Jumping rope or how to lose weight quickly andeasy

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    • 1.2 What muscles work?
    • 1.3 How many calories are burned?
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Jumping rope or skipping, as it is fashionable now to call,
an affordable and effective way to lose weight,
acquire a taut, sporty figure. Скакалку easy можно
take with you on a journey or vacation that will allow not
skip training in different life circumstances.
There are many types of skipping, from the most simple and
unpretentious to professional, equipped with special
by sensors.


Jumping for slimming rope

Before you start training, you should choose the right
skipping The basic characteristic of the projectile is the length which
is selected on the basis of growth. Often, jump ropes range from 210
up to 320 cm. If skipping is short, it will cling at
jumping for legs, and long – too dragged. In order to
to choose the right projectile, you need to straighten it, stand on
mid gum and raise your hands up. The optimal length – if
Skiping ends reach to the armpits.

Important when training is correctly chosen.
clothes and shoes. Clothing should be comfortable, not hinder movement,
mainly from natural fabrics. Shoes are better to choose
sports with shock absorbing soles.

Before you start exercise for weight loss is necessary to warm up.
A five minute warm up will be enough to warm up the muscles,
heart palpitations, intermittent breathing. Slimming
It is recommended to perform exercises on skipping daily,
gradually increasing the duration and intensity of classes. To begin
possible with 10-15 minute sessions. Exercises on a rope for
losing weight will bring maximum results with daily 40-60
minute classes.


Skipping rope exercises are aerobic exercises. They
Contribute to the training of heart muscles, breathing, saturation
oxygenation, improved blood circulation, intensive
fat burning. Regular classes will help quickly
get rid of excess weight, improve the overall condition of the body and

Benefit прыжков через скакалку очевидна. With their help, you can
reduce in volume and pump up muscles in the most problematic areas:
buttocks, legs and thighs. With regular workouts you can purchase
slim silhouette, tighten the muscles of the whole body and even get rid of
cellulite. If supplemented with regular balanced classes,
low-calorie diet, you can add amazing results
losing weight in no time.

What muscles work?

What muscles work when jumping rope? Thanks
intensive exercises on the rope will engage the muscles of the legs, hips
and buttocks. Regular classes pump up muscles in these areas,
making them elastic and allowing them to keep them in good shape. No less
effective skipping jumps and for adjusting abdominal muscles that
allows you to “remove” the stomach. With long classes it is possible
adjust the shape.

First of all, with regular classes, you can get rid of
accumulated body fat in the thighs and legs. Intense
workouts promote the burning of subcutaneous fat, thanks to which
You can get rid of cellulite in these areas of the body. Right
selected technique will help pump up the muscles of the buttocks and the press,
Strengthen the muscles of the arms and the whole body.

How many calories are burned?

How many calories are burned when jumping rope?
The number of calories burned depends on the number committed for 1
minute jumps. The higher their number, the more calories
burned. On average, a person makes 120-150 jumps in 1 minute
on skipping. For an average calculation of calories consumed in 5 minutes
training takes the weight of the person to whom time is added
occupations. For example, a person with a weight of 55 kg for 5 minutes of training
burns 60 Kcal.

Based on these data, a person with a weight of 65 kg burns in 5 minutes
70 Kcal, in 15 minutes 215 Kcal, in 30 minutes 425 Kcal, and in an hour
workout 850 kcal.

With a balanced and low-calorie diet, taking into account
regular training can be a month and a half to get rid of 5-7
extra pounds. In addition to losing weight, you can develop flexibility
improve posture, increase stamina and ability to hold

Kinds of jumps and technique

Jumping technique must be strictly observed,
since it depends on the correctness of the exercise
load distribution on problem areas. With the right technique
hands should remain motionless, and to work rotational
movements only brush. Elbows must be pressed to the body, back
straighten, and land better on socks. Jump better is not high,
but often.

Types of jumping rope are different:

  • On two legs;
  • On each leg in turn;
  • Jumping sideways, back and forth;
  • Double turn;
  • Running on the spot;
  • Projectile rotation back;
  • The rotation of the projectile crosswise.

Slimming можно выполнять все виды упражнений

Fat burning exercise

Skipping rope for burning

  • High pitch;
  • Swelling of the lower leg;
  • Different legs back and forth;
  • Different legs left and right;
  • Right left;
  • Back and forth;
  • Rotate 90 degrees;
  • Rotate 180 degrees;
  • Throwing legs forward;
  • Throwing the legs back;
  • Crosswise;
  • Crossing legs;
  • Rotation around;
  • Double jump;
  • Sprint;
  • On one leg;
  • From heel to toe;
  • Squat jump;
  • In a free style.

Главным условием for burning жира является то, что в перерывах
between jumps with a rope can not be relaxed. Recommended
squat, swing arms and legs, push up or swing
press. With proper exercise, as well as with regular
and intensive loads can lose weight by 5-7 kg in a month.

Video lesson

Summing up, we can say that exercises with a rope can be
considered the most effective for losing weight and maintaining

And then we offer to see a selection of exercises that
will be able to help you to master this not tricky for healthy

Video “26 exercises with a rope”:

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