Is it worth taking eutirox for weight loss?

Eutiroks was originally conceived as a means to combat
pathologies of the thyroid gland. But thanks to its properties it became
used as a means to lose a few extra
kilograms. To take a slimming drug, it is very important not to
make a mistake with the dosage and preliminarily examine the contraindications to

Is it worth taking eutirox for weight loss?


  • What is eutiroks and does it promote weight loss?
  • The composition and release form of the drug
  • How does eutirox?
  • Indications for use
  • How to take eutiroks for weight loss
  • Compatibility of the drug with alcohol
  • Contraindications
  • Side effects
  • What results can be achieved?
  • Analogs and price of the drug

What is eutiroks and does it promote weight loss?

Eutirox – a drug to restore and normalize hormones
thyroid gland. According to its properties, it can replace thyroxin. AT
the composition of Eutiroks there are substances that can lead to normal
metabolic processes in the body, so it is used in
as a means for losing weight.

With this drug you can:

  • reduce appetite;
  • speed up the body’s metabolism;
  • speed up and normalize metabolism;
  • increase the rate of fat cell breakdown and fat removal
  • speed up the process of burning calories.

The composition and release form of the drug

The drug is available in pill form, which differ only
the amount of active substance: it can be 25, 50, 100 or 150
mcg There are also other dosages.

Levothyroxine sodium is the main active ingredient in
tablets. AT состав входят еще несколько элементов, которые
enhance the effect of the main component of the drug.

How does eutirox?

AT момент поступления тироксина (искусственного заменителя
thyroid hormone) in the body, it turns into
triiodothyronine, which regulates tissue growth in
the body.

Subject to moderate use of the drug, it acts as
Anabolic, that is, accelerates the growth of muscle mass, increases the activity
brain and in general a beneficial effect on human well-being.

If, however, apply it in large doses, the drug begins
strongly affect the thyroid gland, reducing the formation of hormones,
which has a positive effect on the fight against extra pounds.

Provided continuous use of the drug in
within one to two weeks will take effect. The effect will last even
about two weeks after completing the pill course.

Indications for use

First of all, this drug serves to replenish the hormone.
thyroid gland. Optimal will take it in conjunction with
other medicines, it will give the maximum effect.

Only in the case of the use of the drug in large doses, which is not
can always be uniquely useful, the effect appears
losing weight

Избыточный вес

ATрачи-специалисты назначают препарат в случаях:

  • if operations on the thyroid gland were transferred;
  • if you have a resection of the thyroid gland;
  • the presence of hypothyroidism.

How to take eutiroks for weight loss

In order not to harm your body and not cause strong
side effects, approaching the use of this drug is worth
with the mind, after consulting with a doctor. Pill
worth taking in the morning, before eating for half an hour, be sure
drink a glass of clean water.

  • AT первую неделю приема лекарства следует принимать по 1
    tablet (dosage 25 µg) 2 times a day.
  • The next two weeks during the day you need to drink three.
    tablets (dosage of 50 mcg), to finish the reception before 18:00.
  • Last week, take three or four tablets (dosage 75
    mcg) per day with meals.

To make it easier for the body to transfer the hormonal jump,
follow the simple rules of eating:

  1. Eat more vegetables, fruits and herbs.
  2. Do not lean on fatty meats or fried foods.
  3. Do not eat a lot of sugar and flour products.

Compatibility of the drug with alcohol

ATрачами установлено, что никакого вреда от совместного
use of medication and alcohol is not. But it is not known how to respond
specifically your body on such a mixture. Alcohol and
hormonal drugs can cause unpredictable reactions,
at best, alcohol will simply reduce the effectiveness of the drug. It is better
still refrain from drinking alcohol in the period


Do not start to use this tool for weight loss,
if a:

  • suffer from diabetes;
  • suffer from heart defects or myocarditis, as the heart can
    do not withstand the hormonal jump in connection with the use
  • there is renal failure;
  • there is an individual intolerance to the components
    drug treatment.

For pregnant women, this drug, unlike many others,
not harmful, but only if you use it directly
назначению, а не с превышением дозировки для losing weight

Эутирокс для похудения

A hormone that is produced with the help of Eutirox,
even has a positive effect on the embryo during its development. Him
a deficiency can lead to problems with the development of a brain
child’s activity in the future.

Side effects

Only in case of very significant drug overdose may
side effects occur:

  • insomnia;
  • sweating;
  • diarrhea;
  • pressure change.

ATот некоторые из самых значительных побочных эффектов. Not worth it
significantly exceed the dose of the drug in order to avoid negative
consequences for the body.

What results can be achieved?

  • After starting to use the drug, many women note
    the emergence of stability in body mass. Kilograms stopped then
    appear, then disappear.
  • AT течение месяца может уходить до 3-4 кг при правильно
    observed dosage and diet.
  • By limiting sweets and flour products, you can reduce
    weight even without going to the gym.

Analogs and price of the drug

There are a lot of drug analogues, because the drugs created by
to restore hormonal levels, are popular and
sought after by many people.

The drug is released in any pharmacy, but only by prescription,
which can be prescribed by the attending physician. The price of this medicine
really affordable, from 100 to 200 rubles for a large package

Thus, you can not be afraid to take this drug if
You have no contraindications. But you need to visit the doctor
required The effect is achieved in almost 100% of those using it.
women, and the price is very attractive. What makes available and
effective method of losing weight with eutiroks.

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