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Holidays July 24

Ecuador celebrates Simon Bolivar Day

Simon Bolivar is one of the most active and influential fighters for
independence of the South American territories from the Spanish yoke.
He stood at the head of the liberation movement. Under his leadership, steel
independent states such Spanish colonies as Colombia and
Panama (formerly New Grenada), Ecuador (Quito), Venezuela. Created
in the territory of these countries the free state of Great Columbia, and
became its first president. A little later, in 1824, they were
the territory of Peru is liberated from the Spaniards. In its upper part was
a new state was formed – Bolivia, named after him.
Simon Bolivar’s goal was to transform the Spanish colonies throughout
the territories of South America to free areas, and create a single
state – United States of South America. Why should he
it was necessary to become the sole leader of the liberation
movement. But besides him, there were quite a few such heroes of the liberators.
One of the most famous is José San Martin, who led
Liberation War on the territory of Chile and Argentina. After winning
over the Spaniards, the two leaders met in Guayaquil, the largest
the city of Ecuador to agree on further actions. After
negotiations, the two leaders came to a mutual agreement: San Martin
went to France, and Bolivar stayed in South America to
continue to lead the liberation struggle. July 24th, the birthday
Simon Bolivar, Ecuadorians take to the streets to honor
the memory of the main leader of the liberation movement, and
celebrate the independence of their state. They are slow
walk along the elegantly decorated streets, listen to music,
participate in recreational activities. Guayakilans
must come to the embankment, to the monument
heroes of the liberators.

July 24 in the national calendar

Olga Stradnitsa

On July 24, the church honors the memory of St. Olga. Can
say that she stood at the origins of the baptism of Russia. In 954g. princess
Olga went to visit Constantinople, where she was struck
the grandeur of church temples, icons and shrines in them.
After talking with the clergy, she was convinced of the righteousness
Orthodox faith and baptized. Returning home, start
to erect Christian temples and bring the teachings of Christ to the Rus,
who were pagans in those days. Her prayers and diligence many
peasants and noble citizens began to move to the Orthodox
faith. After смерти княгини, продолжателем ее дела стал внук —
Vladimir, at which the final baptism of Russia took place. AT
the national calendar, this day is marked as the page, because
he was in the stratu – the hottest season itself. To work on
Even old men were attracted to the fields; any workers were worth their weight in gold.
hands in time to clean the bread. AT это время часто случались
thunderstorms, so the peasants appealed to St. Olga about
granting dry and clear weather at the time of harvesting cereals.

Historical events July 24

24 июля 1938 года был изобретен растворимый
coffee The first samples of instant coffee were obtained in 1901.
American chemist Satori Kato. In fact, he first invented
concentrate of this drink. But all over the world, the date is considered
instant coffee inventions – July 24, 1938 It is on this day
jars and sachets of instant coffee first arrived in the mass
sale. It was a joint and successful cooperation of the company.
Nestle and Brazilian foreign trade organizations that implemented
side excess coffee. The drink was convenient to use. ATначале
he liked the Americans very much and then spread it
the whole world. 24 июля 1990 г. в Советском Союзе было
completely eliminated the restriction on the sale of alcoholic beverages, so
Gorbachev’s “dry law” called the “dry law”, it’s sad
famous Decree “On the fight against drunkenness,” in the USSR was
introduced in 1985 Most of the shops selling are closed.
wine and vodka products. AT оставшихся точках горячительные
drinks sold strictly in limited time – from 14 to 19 hours.
Those who wanted to make out had to stand in long queues.
The production of vodka and wine has declined more than tenfold,
vineyards were cut down all over the country. AT стране пропагандировался
sober lifestyle, in the fashion were “soft” wedding, when on
tables instead of alcohol was lemonade and mineral water. Howsoever
the common people were scolded by the government for such unpopular
innovations, but the average life expectancy of Soviet men
Union over these five years has increased by two and a half years, and
was about 63 years old. AT стране снизилась преступность, но
increased mortality from poisoning, which resulted in the use of
irresponsible citizens of alcohol-containing cosmetic and
chemical preparations. Consumer dissatisfaction and aggravation
a country of economic crisis forced the government to cancel
Decree in force, and stop the anti-alcohol campaign. 24
июля 1993 г.
было официально объявлено, что на территории
Russia will be put into circulation a new currency – Russian
rubleMoney reform was launched in order to withdraw the old bills
sample, fight against inflation and separation of monetary systems of the Russian
federations from the CIS countries, where old rubles were still running. Exchange
old bank marks on new ones were made in two
weeks – from July 26 to August 7. Exchangeять можно было только
a certain amount of cash. AT кассы стояли огромные очереди,
money changed on presentation of a passport, which made a mark,
to avoid re-exchange. Monetary reform took place in
the hottest vacation time when many citizens rested away
from the place of residence. Therefore, we could not exchange your cash
savings, and they simply disappeared, turning into pieces of paper.

Born on July 24

Александр Дюма-отец ( 1802г. — 1870г.),
French writerLiterary activity writer began at 23
year, and in 27 he came to his first success. Dumas father, perhaps the most
famous french writer in the world. His adventure
not one generation of readers read the works. His “Three
Musketeer “,” Countess de Monsoreau “,” Iron Mask “,” Count
Monte Cristo “and many others are familiar to almost everyone who can
to read. The characters of many of the heroes of his novels, as if
borrowed from Dumas himself, who was distinguished by kindness,
generosity, courage and nobility. Writer’s books were
translated into all popular languages ​​of the world, many works
filmed. Дженнифер Лопес (род. 1969г.),
American singer, actressJennifer from the age of five began to attend
dance classes, and later took up vocals. Girl since childhood
possessed a lively character that helped her achieve success, and in
new teams feel confident. Parents wanted to see
daughter lawyer, but Jennifer has long decided that she would become a singer.
Her career began with a place to dance. ATначале у малоизвестных
performers, then at the famous stars. Since the beginning of the 90s. she started
starring in small roles in the series, and in 1999. went on stage
like a singer. Today, Jennifer is successful and highly paid.
actress, producer, fashion designer, singer. She is the owner of many
awards, nominations, statuettes, prestigious awards. Her name is immortalized
in Hollywood on the stellar “Walk of Fame.”

Name Day July 24th

Именины в этот день празднуют: Аркадий, Ольга,
Efimia, Elena

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