Jeans “boyfriend” – as relevant, fashionable andboldly

Modern fashion is diverse and diverse. What is now
considered fashionable, in the old days was strictly punished. So, to
For example, there were times when women were facing the death penalty for
that they put on pants (jeans). However, fortunately, those times are far
in the past and now, the modern active woman can allow
imagine a wide variety of fashionable experiments.

It is no secret that the most important trend in the current fashion season
is masculine cut. And that means only one thing: women
wear things with a clearly masculine character. What for? In order to
emphasize their originality, looseness, individuality and
style. A good example would be boyfriend jeans, in which
very convenient and easy to move around, thanks to which they won
so popular.

What is a boyfriend jeans? In the original, boyfriends are called
jeans with a low groin and waist. Similar
products are almost completely devoid of all kinds of decorative
elements, except for the numerous slots and

С чем носить джинсы бойфренд

However, in order for your image to turn out exactly like you
conceived, you need to know what to wear with boyfriend jeans.


Who are jeans boyfriend?

Before you run to the store for this hit season, you must
to figure out how to choose the right clothes for yourself
of the features of your figure. It is worth starting with slim girls.
Everything is simple here – thin women with narrow hips have such jeans
just need to wear! The baggy nature of such products imparts
additional volume is in those places where it is not enough.
In addition, the boyfriend jeans with a low rise wonderful
emphasize the thin waistline.

С чем носить джинсы бойфренд Now it is worth talking about
women with a “heavy” bottom. In this case, such jeans are also worn.
not forbidden, but they must be selected very carefully.
So, women with full hips better to pay attention to
boyfriends straight cut. The bottom edges in this case should be left.
unrolled as it can visually remove a few
centimeters of growth, which will give your appearance even more kilograms.
In addition, it is better to give preference to jeans in classic colors.
– blue or dark blue. But the bright boyfriends better leave
on store shelves, as they can play with your figure
pretty bad joke.

Only in one case is it worth refusing to purchase such
wardrobe items – if you, in addition to wide hips, also have
short stature In your case, it is better to pay attention to other
trouser styles.

What can I wear with my boyfriend jeans?

Who are jeans boyfriend – we have already figured out. Now left
find out with what wardrobe items such products are combined
the best thing.

First of all, you should try to play on the contrast. For example,
baggy boyfriends look perfect with a feminine heel. it
does not mean that you need to wear a twelve centimeter narrow
pin, which is best reserved for the evening out. But here
neat women’s sandals or shoes with an average heel and
Thin straps fit just perfect. Shoes would be appropriate
flesh tone, as in this case it seems
as if the woman is on her socks.

Wear boyfriend jeans with a tight belt around your waist and a tucked up
bottom edges – jeans should create the impression that they were
removed “from the hips of others.” This effect can only be enhanced if
wear a sleek white shirt, t-shirt, jacket or simple

A very popular combination of fashionistas – vests and
jeans boyfriend. This option can be safely called a win-win.
If you decide to wear these jeans for the first time, then with
This option is worth starting. Then you can wear trousers with
military jackets, flannel shirts, shortened

С чем носить джинсы бойфренд

In addition to feminine shoes, these jeans are very good
�”Friends” with moccasins and loafers. In this way you can
to move freely through the streets and shops
cities. Do not forget to add fashionable accessories to your image.
First of all it concerns a female bag. However, it is worth
understand that the bag must be voluminous and visible. Perfect
an option would be a clutch envelope, bag-bag or bag-trapeze.
Little clutches in straziki look pretty ridiculous and
�”Out of place.”

Elongated models of jackets are also great for jeans-boyfriends.
In addition, in the cold evenings you can wear over your shirt
knitted trench coat, elongated jacket or asymmetrical

You can play on color contrasts. Give the image playfulness
and coquetry can and a variety of prints. It is worth using those
that will be fashionable in the current season – it’s polka, cage,
animalistic and vegetable prints.

As you can see, with the help of boyfriend jeans you can get pretty
bold and stylish images. Do not dwell on any one
option. Try, fantasize, experiment!

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