It is necessary to apply for weight loss.Furosemide?

About those who use Furosemide for weight loss, the doctors in one voice
say: “Suiciders!”. And not only doctors. Drink Furosemide to
lose weight is useless and dangerous. Let’s see why.



How does furosemide

Furosemide is a very powerful diuretic. After his injection
or taking a pill, especially if you dissolve it in your mouth, for
the first two to four hours will stand at least a liter more
urine than usual. And this is a healthy person. And if in the body
excess fluid has accumulated in the form of overt or covert edema
more than that. Therefore, the main indication for the use of furosemide in
medicine is an emergency aid for severe edema threatening
the life of the patient. For example, with heart or kidney
failure. In such cases, the drug is indispensable and just

Furosemide application for weight loss

It would seem: it’s great that after drinking a pill in the morning, by the
for dinner, the facial features are sharpened, the fingers are thinner, and
eyes sink, giving a look of mystery. But often, and so
more constantly, use of Furosemide in no case be impossible!
Otherwise, the beauty acquired in this way will have to be very expensive.
pay. The drug together with water removes the most
important electrolytes: potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and chlorine. And with them
a shortage of very hearty and muscular
weakness, pressure drops, belly swells, tremors appear in
body and leg cramps.

Think that’s all? If Furosemide is taken for weight loss, by
in the mornings, swelling will begin to appear on the face,
will be only using the same diuretic, but in much greater
dose. So gradually, instead of one pill, some reach
20. And to remove this medicine without the help of a doctor is very difficult.

Due to dehydration and low pressure, there are faints, and
potassium deficiency causes constipation, forcing to take more
laxative drugs. As a result, instead of a smart “slender”
get old aging gaunt ruin with a flabby belly, yes
still with hearing loss. But that’s not all! Furosemide inhibits immunity,
because constant colds, eternal runny nose and swollen red nose

With Fororamide water is lost, not fat

To lose weight with the help of Furosemide is impossible. Lost against his
taking kilograms is not subcutaneous fat, but only water. So
as the human body can not exist without fluid, literally
within a few days after discontinuation of the drug weight again
will be back. But lost health will have to be restored with
the help of doctors for more than one year. So стоит ли рисковать?

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