watch movements, but also to get the copy you like. And,
for every taste and any size. On windows show off as
mechanical and electronic watches of the latest developments, and sand
and water of various forms. This holiday is also related
one Japanese tradition: it is on June 10th that it is customary to give their children
The first watch in life.

Portugal Day

June 10, Portugal celebrates a great national holiday – the day
своей республики, Portugal Day. All cities, big and
small, are folk festivals, mass cultural events,
The celebration ends late in the evening with a traditional salute.
The festive atmosphere on this day is imbued with the spirit of patriotism,
freedom and pride in a country that aggravates
Portuguese sentiment of national identity. After all, it is about
This dreamed Louis Camoens, one of the most prominent figures
Portugal’s literature in the history of its existence. Louis camoes
distinguished by hot patriotism, heart and soul was rooting for his
country, and how he could, fought for the independence of Portugal. After myself
he left a great cultural heritage whose hallmark
is the poem “Lusiada”. 10 июня 1580 года Louis camoes ушел из
of life. Grateful descendants decided to perpetuate this date in memory of
national hero and patriot. They established one of the most important
праздников страны — Portugal Day, и стали отмечать его именно 10

June 10 in the national calendar

In the national calendar, this day is marked as Nikita Gusyatnik and
Noon According to legend, Nikita served as a protector of little goslings,
protecting them from birds of prey and animals. By this time, output
the latest goslings from late clutches. And in adult birds
a molt began, which occurred annually at the end of spring –
early summer. At this time, the hostesses plucked geese, collecting from them
faded fluff. Nikita pregnant women walked into the field to
recharge your strength and energy from the earth and grain ears. Was considered
a gracious sign, if a woman gives birth on this day to a grain field:
so the baby will be especially strong and healthy, and the birth itself for
mothers will be easy and painless. Noon – noon perfume
who look like terrestrial women. Meeting with them did not promise
no good, because on children they sent sleeplessness and crying, and
the adults who had rested on the field could have a rest during lunch
tickle to death. Therefore, in order to be saved from them, to the very
the midday heat, in the hut closed not only windows, but also the shutters. BUT
the peasants on this day tried not to rest in the grain fields to
Do not fall under the hot hand of the midday fairies.

Historical events of June 10

10 июня 1793 года вместо Филадельфии столицей СШBUT
стал город Вашингтон После BUTмериканской революции и признании
независимости СШBUT, правительство BUTмерики решило выбрать для страны
new capital. In 1790, a place was determined at the Congress.
construction of a new city. The capital, it was decided to build on the shore
Potomac River, in the place where the river was particularly deep, what was
convenient for shipping. BUT назвать новую столицу решили Вашингтоном,
in honor of the first president. The city plan included the construction of
large government buildings, laying wide avenues,
construction of monuments and monuments. For the construction of a new capital
French architect Pierre L’Enfant was invited. Building
It went very smoothly and quickly, and already on June 10, 1793, Washington was
assigned a new status – the official capital of the United States.
10 июня 1909 года впервые применили сигнал
SOS There is a popular misconception that for the first time the SOS signal was
dispatched from the distressed Titanic liner in 1912. On
in fact, this is not the case, and a signal asking for help was sent
somewhat earlier. �”Three dots – three dashes – three dots”, exactly
This cry for help is indicated, it was first aired on June 10
1909 He was sent from the passenger liner “Cunard”, which
потерпел бедствие у BUTзорских островов. June 10, 1943
была изобретена шариковая ручкаHer автором стал
Hungarian journalist Laszlo Biro. This is it all day and night.
worked on the order of the British Air Force who needed
there was a pen that could write at any height at low
pressure. Previously used fountain pens for flying
high altitude were not good, because with low pressure ink is simple
did not enter through the capillary. Of course, they were not quite
perfect as modern because the ball often fell out, and the paste
blotted the paper, but it was still useful and indispensable for that
момент изобретением.10 июня 1982 года скончалась
Gala – Russian wife of Salvador Dali Elena Dyakonova, in marriage
Gala Dali, initially was the wife of the French poet Paul Eluard, and
then muse and inspirer eccentric Salvador Dali.
Love at first sight, like a thunderbolt, simultaneously struck and
Salvador and Galu, at their first meeting in Kadakis in 1929. BUT
in 1932, Gala became his official wife. She until the last days
life was the one and only muse and model of the eccentric
the artist. The last years of her life she spent in her castle, once
given to her by her husband and who is not
allowed to appear there. After the death of his beloved wife, Dali fell into
deep depression. He outlived his spouse by seven years and died from
heart attack in January 1989.

Were born on June 10

Людмила Зыкина (1929 г. — 2009 г.), советская,
российская певицаOnчало творческой деятельности Людмилы Зыкиной
falls on 1947 It was then, after participating in the competition,
which was held between the young performers, Lyudmila was taken in
famous folk choir them. Pyatnitsky. It was incredible
success, because the competition at the reception was 1,500 people for one
a place. After working in the choir, Zykina took up a solo career. Her
sonorous, but at the same time soft voice fell in love with millions
listeners. In the repertoire of her speeches she often
adhered to the Russian folk style of singing. But in her performance
Russian romances and pop songs also sounded. Onиболее
известные ее песни — «Течет река Волга», «Я люблю вас», «On сопках
Manchuria “,” Orenburg shawl “,” Why are you girls “,
�”Steppe and steppe around” and others. Максим (род.
1983 г.), российская певицаМарина BUTбросимова мечтала с раннего
childhood become a singer. And her dream came true. True to speak
she decided not under her last name, but to take a pseudonym – Maxim,
formed from the name of her mother – Maximov. Loud success
struck a girl in 2006 when her first album came out
�“Difficult age”, which has become simply mega-popular. BUT уже через
Maxim became the most commercially successful singer. She is 12
once handed the statuette “Golden Gramophone”, it is the only
performer, seven songs of which in a row alternately occupied
first places in the Russian radiochat, and the total circulation of copies sold
her albums have exceeded three million. She is the performer of such
songs like “Difficult Age”, “My Paradise”, “Quietly”, “Best Night”,
�“Become a Wind,” “Do You Know,” and many others.

Name Day June 10

Ignat, Nikita, Pavel, Vasily, Zakhar, Dmitry

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