July 17: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays July 17th.

Tue, Jul 05, 2016

Holidays July 17

World Motorcycle Day

Motorcycle Day holiday dates back to 1992,
when heat-exhausted enthusiasts from many countries left
cars and went to work on motorcycles. It was taken
the decision to celebrate this event annually. In 1997 was opened
official website dedicated to all lovers of motorcycles, where
they can chat freely on favorite topics as well
share experiences, personal opinions with like-minded people and,
Naturally, discuss the details of the traditional annual action.

Day of St. Andrei Rublev

Historians are still debating about the origin and year of birth
Rev. Andrei Rublev, and biographical information about him
very scarce. Based on his last name, nickname Rublev, you can make
the conclusion that Andrew still belonged to a noble family, because
in those days, this name was worn by representatives of the higher strata.
Researchers are inclined to believe that Rublev was born around
1340-1380, and his whole life was connected with the Trinity-Sergiev and
Savior Andronikov monasteries. Legend, dating back to the 16th century,
sees Rublev the spiritual disciple of St. Sergius of Radonezh.
Living in the atmosphere of the highest spirituality, Andrei deeply delved into
church teaching, the Christian faith and the lives of the saints. This is evident by
his perfect spiritual artistic style. Authentic
it is known that the monk took an active part in the painting
Vladimir Assumption and Blagoveshchensk cathedrals, and also wrote
icon “Our Lady of Vladimir”. Well, the most famous masterpiece
reverend is the “Trinity”. And this is just a little bit
works of Rublev, who were already honored as saints during the life of the saint
miraculous. According to some sources, the holy remains of his
resting in the Andronikov monastery. His memory is annually celebrated.
July 17th.

July 17 in the national calendar


On this day, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the great icon painter
Andrei Rublev – canonized in the face of saints. In Russia Andrew
nicknamed Pouring, because by the day of his name day in the fields it was possible
to see the winter crops. Especially today oats were honored, o
which it was customary to remember respectfully: “Father oats before
half grown ”. As for crops like buckwheat,
still just beginning to rise. If it rained day in Andreev,
the peasants called him Andrew’s. It was also believed that July 17 –
This is a reflection of August 11, that is, what the weather will be like today,
it will be August 11th. The old men noticed: if on Andrew on
yellow leaves are seen in the trees, which means autumn will come early.

Historical events July 17

17 июля 1918 год — В Екатеринбурге были
the last emperor Nicholas II was shot, as well as all his members
families On the night of July 17, the entire imperial family was brutally murdered.
July 16 around midnight Deputy Regional Commissioner Yurovsky
ordered to take the royal family contained in Ipatiev
house in the basement. The first was Nikolay himself. He carried on the hands of the weak
from a serious illness son Alexei. For the emperor immediately
followed by his wife Alexandra Fedorovna, daughter Tatyana,
Olga, Maria and Anastasia, as well as Dr. Botkin (cook), the maid
Demidov and lackey Troupe. When the whole family was assembled, Yurovsky, not
hesitated, read the resolution of the Ural Council on the shooting of the king and
his whole family. Nicholas did not even have time to say the words
lots of shots. Heir was shot several times, his
sisters and maid were finished off with bayonets. Under the cruel hands of executioners
also got two family pets, a third dog
spared, because during the execution she was calm.
After eighty years, the remains of the emperor, all his family members and
approximate were reburied in Peter and Paul Cathedral
(Санкт-Петербург).17 июля 1955 год — Американцы
opened the first Disneyland in the USA On the date of our review in Anaheim
south of Los Angeles (California) for the first time in the country was opened
universal amusement park for children and adults
�”Disneyland”, which was (and still is)
grandiose fairytale complex where any childhood dreams come true
in life. The solemn opening ceremony of the park was held under
the leadership of the “king of cartoons” – a businessman Walt Disney and
broadcast on local TV channels. According to some reports
on the construction of the first “Disneyland” in the country took order
seventeen million dollars. However, the money spent
almost immediately paid off. Already in the first years
the existence of the park was visited by more than two hundred million people.
Soon in Florida, the second entertainment complex of the similar
kind of, in 1983 it was recreated in Japan, and in 1992 it appeared under
Парижем.17 июля 1976 год — Начало XХI летних
Olympic Games in Montreal, they started with an unpleasant incident: on
the eyes of the seventy thousandth audience and the Queen of England
Elizabeth on the field ran out naked man. Nothing but “natural
vegetation “was not on it. He as if nothing had happened flashed
past the shocked cops and rushed on to the main stage,
which was broadcast live. True, the viewers and
could not see this pathetic picture – censorship on time
insure. And in general, these Olympic games are not connected with
one scandal. For example, in a scandalous chronicle thundered
30 year old swordsman from Ukraine. This hunker has designed
a cunning device and decided to take the victory unfairly.
The trick was immediately exposed, and the participant was
disqualified and sent home the next flight.

Were born on July 17

Пётр Юргенсон (1836 — 1904 гг.) — крупнейший
Russian music publisher. Being the son of an Estonian fisherman, Jurgenson in
at the age of fourteen went to study in print
skill, and already at twenty-five, he opened his own company.
The publishing house opened by him was the largest in Russia. Publisher
He was also the director of the Russian music community and
publisher of church singing music. He published works of such
great musical figures like Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Chopin,
Мендельсон, Шуман и некоторые другие.Николай
(1846 — 1888 гг.) — великий путешественник,
ethnographer. For many years engaged in research in the field of primitive
life of the indigenous people of New Guinea, Oceania and Australia.
Maclay came to the locals with good intentions unarmed with
to understand their traditions and help. In thanks for this, the Papuans
they called him Karaan-tamo, which was interpreted as “a man with
The moon. Алексей Рыбников (родился в 1945 году) —
outstanding composer, People’s Artist of Russia. Its rich
creative life for many decades has been associated with cinema and
drama theater Over the past forty years Rybnikov wrote music more
than to a hundred rock operas (“Juno and Avos”) and movies, among them
such popular as: “Treasure Island”, “The very Munchhausen”,
�“You never dreamed of”, “The Adventures of Buratino”.

Name Day July 17

Celebrated: Andrei, Nikolai, Alexandra, Anastasia, Alexey,
Tatiana, Maria, Olga, Dmitry, Bogdan, Efim, Marfa, Mark, Michael,
Fedor, Fedot, Martha, Euphrasia, Arseny, Catherine, Louise, Teresa,
Plato, Felix, George, Sawa, Tikhon.

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