Is it possible to treat burns folk remedies.Can – be careful! What folk remedies for burns reallyhelp?

Ср, 25 ноя 2015 Автор: Анатолий Шаповалов

A burn is one of the most common domestic injuries, which
fraught with dangerous consequences.

Holding a hot stove or holding a hot iron,
in a hurry or carelessly we can burn a finger or hand, and then
and scalded with boiling water. And then what?

Cry, do not cry, and treat the burn with something you need. And here it is very important
be able to quickly and correctly provide first aid not only to yourself, but also
to their relatives or friends.

Folk remedies for burns – use wisely

I will say right away – according to the doctors, to lubricate the burn
place sunflower oil in no case follows. For this
is fraught with various complications. Although the people have long been so moved
– just that, and smeared the wound with oil. Doctors believe – such treatment is not
efficiently. You need to listen to the advice of doctors and do not do that
which is not recommended by official medicine.

The first thing to do is to use simple assistants.
burn remedies

1. With a mild domestic burn, when only the upper layers are affected.
skin, you must substitute the affected area under
струю холодной воды и подержать несколько минут
until the pain subsides. This will help get rid of redness on the skin and
blistering. Then burn the burn surface with alcohol.
or cologne.

2. При желании можно сделать ледяной компресс.
But, before applying ice to the sore spot, it is wrapped in
towel made of natural fabric.

3. С древних времен бытовые ожоги люди лечили капустными
. Finely chopped cabbage leaf mixed with
egg white and applied to the wound.

4. With not deep burns, the pain quickly goes away if the wound is smeared.
strong solution of sugar or honey.

5. Хорошо снимает ожоговую боль повязка из свежей
творожной массы
. To prevent blistering
it needs to be changed periodically.

6. К больному месту прикладывают сырой
, разрезанный на дольки. Apply until
until the pain subsides. Можно прикладывать натертую
. The compress from the pounded ones is also very effective.
plantain leaves or a compress of fresh leaves

7. Пораженное ожогом место смазывают глицерином,
или прикладывают смоченную в уксусе тряпочку.
It soothes pain and promotes rapid healing.

Folk remedies for burns boiling water when the burn penetrates
inside the skin

* Fresh, peeled potatoes grate grated
thickly put a lot on a rag and attach to the affected burn
body area. Compress, as it warms, periodically

* Brew in case of burn black or green tea, of special labor
does not make up. The tea is cooled to a temperature of 13-15 degrees C. and
watering burn places, preventing them from drying out. Repeating this simple
procedure every day, you will soon notice that your burn does not
a trace remains.

* Fresh human urine will also benefit from a burn,
if you make lotion out of it. By wetting a piece of gauze or bandage with urine,
applied to the sore spot, not allowing to dry.

* To quickly get rid of the effects of a burn, boiled hard boiled
several eggs. Remove them from the yolks, and fry in a skillet on
low heat until a dark liquid begins to separate. This
thick liquid is poured into a separate dish, cooled and smeared with it
burnt places. Soon you will be surprised how quickly they became
heal up.

* Very effective remedy for severe burns – ointment from
sunflower oil and wax. Three tablespoons of sunflower oil take
spoon of beeswax. Heat and mix. When the mixture has cooled,
it is applied to the wound several times a day. They say – through
week burn, as there was not.

* By the way, for washing wounds and applying lotions well
use oak broth

Folk remedies for the treatment of burns with blisters

Often as a result of burns on the affected area of ​​the body.
bubbles are formed. They should not be pierced, but rather
listen to the good advice and make an ointment of walnut leaves
walnut Grind 30 grams. листьев ореха. Pour in
a small saucepan a glass of vegetable oil and stir in it
измельченные листья walnut Put the mixture in the dark
a place so she insisted for seven days without forgetting
shake it periodically. Then reheat in a water bath,
strain, boil for 30 minutes and add a tablespoon
желтого воска. Blisters will come off quickly, will appear
new skin if you apply this ointment several times in

И еще, берут ложку картофельного крахмала,
dissolved in warm water and thoroughly stirred. Such
�”Starch” ointment impose on the blisters. In miracle power
I personally made sure of this remedy when I was burned at the stake
yourself a finger. Mom quickly made from water and starch a simple healing
remedy and anointed them with my sick finger. Soon from the burn
волдыря не a trace remains.

From severe burns, ointment that can be quickly helps.
make the house yourself. For this нужно яичный белок смешать с
one tablespoon of pork fat.
Apply through
soft gauze bandage as a compress for several

Мазь на основе прополиса способствует
reducing pain and healing the burn. For this нужно взять
10 gr. propolis and some sunflower oil. Components
connect and heated in a water bath to a state of homogeneous mass.
Ointment impose on the damaged place and tied clean
a rag for 10-12 hours.

Мумие — отличное средство от ожогов. Need to
Only dissolve 3 gr. mummy in 100 grams of boiled water and do
this solution lotion. They also recommend drinking mummy 2 times a day.
one day before the meal.

Folk remedies for chemical burns and burns of the mucous

In the case of contact with the body of acid (sulfuric or hydrochloric), you need
Immediately wash off acid residues with clean running water. If near
не оказалось воды, эту агрессивную жидкость можно смыть
молоком или раствором щелочи
(для этого годится сода, мел
or magnesia) and immediately go to the hospital.

Corrosive lime can also cause severe burns. Such
cases, the affected areas are washed with diluted vinegar, and the remnants
lime is removed with oil. But not with water.

If you burn a throat (esophagus or stomach) with hot food,
спиртом или уксусом начните пить растительное масло
маленькими глотками

Можно также взять полстакана воды, разбавить в нем сырой
яичный белок
и, осторожно глотая, выпить содержимое

But best of all, in such cases, take two raw eggs, extract
Yolks, grind them with sugar and drink in the morning and evening. Egg
yolk, enveloping stacks of the stomach or esophagus, promotes
eliminate the effects of burns.

Folk remedies for sunburn

Such случаях, как правило, спасаются кефиром или
. Cover them with reddened areas of the body.
Sometimes for these purposes they use sour cream, and even cottage cheese. Only
cottage cheese must be fresh, otherwise complications are not
to pass

With stronger sunburns resort to help
алоэ. Измельчают на мясорубке веточки aloe.
Squeeze juice, moisten with juice and apply to patients
body areas.

And if you are stung by a jellyfish, then immediately sprinkle the affected area.
песком и немедля обратитесь за помощью к врачу.
Self-treatment of this type of burn can lead to unpleasant
the consequences.

As you can see, there is a large selection of folk remedies.
from burns that we need to know and be able to
to enjoy.

However, for severe burns, qualified
medical intervention. Such случаях нужно прикрыть больному
affected area, wet clean cloth and call an ambulance

According to official statistics, in Russia daily receive
burns more than half a million people, a quarter of them are children.

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