Jeans of dark colors – With what to wear darkjeans?

Jeanswear, which made a real revolution in fashion and minds
still in the middle of the last century, and today enjoys an elevated
in demand due to its versatility. Jeans as part
everyday image used by most men and women
Moreover, many prefer to wear them to work and even to
output. Most often we choose classic jeans.

Today there are a huge number of styles and colors.
jeans, which makes our choice more detailed: we can wear
Classic, flared, skinny jeans, and stretch denim jeans. Highly
unusual and creative jeans look non-standard colors, but
most often for casual we choose blue, sulfur and dark gray

С чем носить темные jeans?

So that dark jeans do not look too ordinary and
darkly, stylists suggest combining them with more vibrant things
colors and free cut. So, if your wardrobe has
black or blue jeans, and this is all variety, then you are easy
be able to revive the image with the help of free sweaters and jumpers
bright colors (for black you can wear any colors, prints,
The strip looks very beautiful). A blue color can refresh
white, yellow, blue.

Consider another great option: black or blue.
Wear a black turtleneck jeans, decorating her stylish
a multi-colored scarf or scarf, which will surely be the one
shade that is inherent in jeans. Fashionable Arafat looks great,
cashmere and chiffon scarves. All these options can be considered and
as office, only colors should be more restrained.

Office style and dark jeans

Wearing jeans to work, even if they are black, can only be in
In the event that allows a loose dress code. But most often
there are no problems with black jeans, it is enough to combine them with
White turtlenecks, men’s type shirts and jumpers. To such
the ensemble can wear a short jacket or jacket.

Classic-style dark blue jeans can also be quite
appropriate in the office, they are picked up light turtlenecks and vests and
jackets, jackets are also elongated. This will make you look decent and
quite strictly, despite the non-standard office texture.
At the same time, this will make it possible not to look like a “blue stocking”.

Dark jeans “on the way out” – also a great option, you can
To wear with a beautiful tunic or elegant top, the colors of the top can
be very different, from juicy and to pastel, depending on
what kind of image you are going to create, sensual or
romantic. For the top volume is best to choose the classic
jeans or skinny jeans in dark colors.

You can even consider dark jeans as a club option.
attire – in this case it is best to wear black jeans
stretch that can be combined with satin sleeveless blouses and
deep A-neck (they can be yellow, red,
black color). In this case, the decoration of rhinestones or
long chain, high-heeled shoes with high heels or

Even if you wear a silk white blouse with black stretch jeans.
– it will look elegant – do not forget to hat or make
stylish hairstyle. If in your arsenal there is a colored turtleneck and
fur vest, boldly combine them with dark skin-tight
джинсами (серыми, синими или черными) и ярким поясом в Colour.
Fur vest in this case can be replaced by leather.

С чем носить темные jeans? As you can see, dark jeans are
basic thing in your wardrobe that can be worn in different
cases, skillfully selecting the top for a walk, shopping, work or
recreation. Everything goes to them, from t-shirt to fur, the main thing to keep in mind
not only color, but also texture and style.

С чем носить темные jeans? С чем носить темные jeans? С чем носить темные jeans? С чем носить темные jeans?

С чем носить темные jeans?

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