Itching, irritation and burning sensation in the intimate area ofof women

Burning is a condition in which there is a constant desire. Comb this or that part of the body, accompanied by heat. This a problem occurs for many reasons, by nature recalling pain, as very sensitive nerves are irritated. Such the condition is not normal, therefore in the presence of reddening pussy lips or an unpleasant burning sensation, you need to think about health status of the reproductive system. Below we look at how лечить зуд и жжение в интимной зоне у of women в домашних conditions.


Причины жжения в интимном месте у of women

The first cause of irritation in the intimate area is often improper care of the delicate skin of the genitals. For example, in a long trip or hike when it is difficult to find warm water for delicate hygiene. Will help to cope with the problem of hygienic napkins. Of course, they will not be able to replace water, but they will get rid of irritation and itching. If, after hygiene, genital discomfort does not pass, then consider other options for occurrence Problems:

Itching, irritation and burning sensation in the intimate area ofof women

  • allergic reaction to an intimate detergent;
  • the use of synthetic underwear, rubbing the skin;
  • abuse of drugs that violate useful vaginal microflora;
  • the presence of diabetes;
  • inflammatory diseases of the external genital organs (vulvitis or itching of the vulva).
  • damage to the genitals during depilation;
  • frequent use of antiseptics such as chlorhexidine or miramistin;
  • bacterial infection of the genital organs (trichomoniasis, genital herpes, chlamydia and others);
  • fungal pathologies (thrush, candidiasis, vaginosis). 

Irritation and drying

Before you panic when irritating the intimate area, look at the problem more closely. Perhaps it originated due moisture loss of the vaginal mucosa. This may occur by several reasons. Dryness and irritation of the vagina is often наступает, когда of womenа вступает в период менопаузы, когда violated hormonal background.

The risk group includes all women after 40 years. One more reason – it is a deficiency in the production of hyaluronic acid by the body, which maintains skin tone, making it elastic. Treatment of irritation and vaginal drying is performed after examination gynecologist.


Dryness and redness

Itching, irritation and burning sensation in the intimate area ofof women

Often the cause of discomfort in the intimate area is redness skin of the genital lips, accompanied by vaginal dryness. It may due to allergies to care products or creams for the area bikinis, condoms or medications, tampons or pads. Причиной покраснения половых губ у of womenы могут стать hormonal changes that are associated with menstrual changes cycle. How the dry vagina looks like can be seen in the photo in the internet.

Pain when urinating

Болезненный поход в туалет случается и у взрослой of womenы, и у young girl and little girl. Most common the cause of pain, pain, burning during urination is cystitis. This disease is due to entering the urethra pathogenic bacteria that act on the bladder. The infection causes sharp pains, frequent urge to urinate, burning and itching in intimate place. There are several ways microbes entering the urogenital system:

  • Failure of intimate hygiene (ascending).
  • Kidney disease (downward).
  • Spread over the lymph.
  • The ingress of fungi and microorganisms through the blood.

With menopause (menopause)

Itching, irritation and burning sensation in the intimate area ofof women

Если раздражены половые органы у of womenы после 45 лет – это a clear sign of the onset of menopause. After all, when menopause becomes thinner and loses the elasticity of the epithelium of the genital sphere due to the fact that collagen fibers decrease. Also secretory gland activity decreases, leading to vaginal dryness.

All these factors enhance the development of atrophic processes, которые происходят во влагалище и промежности of womenы. Not always it is possible to endure burning and itching, and this leads to combing genital area, which in turn provokes the emergence additional erosion, cracks, infections.

Burning after proximity < / h2>

Intimacy does not always bring joy and pleasant sensations. Нередко of womenы жалуются врачу, что испытывают зуд и жжение в интимной зоне после близости (полового акта) . If you exclude a possible allergy to latex or flavoring (condom components), then the thrush (candidiasis) is the main cause of discomfort. This is a fungal infectious disease, which is caused by the numerous reproduction of fungi of the genus Candida, accompanied by white secretions.

It is possible to get rid of this misfortune in 1-2 weeks, and both partners should be treated to prevent re-infection. Men also have itching and burning, but the symptoms are mild.

Discomfort before menstruation < / h2>

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Незадолго до менструации of womenы иногда чувствуют сильное жжение, vaginal dryness, genital itching. The most likely cause of concern is a reduced level of estrogen, which disrupts the beneficial microflora of the vagina. An unpleasant smell from the genitals before menstruation can be triggered by infectious diseases that occur during changes in hormonal levels.

During pregnancy < / h2>

Сильное жжение в интимной зоне у беременных of women – это нередкий случай, ведь организм находится в измененном состоянии. The habitual way of life is broken, the hormonal background is rebuilt, various medicines are used to help preserve the health of the fetus. Все эти факторы провоцируют дискомфорт в области половых органов у беременных of women. To exclude allergies, infections, remove psychological discomfort, you should immediately contact a gynecologist at the first signs of itching or burning.

After taking antibiotics < / h2>

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Прием антибиотиков – еще одна причина появления дискомфорта в интимном месте у of women. Itching and burning in the vagina caused by dysbiosis, because antibiotics kill not only the infection and remove inflammation, but also the natural flora, which is located in the intestine and vagina. Immunity decreases, the body loses its protection, pathogenic bacteria multiply, vaginal dysbacteriosis develops, which causes a burning sensation and itching in the perineum.

Лечение жжения в интимной зоне у of women

The cause of itching and how to treat a burning sensation, will be prompted by a gynecologist, because their origin may be different, therefore, the course of therapy is prescribed individually based on clinical studies. Do not try to get rid of the problem yourself, make a diagnosis without medical knowledge or be treated with folk remedies for itching in an intimate place on the advice of a neighbor. Self-treatment leads to even more aggravation of health.

Если врач выявит причину дискомфорта в недостаточной гигиене, то подскажет, как избавиться от зуда в интимном месте в домашних conditions. But if the discomfort is caused by an infection, then it will not work to relieve the burning sensation with folk remedies – here you will need drug therapy. According to the results of the tests, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial or hormonal medicines in the form of tablets, ointments, suppositories, gels and other dosage forms will be prescribed.


What should I do at home to eliminate the itch? < / h2>

It is possible to relieve itching and burning in the intimate area, if it is not possible to quickly get to the doctor or to relieve the unpleasant symptoms. Do not cure, but quickly remove the aggravation will help the following steps: < p>

  1. Clean every 3-4 hours with a decoction of chamomile or calendula. < / li>
  2. Sprinkle in the morning and evening with a solution of soda or iodine with salt. < / li>
  3. Do not use the special personal care products that you used before the problem occurred. < / li>
  4. Wear underwear with 100% cotton in the composition. < / li>
  5. Use talc after washing the labia. < / li>
  6. Eliminate alcohol, spicy, fatty foods from the diet. < / li>
  7. Avoid sex. < / li> < / ol>

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