Jumping rope at home

  • 1 Exercises for weight loss with a rope
    • 1.1 For beginners
    • 1.2 For legs
    • 1.3 For the abdomen
    • 1.4 General developmental exercises
    • 1.5 For children

Jump rope is usually associated with school and physical education. With
weight loss and sports, people often ignore it for nothing.
Training professional athletes is not complete without complex
exercise with this projectile, which involves all muscle groups
at the same time. The calf and spinal cavities are effectively worked out.
muscles, buttocks, shoulders, hands, arms and abs.

In addition, endurance, coordination and speed develop
posture is improved, the cardiovascular system is strengthened. But,
remember that in some cases it is forbidden to train.

Among the contraindications:

  • cardiovascular diseases, weak joints and problems with
    the spine;
  • varicose veins;
  • frequent headaches;
  • pregnancy and feeding;
  • obesity.

But, в целом, скакалка- это один из лучших тренажеров для
weight loss at home for both women and men.

Paying jumps of 10-30 minutes each day will gradually begin.
the process of losing weight and fat layer will go away due to acceleration
metabolism. Be sure to do before training.
warm up

At home, the following would be best
fat burning exercises:

  • обычные прыжки прыгайте одну минуту без
    stop and jump the last 20 times higher;
  • на одной конечности прыгайте попеременно на
    one foot for a minute and the last 20 times jump higher;
  • обычные прыжки назад прыгайте одну минуту без
    stop, directing the rope behind his back and the last 20 times
    jump higher;
  • на одной конечности назад прыгайте попеременно
    on both legs for a minute, directing the projectile behind the back and the last 20
    раз jump higher;
  • бег на месте бегите на месте, поднимая при
    this knees. Gradually accelerate the pace.

Before exercise, aimed at losing weight, be sure
warm up. After the training, take a few minutes to not plant
a heart.


Exercises for weight loss with rope

There are different types of skipping ropes: weighted contributes to the recruitment
muscle mass; electronic monitor pulse and reset
calories; ordinary – the most common.

With похудении самые эффективные- это скоростные. They allow
quickly make a large number of jumps. For effective
Slimming, combine training with other physical activities:
jogging, fitness, etc ..

A set of exercises for weight loss

  • regular jumps 5 minutes;
  • Step with one foot on the cord and, pulling it, take your leg
    backwards Hold for 30 seconds. Change the limbs;
  • jump 5 minutes, scrolling the cord 2 times under the feet;
  • stretch the rope folded in four hands over your head and
    crouch down to a right angle. Hold at the position of 30 seconds;
  • jump first on the right, then on the left foot 5

Such training is an intense cardio exercise.
After a short time, the first results will appear.

For beginners

If you just decided to start losing weight with a jump rope, do not
take your time to take it. First determine what is right for you.
pace, jumping without a shell. Then take it into one drawn out in
side arm and start jumping while simultaneously rotating the cord in

When you understand the mechanism, proceed to a full lesson. With
Land on your toes, knees slightly bent.
Take off the ground by 2-3cm. If you lost, start quickly over again.
Do not exercise more than 10 minutes a day.

Basic exercises with a rope for

  • Regular jumps;
  • Jumping with changing legs;
  • Jumps with jumps;
  • Прыжки backwards

Do exercises with a break of 1-2 minutes. With time
increase the load time and exercise complex, and you will notice how
training with a rope effectively works the whole body.

For legs

Jumping rope quickly bring the leg muscles to tone.

Effective exercises with a rope for weight loss

  • ножницы во время прыжка разводите одну ногу
    forward, another back
  • поднятие колен старайтесь поднимать колени во
    jump time as high as possible
  • splaying shin back
  • leg breeding
  • влево-вправо прыгайте из одной стороны в
    another with connected feet
  • вперед-назад выполняйте прыжки вперед и назад
    with connected feet
  • alternate leg ejection forward and backward
  • crosswise
  • спринт выполните пробежку вперед со
  • circle jumping on one leg
  • squatting

Combine techniques for greater efficiency when
losing weight

For belly

Упражнения со rope для похудения

  • со скрещенными руками скрещивая руки при
    performing any exercises, abdominal muscles are actively working;
  • с прямыми руками выпрямите руки по сторонам,
    rotate only the brushes and jump, slightly bending the knees. Strain
  • подъем колен как можно выше поднимайте колени,
    alternately reducing and separating them;
  • вперед-назад и в стороны прыгая, передвигайте
    connected legs back and forth, to the sides, and notice in a circle.

These techniques effectively work the muscles of the upper, lower
press, as well as, skew and contribute to weight loss.

General developmental exercises

In order to develop all body muscle groups at the same time and
похудеть выполняйте следующий комплекс

General developmental exercises со rope:

1. Натяните сложенную вдвое скакалку над
head and lower it first in front of you then 30 times behind your back;
2. Сложите снаряд вчетверо, натяните над головой и
tilt one side and then the other side 30 times;
3. Делайте выпады в стороны одновременно поднимая
hands up with a cord stretched four times 30 times; four.
Stand wider than shoulders and bend back straight
forward and diagonally pulling the arms forward with stretched four times
projectile 30 times; 5. Прыгайте 5 минут, меняя

For kids

To captivate children of any age physical activity,
предложите им полезные занятия со rope.

Упражнения со rope для детей:

1. «Зонтик» Натяните снаряд над головой,
Pull in front of you and lift your knees alternately as high as possible.
15 times; 2. «Цапля» Поднимите колено и обхватите
his cord. Hold your position and change your knees. 10 times;
3. «Ласточка» Наступите одной стопой на шнур,
возьмитесь за рукоятки и вытягивайте ногу backwards Stay in
position and change the limb. 10 times; four.
Выполните предыдущее упражнение, только ноги
lift to the sides; 5. «Петелька» В положении
While sitting, clasp your feet in a four-fold cord and pull your back
Forward, then straighten. 15 times; 6. “Wheel”
Lie on your stomach, clasp your ankles with a cord and pull yourself up
breastfeeding 15 times; 7. Прыгайте в свободном стиле 5

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