July 15: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays July 15th.

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Holidays July 15

Victory Day of the Russian Army in the Battle of the Neva

In 1240, Bishop Birger was the son-in-law of the Swedish king and a representative
kind of Folkungs went to Northern Russia. Cross Finnish
Bay, the Scandinavians headed to the mouth of Izhora, from where one of
the descendants of the Vikings sent Prince Alexander Yaroslavovich threatening
letter in which he declared war: “If you want –
resist but know i’m already on your land and intend to take it
in captivity. ” Novgorod Prince Alexander did not wait
reinforcements and in fierce fighting crushed the enemy’s army,
while losing several dozen fighters. For winning this
Alexander’s battle was called Nevsky. As stated in the annals,
the young prince of Novgorod personally grappled with Birger and “the tip
the sword laid a seal upon his brow. ” When the Swedes rushed into the race,
Russian knight Gavrila Oleksich struck the remaining senior governor,
thereby ensuring the final victory of the Russian army in Nevsky
the battle.

St. Svitun Day in Britain

July 15 in England annually celebrate the Day of St. Svitun – a holiday,
when people traditionally watch the weather. Years of experience
Observations allows to draw certain conclusions: what kind of weather will be
today, she will last for the next forty days. If in
this day it rains therefore a long rainy will set
period. Sweetun Winchester was a bishop known for his
charitable acts, he contributed to the construction of many
churches in England. Here he is revered as the patron of the weather.
According to legend, Svitun, being in a dying state, bequeathed
bury his body from the outside of the castle so that the rains could
water his holy remains. On the date of our review of 862, the bishop
died and was buried in the testament place. In 971, the monks
Winchester Castle tried to rebuild the bones of Sweet,
however, in the midst of the ceremony, the strongest hit the ground
rainfall, which lasted about forty days. The symbol of this
holiday in England are apples. There is even a belief that
that a few months before the Day of St. Sweet, they should
completely eliminate from your diet so as not to get sick.

July 15 in the national calendar

Bereginsky name day

July 15 in Russia revered Slavic deity named Bereginya –
the mother of all the wealth of the Russian land, peasants and spirits. Bereginu
often depicted as a white-headed beauty of a birch with a folding
branches and elegant “hair”. This day unmarried girls
traditionally went to the forest and worshiped this tree in the hope
beg him for a quick marriage. Кстати, на Bereginu можно было
to bewitch her lover by taking a small twig from a birch and
putting it secretly on the threshold of a loved one. And as soon as he stepped
a twig, a girl picked it up and hid it in a dark place. In Russia
In general, birch was especially revered, considering it a wonderful tree. By
she is believed to have the ability to protect people and their homes from
leprosy and evil spirits. That is why birch necessarily
planted behind fences at houses. Some believe that the coast
in Russia, the river maidens were also called mermaids. Today, the fishermen went
on fishing and, as a rule, always came back with a rich catch –
Beregine helped! However, it was believed that the deity helped people
in almost any endeavors.

Folk omens July 15

It is forbidden to engage in harvesting on this day; In order to improve health
a towel was hung in the courtyard in the morning, and throughout the day
wiped his face; If there are a lot of yellow leaves on the trees –
winter will be early; active movement of ants today
suggests that the coming days the weather will be warm and
dry; In the forest, the owls are screaming for a good harvest.

Historical events July 15

15 июля 1783 год — By реке Сене поплыл первый в
history of steamboatThe first steamboat in history (or rather, a pyroscale) was
tested on the river Seine on the initiative of self-taught engineer Claude de
Geoffroy d’Abbana. The vessel was hauling a single-cylinder steam engine.
The first ship actively moved against the stream, solemnly
welcoming hundreds of people, however after a couple of hours I was forced
to land – the steam engine could not stand it. From their further work
pioneer steam building had to be abandoned, because he did not
managed to find financial support from the government.
Recall that regular steam vessels in Europe began
Route since 1816. True, society first
skeptical about this type of transport, however, soon his
accepted and even loved. Still a long time on steam
ships built sails in case of any irregularities in
механизме.15 июля 1822 год — Дата открытия
Nizhny Novgorod Fair In 1822, the grand opening
Nizhny Novgorod Fair, where the huge
the number of merchants, including those from America, Central Asia and Western
Of Europe. In the second half of the 19th century, the fair had an impact on
the state of all trade in Russia. In Soviet times government
decided to abolish the fair, and its buildings were adapted
under the living quarters. In early 1990, the Nizhny Novgorod Fair again
resurrected and already by 1991 acquired considerable economic
scope. In the same year, the All-Russian
Joint Stock Company “Nizhny Novgorod Fair”, which is currently
момент имеет богатую многопрофильную структуру.15 июля 1965
год и 15 июля 1991 год
— Обе даты связаны с такой пагубной
a habit like smoking. В 1965 году government Соединенных Штатов
passed a law on cigarette packs warning of harm
smoking, and in 1991 in the UK banned cigarette advertising
without the appropriate inscription. By the way, fighting this pernicious
the habit has been going on for several centuries. According to sources
the church began to fight tobacco in the fifteenth century. So was
ban on smoking in church buildings and courtyards. In 1624
year, smoking was punished by excommunication
the innovation was soon canceled when the head of the church suddenly lit up
myself. And, for example, in France, it operated its own law: to sell tobacco
allowed only by prescription. In the twentieth century against
smoking rebelled scientists who, having investigated all side effects
tobacco on the body, said that “one drop of nicotine kills
the horse “so they strongly recommended giving up
from a destructive and even deadly habit.

Were born on July 15

Николай Кольцов (1872 — 1940 гг.) — выдающийся
biologist, founder of experimental biology in the USSR and Russia,
the organizer of the institute of experimental biology and his
директор.Мария Ермолова (1853 — 1928 гг.) —
Russian actress. From Stanislavsky’s letter: “Maria Nikolaevna is
A whole epoch for Russian theater and cinema is a symbol of the real
beauty and graceful femininity, as well as sincere modesty and
human simplicity … “. The game Yermolova fascinated everyone. how
note contemporaries, she managed to recreate very complex and
conflicting images. Especially memorable actress on the plays
Racine, Vega, Shakespeare, Hugo, Schiller and Ostrovsky. Total in her
arsenal of more than two hundred roles.

Name Day July 15

Celebrate: Vasily, Ivan, Arseny, Tikhon, Maria, Miloslav, Raisa,


Anna July 15, 2016 And July 15th, they celebrate Anna’s birthday

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