July 21: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays July 21.

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Holidays July 21

Belgium National Day

In 1830, as a result of the revolution, Belgium gained independence and
became a neutral kingdom. July 21, 1831 kingdom
Leopold I, who won the election, took the lead. This date is celebrated
annually as the day of the formation of an independent Belgian
of the state. Festive events are held throughout
countries, but more large-scale celebrations take place in Brussels.
The celebration begins with the official congratulations of his people.
King of Belgium, after which a spectacular show takes place on Palace Square
performance – the famous Grand Prix – military parade. Finishing
Parade Palace Square is given to the power of street dancers and
musicians. City sidewalks and streets are filled with smartly dressed
residents, most of them are holding small flags in
black, yellow and red. For everyone open the doors
craft and art fairs. Where possible and souvenirs
to get and eat – try national dishes and
famous belgian beer. Completes the main holiday of Belgium
the brightest and most beautiful salute, which begins at 23 o’clock.

July 21 in the national calendar

Procopius the Reaper

The church on this day honors the memory of the holy martyr Procopius,
who did not deny the faith, and was martyred. By the people
the saint was better known as the Reaper or the Harvester. On Procopius
usually began to harvest rye in the fields. Peasants before the harvest
must have ordered a prayer service in honor of the great martyr, then
covered the tables with treats. While the adults were working in the fields,
peasant children walked with bast-trees into the forest along the berries. To that
period ripened blueberries. It was not easy to pick berries
mosquitoes that swarm flew around the collectors. Blueberry is not only
tasty, but also has healing properties. Fresh berries are very
useful for vision, and medicinal blueberry decoctions are shown when
diabetes, gout, rheumatism, as an astringent for disorder
stomach. Peasants waited for work in the gardens: on this day
Be sure to weed the beds and dug out vegetables, root vegetables.

Historical events July 21

21 July 1925 г. Советский Союз присоединился к
International Metric Convention; The first standardization steps were
undertaken in Russia under Ivan the Terrible. When they signed
decree where the fixed dimensions were agreed upon
stick in the manufacture of cannonballs. Lack of a single
State standard led to great inconvenience. AT
industry of pre-revolutionary Russia in the course there were three measures
measurements – metric, British and Old Russian. The same
there were inconsistencies in other countries. To provide a unified
international metrological standard in 1875 seventeen
countries, including Russia, signed an international treaty
– Metric Convention. She was the first inter-ethnic
agreement on scientific activities in the field of standardization of units
measurements. July 21, 1925 International Metric Convention
recognized and the Soviet Union. Began a gradual transition to the metric
system of measures, which was fully completed by January 1927.
July 21, 1969 earthly man’s foot for the first time
entered the lunar surfaceThis man was an American
astronaut Neil Armstrong. The crew of the ship “Apollo 11” went to
space on July 16 with the only mission: to reach the moon, land on
its surface and then come back. After about three
days after the flight began, the astronauts reached the lunar orbit. Michael
Collins, according to the flight plan, remained in the spacecraft, and
Edwin Aldrin and Neil Armstrong moved to the lunar module, and
safely arrived on July 20 in the Sea of ​​Tranquility. Honour
the first to touch the surface of the moon, was entrusted to the captain
Neil Armstrong, in half an hour Edwin entered the lunar soil
Aldrin. The astronauts installed a television equipment to communicate with the Earth,
made a photograph, took the necessary materials for the study,
hoisted the American flag. Having stayed on the moon for about two hours,
astronauts on the lunar module returned to the spacecraft and
safely reached Earth. July 21, 1999 By decree
President of Ingushetia, in the Republic was officially allowed
polygamy Ruslan Aushev explained the decree signed by him
unfavorable demographic situation in the republic
setting. AT первую очередь, снижением рождаемости, а также
the excess of the female population of childbearing age over the male.
From now on, every man was officially allowed to be married
simultaneously to four wives According to the Qur’an, all of them are necessary.
was to provide equally with attention and material
benefits. This decree did not last long. He was formal
приостановлен вначале президентом Ельциным, а затем и ATерховным
court of the Ingush Republic, as contrary to the Family Code
Russia. ATсе ранее зарегистрированные многоженственные браки были
canceled, and corresponding notes are made in the passports.

21 July were born

Михаил Задорнов (род. 1948г.), российский
satirist writerSatirist father, famous writer Nikolai Zadornov,
dreamed of seeing his son an engineer. Therefore, Michael entered, and
and later graduated from the Aviation Institute in Moscow. He even worked
some time as a design engineer, helped invent the nozzle
for afterburner aircraft engine. Mikhail Zadornov always
possessed an extraordinary sense of humor. It so happened that at work
He often had to write explanatory notes. Once he
decided to “humor”, and attributed at the end – “Kiss”. Boss not
having read, put his resolution and wrote – “I approve”. This
comical situation prompted Michael to take up satire. And he
carried away by amateur, leading the theater at the aviation
the institute. He performed in several roles at once – artist, author
scenes and funny miniatures, the director. First wide fame
She came to satirics in 1984, when he read the monologue “Two
ninth wagon. Today Zadornov is a sought-after and successful artist.
He has a blog on the Internet, has his own channel on youtube,
tours with solo concerts, leads other active
creative activity. Oleg Gazmanov
(born in 1951), Russian singer, composer Oleg Gazmanov was
military sailor. Therefore, the boy from childhood knew who he would be when
grow up. He graduated from the Naval Engineering School in Kaliningrad.
After serving the due date for distribution, the future singer decided
devote themselves to scientific activities. He enrolled in graduate school and
got a job at the department in nautical school. Unknown until
what scientific titles would a graduate student Gazmanov have served if not
his love of music. He sang well and knew how to play the guitar. On
parties and youth gatherings have always been in the center
attention. Поставив жирный крест на научной карьере, Oleg Gazmanov
decided to devote himself to a musical career, and entered the musical
college After which a successful career awaited him.
composer, singer, musician. ATначале он работал в созданной им же
group “Squadron”, then performed solo. He wrote and executed
about a hundred hits. Onиболее известные — «Москва», являющаяся гимном
Russian capital, “Sailor”, “Gentlemen officers”, “Putana”,
�“Esaul”, “Share”, “Lucy”, “The Only One” and others.

Именины 21 July

Именины в этот день празднуют: Александр, Дмитрий,
Прокопий, Савва, ATиктор, Андрей

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