Journalists: Matveychuk and Makeeva are close toto divorce

Thu, Sep 04, 2014

According to rumors, artistic couple Anastasia Makeeva – Gleb Matveychuk
близки к to divorce. Journalists have said that spouses are enough
distantly relate to each other, and Anastasia recently admitted
that her husband does not pay enough attention to her.

On the past in Vitebsk “Slavonic Bazaar”, where Gleb and Nastya
closed the festival, it was obvious that they belong
to a friend quite restrained, diverging after the event
by different hotel rooms. The spouses had no fingers
wedding rings. Together they were only on stage, but before
journalists wanting to interview them.

Not long ago, Anastasia stated that her husband only looks
romantic. Everything that every woman expects from her lover
– flowers, gifts, declarations of love, Matveychuk ignores, being
rather stingy with any emotion.

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