Jam of apples and plums – amber sweetness totea and baking. The best recipes for fragrant apple jam anddrain

Пн, 26 сен 2016 Автор: Лиана Райманова

Aromatic bright jam from delicious fruit – an indispensable product
for baking, sweet sandwiches and other

Prepare jam from a variety of fruits, but perhaps one of
The most favorite delicacy is apple jam.

And in order to give it a new flavor note, we will add at
приготовлении сладкие сочные drainы.

Повидло из яблок и drain — общие принципы приготовления

For cooking delicious jam is best to use
ripe apples, but the variety can be anything. Use and crumpled,
overripe, broken fruits, as long as they are not rotten and

The apples are washed and peeled, then either cut or
twisted in a meat grinder, depending on the recipe. Apple peel
can be cut, but you can leave. With a long boil it
absolutely will not be felt.

Plums can also be of any kind: red, blue, yellow. But
and when choosing this ingredient for jam it is important to pay attention
on the fact that the fruits were ripe, not rotten. Selected fruits
washed, removed in any convenient way bones and cut into
several parts.

Prepared fruit softens, boiling some time in
pan, after mash. The easiest way to grind fruit to
homogeneous mass blender, but if this device is not, nothing
terrible: fruit can be crushed and the usual tolkushkoy for
potato In addition, the fruit can be ground in a meat grinder.
immediately before cooking.

Sugar is used just taken out of the bag to randomly
there were no crumbs or other litter due to which the workpiece
can become moldy. Put this component of jam or when
infusing fruit before cooking, or directly in the process

Usually jam is cooked by boiling in a saucepan on the stove, but also
You can cook a delicacy in the oven and in the slow cooker. Store,
rolled up in a cool place or in the fridge.

Рецепт 1. Повидло из яблок и drain


• ripe sweet-sour apples – a kilogram;

• синие drainы — полкило;

• sugar – a kilogram.

How to cook:

1. Тщательно промыть фрукты: и drainы, и яблоки. Apples cut
slices, remove the core, seeds and peduncles. Plums clean
from pits, cut into cubes of arbitrary shape.

2. Сложить drainы в емкость для варки, пересыпать половиной
Sahara. Put the prepared apples on top, pour the second
half sugar.

3. Let the mass stand for about an hour, then mix.

4. Set the pot of fruit on the stove.

5. As soon as the mass boils, reduce the heat to a minimum, simmer
5-7 minutes.

6 Add heat to moderate and, constantly stirring the mass,
boil with a boil for another 10 minutes.

7. Remove the fruit container from the fire.

8. After complete cooling, put the jam on the stove again,
expose the weakest fire and torment from time to time
stirring for about an hour.

9. Cap the lid is not worth it, otherwise get jam

10. Remove the thickened mass from the fire, puree with
submersible blender.

11. Put on a quiet fire again, bring to a boil and remove
from the stove.

12. Разложить повидло из яблок и drain в заранее подготовленные
clean sterile jars, roll up.

13. Remove after full cooling in a cool place on

Рецепт 2. Повидло из яблок и drain в духовке


• sweet apples – 1 kg;

• желтые drainы — 0,5 кг;

• sugar – 700-800 g of sugar;

• water – 200 ml.

How to cook:

1. Rinse apples, peel, core, seed and

2. Wash plums and rinse.

3. Нарезать и яблоки, и желтые drainы небольшими slices.

4. Put the apples in a saucepan, add water, bring to a boil,
after stewing for about 20 minutes until softened fruit.

5. Throw out the softened apples in a colander. As soon as surplus
water will go away, shift the fruit back to the pot.

6 Добавить drainы, перемешать, тушить все вместе еще 5 минут
after boiling.

7. Lightly cool the prepared mass and chop it submerged.

8. Mix puree with granulated sugar, transfer to heat resistant
baking dish in the oven.

9. Send jam in the oven, bring to a boil when
200 degrees, after lowering the fire to 40 degrees and tormenting 2.5 hours.
From time to time the jam will need to be taken out of the oven and

10. Ready jam rolled up hot in sterilized

Рецепт 3. Повидло из яблок и drain в мультиварке


• 800 grams of apples;

• 400 грамм drain;

• 600 grams of sugar;

• third of a glass of water;

• half a lemon.

How to cook:

1. Thoroughly washed and peeled apples cut into thin

2. Rinse plums, remove bones, cut.

3. Put the fruit in the multicooker bowl, pour in water,

4. Switch on Baking mode for 20-30 minutes. Keep apples with
drainами до смягчения.

5. Flavor the prepared fruits by placing them in the bowl of the blender,
Mix with juice, squeezed from lemon, and sugar.

6 Pour the prepared mass into the multi-cook bowl, stew on
former mode 1 hour.

7. To put the jam in sterilized jars you need in hot
the form.

Рецепт 4. Повидло из яблок и drain с тыквой


• 900 g of sweet and sour apples;

• 300 г drain;

• 700 g pumpkin pulp;

• orange peel;

• килограмм Sahara.

How to cook:

1. Peel the sweet and ripe pumpkin, remove all seeds.
Cut the flesh itself into cubes.

2. Rinse the apples, peel, seed, cut

3. Rinse the plums, cut into two parts, remove

4. Take two stewpot or cauldron. In one put apples, in
another pumpkin. Pour half a glass of water into both, extinguish,
stirring until softened for about 15-20 minutes.

5. Тыкву пюрировать, а в яблоки добавить drainы и томить еще 8-10

6 Смягченные яблоки со drainами также измельчить.

7. Соединить тыквенную и яблочно-drainовую массу в одной большой
containers for further cooking.

8. Насыпать полкило Sahara. To languish, do not forget to stir, to
thickening about half an hour.

9. Pour the remaining sugar, add about dining room.
spoon finely grated orange zest.

10. Continue cooking to the desired thickness. You can even bring
mass to jelly-like state.

11. Once the jam is ready, put it in clean
dry cans.

Рецепт 5. Повидло из яблок и drain с садовой грушей


• 2 kg of apples;

• 500 г drain;

• 500 g of garden pears;

• 2 кг Sahara.

How to cook:

1. Put all the fruits in a bowl, rinse thoroughly. Delete
кожицу у яблок и груш, срезать сердцевину, у drain убрать bones.
Cut the prepared fruit into cubes.

2. Put the apple slices in a saucepan, sprinkle with sugar.
Варить, помешивая, 20 minutes

3. Добавить грушу и drainы, варить на слабом огне еще 20

4. Grind the mass in a blender.

5. Томить получившуюся массу после закипания не менее 10 minutes
The maximum cooking time depends on the desired degree.
density: the longer the jam will languish, the thicker it will turn out.
It is important that the delicacy is not burnt.

6 Готовое повидло переложить в стерильную тару и закатать.

Рецепт 6 Повидло из яблок и drain с апельсином


• 1 kg 300 g apples;

• 1 кг 300 г drain;

• 0.5 kg of orange;

• 80 ml of water;

• 1,8 кг Sahara.

How to cook:

1. Plums, apples, rinse, cut bones and core.
Порезать не слишком крупными slices.

2. Rinse the oranges thoroughly, peel, remove the white
прожилки и bones.

3. Перекрутить яблоки, drainы и мякоть апельсинов в

4. Mix the rolled fruit mass with sugar and
water, leave for a few hours to stand out juice, and sugar

5. Set the pot of fruit on low heat, simmer,
помешивая, после закипания около 40 minutes

6 Закатать в стерильную тару, убрать на хранение после того,
how to jam completely cooled.

Рецепт 7. Густое повидло из яблок и drain


• 1 kg of ripe juicy apples;

• 1 кг любых (желтых или синих) drain;

• 120 ml of water;

• 2.5 Art. l gelatin;

• 1.3 kg of granulated sugar;

• 1 tbsp. l citric acid.

How to cook:

1. Pour gelatin with boiled cool water, thoroughly.
mix. Дать набухнуть, оставив в сторонке на 30 minutes

2. Twist the meat grinders thoroughly washed through the fine sieve.
и очищенные от семян, косточек яблоки и drainы.

3. Transfer the fruit mass to the pan, mix with sugar.

4. Варить на медленном огне после закипания 15 minutes

5. Add citric acid and swollen gelatin, quickly
mix the mass.

6 Выдержать на таком же тихом огне еще буквально одну минуту,
then immediately remove the pan from the heat.

7. Переложить повидло из яблок и drain в чистые банки.

Повидло из яблок и drain — секреты и тонкости приготовления

• So that the moisture from the fruit evaporates faster and, accordingly,
jam thicken sooner, use the dishes for cooking
treats with low sides and large diameter.

• Чтобы ваше повидло из яблок и drain получилось красивого
transparent amber color, reduce weight on low heat.
Brown jam turns out if the mass constantly boils and boils
on high heat, sometimes burning and perekipaya.

• To make jam, you can use both apples and
drainы разных сортов. It is important that the fruits are not ripe, better
use overripe fruit.

• Put sugar not less than specified in the recipe, otherwise jam
can become moldy.

• Jam in hot form is usually slightly thinner than after
full cooling. You need the density of the finished product can
check dripping a bit on the plate.

• Want to experiment with sweet scents? Add to
time of languishing vanilla pod, cinnamon stick. Just do not forget
remove the “flavors” from the mass immediately before seaming.

• Open jam will not spoil if you sprinkle the top with sugar
sand or powder.

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