July 28: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays July 28th.

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Holidays 28 July

Day of the Baptism of Russia

In 988g. Kievan Rus baptized and proclaimed Christianity
their religion at the national level. It happened in times
the reign of Prince Vladimir (Red Sun), the grandson of Princess Olga.
The first Orthodox city was Kiev, gradually turning into faith.
became residents and other Russian cities. The process of the baptism of Russia
dragged on for several centuries, because not all rusichi easily refused
from their former faith. For the complete eradication of paganism and wide
spread of Christianity, it took several centuries. In
2010, at the insistence of the Russian Orthodox Church, this
historical event was given state status. From now on
Annually, July 28, Russia officially celebrates the Day of Baptism
Rus, which is honored by the entire Russian Orthodox people. date
The celebration fell on July 28, since on that very day, according to
Chronicle, Prince Vladimir was baptized in Chersonesos. National
baptism allowed rus of scattered tribes and small
principality become a powerful monolithic state,
united by one faith and purpose. By adopting Christianity, Russia
joined the common European culture, acquired writing,
received an incentive to civilized development.

July 28 in the national calendar

Kirik Mokrodyrik. Julitta.

The church remembers the martyrs Ulita and Kirik. According to legend, Julitta
was a rich Christian widow. She lived during the reign
Emperor Diocletian. When did the pogroms and persecutions
Christians, she left hometown to save herself and her son
Kirikas. She led the life of an ordinary commoner. Once been recognized
former townspeople. She was captured and brought to court. Ruler
demanded to renounce the faith, but Julitta refused. She was separated from
son tortured. Three-year-old Kirik, seeing the exhausted mother,
he cried and asked for her, saying that he was also a Christian.
An angry ruler threw the boy off a stone bridge, and
the woman was tortured and then beheaded. Especially honor the memory
Julitta and Kirika Old Believers, because they consider themselves the same as
they are victims and persecuted for their faith. Matulka Julitta especially honored
and loved the village women. They considered her their assistant and
intercessor. Appealed to her with prayers and woman’s requests. Day
Julitta village hostesses devoted rest, peace and quiet. But to
peasant women were unaccustomed to inactivity and idleness.
Therefore, we tried to use our free time for the family:
children to work and help with household chores. On this day, no
field or earthworks, because on the fields hosted unclean
strength. Which often seemed to the peasants as visions, and they
They were afraid to be confused. It often rained on Kirik.
Therefore, this day the people received the name Kirik-Mokrodyrik. On
yellow leaves appeared in the trees, recalling that autumn was not
just around the corner. The first to be painted in autumn colors began
small-leaved lime tree.

Historical events July 28

28 июля 1914 г. — начало Первой мировой
warsArmed large-scale conflict has been brewing for a long time, because
the contradictions between the major world powers – Russia, England,
Astro-Hungary, France, Germany – grew like a snowball. Not
only a little sparkle (clues) was enough to ignite
big bonfire. And she was found. The reason for the start of hostilities
served the murder a month before the Austrian archduke in
Sarajevo. The world community reacted calmly to this tragedy, as
ordinary accident. But the rulers of Germany and Austria decided
use this incident as a pretext to start a war with
Serbia. Russia rose to the defense of the Serbian people and announced in
country mobilization. The chain involved in the conflict were
France, England and 38 more countries. The war lasted about four years and
ended with the signing of defeated Germany in June 1919.
Versailles Treaty. The overall outcome of this war was the disappearance
four empires – Ottoman, German, Austro-Hungarian and
Russian, the occurrence of revolutions in Russia and Germany, as well as
casualties: 12 million civilians killed, 10
миллионов солдат и 55 миллионов человек получили ранения.28
июля 1942 г.
в СССР вышел приказ Onркома обороны «Ни шагу
back “This order, numbered 227, forbade retreat and retreat
troops without the appropriate command. He was supposed to raise in the troops
The Red Army discipline and responsibility of the fighters, stopping
desertion and exodus. Onрушивших данный приказ, по
cowardice or insecurity, military battalions waited for the servicemen.
With the release of the order, barriers were widely spread.
detachments, which were located on the back line of the main troops. In their
the task was to prevent unauthorized attempts to leave the field
combat, as well as the destruction or forced return to the position
малодушных и неустойчивых бойцов.28 июля 1995 г.
Indian Bombay was renamed Mumbai. Initially the name
the city gave the Portuguese when in the 16th century occupied the island. They
called it “Bombain”, which means “good bay.” Later
the British remade it in their own way – Bombay (Bombay). But in 1995
Indian authorities decided to give the city the name of the local goddess Mumba Devi,
or as abbreviated as it is called – Mumb and added the word “ai”, which
means mother. Now officially the city is called Mumbai, although
the former name still remains popular in the West and in the local

Born on July 28

Анна Бурда (1909г. — 2005), основательница
magazine “Burda fashion” Since childhood, little Anna was different
purposefulness, perseverance and rebellious character. Her
I didn’t want to take an example from my mother – quiet and diligent
housewives, whipping away the days in the kitchen. Anna always dreamed
to be different. At 17, she cut her long hair and walked
with a short haircut, and in 19 changed the name. Now her name was Enne
Burda. Up to forty years her life was not much different from the rest.
German women. Enne married, raised three sons. Family
She lived poorly, but happily. In 1949 Anne Burda has become
the head of a small, barely reducing the balance of publishing. She is
I did not think long about how to attract readers. The country was observed
post-war shortages, including clothing. Therefore, Enne became
place in the fashion magazine that she produces, and
apply patterns to them. From now on, каждая умеющая шить немецкая
a woman, regardless of wealth, could flaunt like a real
fashionista. The first issue of the magazine, then he called himself “Favorite”,
It came out in one hundred thousandth edition, and was a huge success. Was it in
1950 Today, the magazine “Burda fashion” is popular in a hundred countries. Only
in Russia its circulation is about half a million
экземпляров.Жаклин Кеннеди (Бувье) (1929г. —
1994.) American aristocratWhat Jacqueline would not have been rich
a beautiful and educated woman, the world would never know about it if
would she in 1953 didn’t marry senator john kennedy – future
President of the United States. She is была первой леди Америки с 1961 по 1963г., до
the moment of murder of the husband. Jacqueline was the darling of Americans and the main
the heroine of the worldly chronicle. She was loved and respected for her simplicity.
grace, beauty, elegance. And women of fashion all over the world idolized
as an icon of style. Being the first lady, she recreated the historical
the atmosphere of the White House, transformed beyond recognition
residence, has contributed to the art, conservation and
popularization of cultural heritage.

Name Day July 28

Name day is celebrated on this day: Vladimir, Peter, Vasily

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