July 25: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays July 25th.

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Holidays July 25

�”Day of Fire Service” in Belarus

In the middle of the 19th century, the question of creating
separate fire service. The first fire department was
formed in Minsk, its staff consisted of 51 people. Local
The City Council approved the creation of a professional fire brigade,
and July 25, 1853 approved the cost estimate for its maintenance. So
the history of the creation of the Belarusian service began
firefighters professionals. Currently, the fire service in
Belarus is one of the 17 specialized structures of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.
The work of a firefighter is prestigious, honorable, but also dangerous. Daily risk taking
their own lives, these people fearlessly step into the fire to
save the lives of others. On this day in the republic’s fire departments
ceremonial meetings are held, where they honor and reward
distinguished themselves in the service of workers, organize competitions,
concerts and other celebrations.

Tunisia hosts Republic Day

Tunisia – a state in northern Africa, formed at the very beginning
15th century. So получилось, что большую часть времени в нем правили
foreigners. That fueled the Arab conquerors, the pirates, and later
Spaniards came. Since the end of the 19th century, Tunisia was ruled by
France, which put the ruler of his protege –
Tunisian Bey. It was only in the mid-20th century that Tunisia managed to get out from under
influence of France, and in 1957. topple and beat. It happened on July 25th,
when the country’s parliament declared Tunisia an independent state,
which meant the complete elimination of the monarchy. On this day throughout
mass celebrations take place in the republic, holiday parties are held
concerts, entertainment programs. The most spectacular events
held in the capital of Tunisia. There are large-scale military
parades, air shows, crowded demonstrations. Are ending
celebrations are a fascinating sight when the sky of Tunisia is buried in
Thousands of bright and multi-colored lights of salutes and fireworks.

July 25 in the national calendar

Proclus the Mourner

From July 25, large dews began to fall in the fields, therefore
gave the day such a name – “mourner.” Until the end of July tried
remove the entire crop so that it does not deteriorate due to high humidity.
Hurried and harvesting hay for the winter. Which was necessary not only
have time to mow, but also dry, put in ricks and hide under
canopies. If dew was considered destructive for a crop, for people
on the contrary, healing. It was believed that it relieves various ailments,
damage, the evil eye, insomnia. Tried on this day, if not to swim
in dew, then at least wash it or collect for future use. Believed that from
wiping the eyes with a “dumb” dew improves eyesight, and the face
becomes more clean and beautiful. Profuse abundant
Dew and fog foreshadowed clear, sunny weather. If the grass
was dry, without a drop of dew, then in the coming days expected torrential

Historical events July 25

25 июля 1980 г. не стало Владимира
VysotskyVladimir Vysotsky has never been in favor of the Soviet
authorities, therefore, officially his death was not reported anywhere. If a
not to consider a small obituary in the newspaper “Soviet Culture” and
humble ads in the ticket office window on Taganka that
�“The actor Vladimir Vysotsky died”. Despite the silent means
mass media, this sad news on the word of mouth “for
day circled all corners of the Soviet Union. These days in Moscow
the Olympics were held, and it was not so easy to get to the capital. But
nothing could prevent thousands of non-resident singer fans
come to Moscow to say goodbye to their idol. In a day
funeral sports stadiums of the capital were half empty, but the streets and
the roofs of the houses near Taganskaya Square were crowded with people from
many open windows of apartments sounded his songs. According to the official
version, Vysotsky died of cardiac arrest. But настоящая
the cause of death is unknown, since no autopsy was performed. Buried
singer July 28 at Vagankovsky cemetery. July 25, 1984
в открытый космос вышла первая в мире женщина-космонавт
– Svetlana Savitskaya Together with his partner, Vladimir Dzhanibekov,
Svetlana spent 3.5 hours outside the spacecraft
conducting scientific experiments in outer space. To the uninitiated
It may seem to people that spacewalk is like
entertainment or attraction. But на самом деле, такие выходы таят для
astronauts considerable danger. One of the most common –
possibility of collision with space junk. Speed
the ship is more than 7 km per second, which is more than several times
bullet flight speed. Collision at that speed even with
the smallest extraneous particle threatens with big troubles
for example, damage to the spacesuit that will cause it
depressurization. Upon returning home, for the heroism and
courage, the cosmonaut Savitskaya was awarded the Order of Lenin and
awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. July 25, 2000
недалеко от Парижа потерпел крушение пассажирский
supersonic aircraft “Concorde” Supersonic airliner airlines
Air France, heading to New York from Paris, performed the usual
chartered flight. And he would have completed well, if not
a series of adverse circumstances that occurred on the takeoff
lane. During the run from one of the aircraft, which was preparing
take off, the metal plate which has remained is torn off
лежать на взлетно-посадочной lane. After 4 minutes on the same
the path began to pick up speed the French “Concord”, which
accidentally hit this iron plate, damaging the chassis. Tire
the rubber wheel broke, one of its fragments damaged the casing
aircraft and fuel tank. From the resulting spark ignited
spilled from the tank kerosene. A burning plane began to fall apart.
in the air to pieces, and then fell to the ground. The catastrophe led to
the sad result – all 109 people who died in the “Concord” died
and 4 are on the ground.

Born July 25

Василий Шукшин (1929г. — 1974г.), советский
actor, writer, screenwriter, directorVasily Shukshin graduated
directing faculty of VGIK in 1960 But вначале с режиссурой у
it somehow did not work out. The first film he shot, his graduation
work seemed to many boring and mundane. But the actor’s
Shukshin’s career took shape more than successfully. But Шукшин не был бы
Shukshin, if abandoned his undertaking. He still took off
several pictures that brought him success as a director.
The brightest of his works are “Stove-benches”, “Strange People”,
�”Red viburnum”. Федор Черенков (род. 1959г.),
soviet football player Fedor started playing football like thousands
boys in the yard team. After the end of the school, talented
the boy was invited to FC Spartak, for which he played a great
part of their sports career. He played for the national team 44 times.
The USSR, including 10 times – in the Olympic team. Total them
more than half a thousand matches were held in which 138 were scored
balls. Cherenkov can be called a favorite of the public. For bright and
uncommon play, honesty and nobility on the football field, his
respected not only the fans of Spartacus, but their eternal rivals –
fans of Dynamo clubs (both in Moscow and Kiev) and CSKA.

Name Day July 25

Именины в этот день празднуют: Антон, Иван,
Arseny, Gavrila, Fedor, Mikhail, Maria, Veronika

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