Japanese diet – description and general principles.Reviews of the Japanese diet and sample recipes.

Mon, Jan 25, 2016

You have never noticed that among the Japanese are rarely found
overweight people? This is due to the fact that in Japan it is accepted
eat lower calorie foods than others
corners of the globe. Residents of our regions can also
try to lose weight with the help of the Japanese diet, which
It is considered very effective and is very popular.

The Japanese have a thorough and unhurried approach to
perform any work. Weight loss is no exception.
Japanese diet for a period of 13 days to 13 weeks
(duration depends on how many kilograms you need to lose).
This diet is relatively balanced and long-lasting.
effect (which in some cases can last several
years old).

With the help of the Japanese diet, you can guaranteed to lose about 8
kg is relatively quick and easy. Someone she may seem
�“Hungry,” but in reality its menu is quite diverse.
Japanese diet Ideally, the Japanese diet should be maintained 13
days An important rule for both all diets, and for the Japanese in
particular, is a smooth transition to diet food, and
smooth return to normal.

Japanese diet is based on speeding up and optimizing metabolism.
body substances. All components are selected very carefully,
therefore, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the diet menu without changing it,
even if replacing the product seems equivalent. Also can not be changed
последовательность days

To feel like a real “Japanese” for a while,
during the diet, you can use some techniques: try
eat with the help of Chinese chopsticks (they will help to penetrate
the importance of diet). Imagine yourself slim and light after
the end of the diet, cook with joy and eat slowly. On the eve of
diets need to organize yourself a light dinner.

Japanese diet – what foods you can eat

The Japanese diet is quite strict and hard. It is based on
taking protein foods and limits the consumption of fats and carbohydrates.
Her menu includes fish, meat, eggs, juices, vegetables, and
boiled and mineral water. This diet is unbalanced and not
takes into account the normal nutritional needs of the human body
substances. The menu is not rich in microelements and vitamins. Japanese
the diet involves the use of natural black coffee,
therefore, it is not suitable for those whose coffee is prohibited. Before as
start a diet, you should consult with
a specialist, maybe he will tell you to replace coffee with tea, black or

Japanese диета – какие продукты нельзя употреблять

For 13 days of the diet is strictly prohibited to use salt.
(it retains excess fluid), sugar, bread, and all flour,
except for the products listed in the menu. Do not use it
alcohol time, even a small amount of wine will do everything
your efforts are worthless, since alcohol has an effect on
metabolism. In addition, it delays the elimination of toxins, which
adversely affects the performance of body systems. Any diet
dangerous dehydration. In order that the body does not suffer,
must always drink at least one and a half liters
purified or boiled water. You can use mineral or
filtered drinking water. It is necessary for your body.
dose. During the period of adherence to the diet is recommended to use
multivitamins to improve the condition of hair, skin and nails.

Japanese диета – примеры меню

Dishes of the Japanese diet are strictly painted for every day. The second
week is the first week in reverse order. The menu suggests
three meals. Breakfast is practically excluded, but always
should drink a cup of natural black coffee, rich
natural antioxidants.

Required menu:

The first day of the Japanese diet:

Breakfast: a regular cup of black coffee. Dinner: Cook 2 steep eggs,
prepare a portion of salad, tomato juice. Recipe for the main Japanese salad
diets: chop long or lightly welded strips
Peking or white cabbage, season with butter (sesame
or olive). Dinner: boiled or fried in olive oil
fish, about 200-250 grams.

This menu is repeated on day 13.

The second day of the Japanese diet

Breakfast: bran crackers or stale piece of bran bread,
can be rye, a cup of coffee. Dinner: fry or boil the fish. We cut
vegetable salad with butter (radish, radish, tomatoes, greens, cucumbers
– at choice), or cabbage with vegetable oil. Dinner: Boil
beef (100 g), kefir. The menu is repeated on day 12. The same dishes
cook for 12 day.

The third day of the Japanese diet

Breakfast: one cracker and a cup of black coffee. Dinner: fry on
vegetable oil 1 large zucchini, you can put out with the addition of
water. Dinner: boiled eggs (2 pcs), add boiled beef
(200 grams), and cabbage salad. The same menu – on the 11th day of the diet.

Fourth and tenth of the Danish diet

Breakfast: only 1 cup of coffee. Dinner: raw egg, 3 large
boiled carrots in vegetable oil, hard cheese (15 g). Of
one carrot and cheese can make a salad, seasoned with butter.
The rest of the carrot to eat just like that. Dinner: any fruit (banana and
grapes exclude).

The fifth and ninth days of the Japanese diet

Breakfast: Grate peeled carrot, fill it with lemon
Juice. Dinner: fry or boil fish, tomato juice (glass). Dinner:
fruits (grapes and banana are excluded for the whole time of the diet).

Sixth and eighth dinapanese diets

Breakfast: black coffee. Dinner: Boil the chicken excluding fat and
peel, add lettuce from cabbage or carrots. Per serving is taken
half chicken. Dinner: 2 hard boiled eggs, carrot salad
raw, seasoned with vegetable oil with lemon

Seventyday Japanese diet

Breakfast: Brew herbal tea (can be green without sugar). Drink
any quantity. Lunch: boiled beef (200 g), fruit Dinner:
You can take any dishes from the menu, chrome 3 days diet.

Japanese диета – полезные советы и отзывы

Diet will give good results if you adhere to the whole term,
observing all severity and without taking breaks. Salad dressing
it is recommended to use olive oil, it is healthier
sunflower and more effective for weight loss. At the expiration of
the term of the diet should not be immediately consumed in large quantities
prohibited products to consolidate the result and prevent
return to the previous metabolism.

Of положительных отзывов о японской диете можно отметить ее
high efficiency. Those who adhere to it, really
теряют 7-8 кг за 13 days This is due to a sharp decline.
consumption of fats and carbohydrates. In addition, the compliance process
diets a change in metabolism occurs, which means that
pounds for a long time will not return. Japanese диета переносится
easy enough, without much hunger and does not cause decay
forces. It also helps detoxify the body, because
provides for the exclusion from the diet of sugar, salt, flour and
of alcohol.

Negative feedback from doctors is based on the fact that the Japanese
diet is a big burden on the kidneys due to protein intake in
large quantities. Some people sticking to this
diets, even aroma of acetone. This suggests that
that the body contains breakdown products of protein. By reviews
doctors, this is quite a rigid low-calorie diet compared to
other species.

Among its minuses – different sizes from the sample menu for servings.
Many salads – but the exact amount of refueling and
the amount of fat in the first and second dishes. Many regulate
the amount of fat to your taste, and risk exceeding the limits when
which diet does not bring tangible benefits.

Japanese диета несбалансированная, поэтому в период ее
Compliance recommend taking multivitamins. The diet menu includes
use large amounts of coffee, which is contraindicated
some people.

Before the beginning of the Japanese diet is better to get a consultation doctor or


Chibis 07.12.2016 good diet but how it comes to carrots is not
I can overpower myself Michael 01/12/2016 Hello everyone! Like a saint
passed the whole course and is ready to share an impression! I started at
Monday pre-weighed 102.5 kg. Today is Monday two
weeks later 91.8kg. Minus 11.7kg. and waist-grab minus
10cm.chustvuyu itself well, did not feel strong hunger! All the forces
will! Vasya 10/15/2016 One of the dumbest diets, definitely. Valeria
09/22/2016 [email protected] Elena 08.27.2016 Tell me,
please, is it possible instead of fruit watermelon?

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