July 2: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday July 2.

Mon, 06 Jun 2016

Holidays 2 July

World UFO Day (UFO Day)

Every year on July 2, all the ufologists of the world celebrate their professional
holiday – UFO Day, which dates back to 2001.
And it is dedicated to the unusual events of 1947, when
us date in new mexico state crashed unidentified flying
apparatus. This fact, by the way, was previously hidden by the military. but
eyewitnesses in this regard have been invented many myths and legends. In
UFO Day there is an unbreakable tradition to observe the sky:
many researchers from different countries are armed with telescopes,
binoculars, camcorders and other devices in the hope
to capture something unusual in the sky – signs of existence
civilization. And oddly enough, annual observations still give
their fruits: ufology claim that it is on July 2, the peak
messages from different parts of the Earth about what he saw UFO. Although who
knows, maybe aliens know about the existence of this
traditions and show themselves to us specifically !? Also today, many
ufological organizations are turning to the government for
disclosure of available secret information. Researchers
sure that such a world base has accumulated enough
to prove the existence of intelligent life on other planets. Their
conviction has a real basis. After all, over the past
decades have been declassified thousands of documents describing the facts
stay on Earth of representatives of other civilizations. Dutch
ufologist Pablo in 201 developed a new international project
WUFODO and published it online through the colorful
a web site dedicated to a great cause – search together
alien life.

International Sports Journalist Day

Профессиональный праздник International Sports Journalist Day
Began its existence since 1995. A timed event for the day
Establishment in 1924 of the AIPS (International Association of Sports
press) in Paris, which today brings together order
150 national journalistic unions. �Organization “born” 2
July, this event was the reason for the introduction of a new
international holiday. Today AIPS, as well as national
associations of sports journalists hold themed solemn
events including various meetings and award ceremonies
top media representatives in this area. A number of publications are organized
special sporting events where journalists can
prove true commitment to the sport and healthy lifestyle.

July 2 in the national calendar


July 2 Orthodox measure honors the memory of St. Zosima, who was born
in 89 in Thrace and spent most of his life in prayers,
doing good deeds. When the ruler Domitian found out about this,
he ordered Zosima to be captured and tortured. but святой
remained unmoved in faith even after heavy torture, then
the ruler ordered the beheading stubborn. So he accepted martyrdom.
death in the name of Christ. In Russia, this day was called honey, because
Today, the birthday party was celebrated by St. Zosima, the patron saint of bees and
beekeepers. It was believed that it was on July 2 that the collected honey possessed
the highest beneficial and taste properties. In this regard, the bees
today was an unusually unlucky day: they were disturbed, honey was taken,
while approaching the beehives, the owners sentenced: “Roy, gudi yes into the fields
fly! And fly from the fields – carry medok! ”. It is not difficult to guess that
beekeepers especially honored saint zosima and never forgot his
Name-days, which, by the way, were celebrated more than once a year. And icons with
the image of the saint hung near the apiary above the creeks and
wells Later, water from these sources was revered as healing. By
the bees in the people could predict the weather. For example, if the bees
are in a bad mood today and do not want to fly out of hives,
It means to be soon heat and drought. Their excessive activity in this
the day, on the contrary, testified to the approaching rainy

Historical events July 2

2 июля 1698 год — Byлучен патент на первую в мире
steam engineIn the considered date inventor Thomas Savery
received a patent for a steam engine. First steam engine in the form of
�”Fire installation” was designed in 1698. With permission
of King William in the same year, Savery received a patent for his
invention. but впоследствии оказалось, что оно не обладает
due efficiency, since the heat of steam was lost every time
cooling the container and the installation itself was quite dangerous in
operation. However, the “Savery machine” very quickly found
application in production, and in 1707 it appeared in Russia,
when the king ordered the construction set in his summer garden for
качки воды из Фонтанки.2 июля 1860 год — День
the founding of the port city of Vladivostok in 1859 in the Gulf of Peter
Great was opened a convenient bay, which was called
Golden Horn. Governor-General of Eastern Siberia ordered the founding
in the bay is a military post called Vladivostok. July 2 a year later
in the Golden Horn entered the vessel “Manchu”, was landed on its shore
three officers and about forty soldiers. They began to exercise
construction work to improve the post. In 1871
Vladivostok became the main port of Russia in the Pacific. City began
to grow rapidly: residential buildings, administrative
premises, industry and commerce were born. Over time, there were
erected large trading companies, factories and mills. In 1880
году пост Владивосток официально провозглашен городом.2
июля 1900 год
— Дирижабль жесткой конструкции, собранный
Count F. von Zeppelin, accomplished his first flight Construction
Zeppelin-type rigid airships began in 1899. Tough
the designs were different from soft in that their shells are not
swelled with hydrogen and stretched to light and durable
metal carcass. New ships have become much more, they
accommodated more fuel and other transported cargo.
Count Zeppelin built the first such airship on his own
funds, and in 1900 for the first time it flew under
piloting the graph itself. but в силу некоторых недоработок
the ship’s flight lasted only eighteen minutes. Flying six
kilometers, it fell into Lake Constance. Byсле чего Цеппелину
it took another six years to construct more
improved airship of the hard type.

Born 2 july

Уильям Брэгг (1862 — 1942 гг.) — выдающийся
English physicist, since 1935 President of the Royal London
society and the founder of x-ray analysis. Awarded
(together with his son) Nobel Prize for certain achievements in
сфере атомной структуры кристаллов.Ханс Бете (1906
– 2005) – the famous scientist of the 20th century, theoretical physicist,
awarded the Nobel “for his outstanding contribution to the theory of nuclear reactions, in
particular for the discovery concerning the energy source of the stars. ”
Participated in the development of the atomic bomb, however, realizing the whole
the danger of this weapon began to actively oppose nuclear
угрозы на планете.Виктор Калнберз (родился в 1928
year) – Director of the Riga Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics. Member
sets of academies and medical associations. Kalnberz – first in
Soviet Union doctor who performed the most complex sex reassignment surgery
He is the author of many scientific papers, studies and

Name Day July 2

Note: Zosima, Job, Ivan, Varlam, Judas, Vyacheslav, Urban, Galina,

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