Is it possible to play sports during menstruation?

mozhno-li-zanimatsya-sportom-pri-mesyachnyhWhen offensive
critical days most women appear irresistible
the temptation to hide under a blanket to survive
malaise: trembling and cramps, swelling, swollen belly,
prolonged irritability or depression.

A few days a month, some of us can’t get back to normal.
Fatigue, constant fatigue with often changing mood,
appearing in this period can be an obstacle
any physical exertion, causing even greater weakness.

But training during menstruation is extremely relevant! They are capable
alleviate any negative symptoms of your well-being! The main thing –
choose the right type of exercise.

Competent selection of the training program is a profitable way
allows you to manage your well-being, reduce symptoms and not
give them influence on your usual life rhythm.

The benefits of sports during menstruation

  • Strength training is the last thing you can do.
    include in your training program. But this is an opportunity to pump
    vital energy so necessary for symptoms
    premenstrual syndrome or PMS. Drink plenty of water and make
    such a number of exercises that will be painless for you,
    that will help you ease stomach cramps and reduce
  • Aerobic exercise, meanwhile, may possess
    analgesic effect, give the body energy, rid it of
    symptoms of depression and irritability during the cycle. But by doing
    exercise for the first time, it is difficult to determine the number and intensity
    тренировок, чтобы устранить болезненность и puffiness therefore
    you can experiment with the load, thereby reducing the symptoms of PMS
    from month to month.

And what could be the problem?

So, is it possible to play sports with menstruation? After all, not every
training program and individual exercises are suitable for
menstrual period.

If you suffer from pain before or during your period,
you will be able to notice how it prevents you, knocking the usual
everyday rhythm of life. If this suffering caused failure
from physical exercises, making it impossible to do any sports, then
It is necessary to consult a gynecologist and pass tests.

Trained athletes with extensive experience claim that
women on critical days are most prone to injury. Why?

In this difficult, 5-7-day, menstrual period for women
difficult to control their movements, as they are inhibited, that
may cause various muscle injuries during workouts. Especially
high intensity exercises should be avoided, and preferred
low intensity practices, both more beneficial and safer.

How to choose the most favorable days in the female cycle for

American doctor from Ohio – Rob Cominiarik –
fitness specialist and endocrinologist working in the field of medicine,
science, sports and training, found that stretching our muscles
decreases before ovulation.

The main culprits of these processes, the doctor called hormonal
changes during the female monthly cycle that affect our
physical form. But he also found out how, while avoiding
injuries, get the most out of your workouts. These ones

Week One:

A scientist says that stimulating ovulation is the release of an egg from
follicles – accompanied by an increase in hormonal levels. Between
however, the levels of other hormones (luteinizing hormone and
progesterone) remain the same. Estrogen level at this time
also low enough that causes our body to burn carbohydrates
instead of fat for the sake of obtaining the necessary muscle energy.

Your actions or the best fitness reception:

This week’s female body is at the peak of fuel burning!
Despite fatigue, muscle pain, intense training
ideal for this period. It will help significantly
facilitate the well-being of women these days.

The first week is the time of successful training! Don’t let yourself
give up and be lazy at this time! First week is the best period.
for training the muscles of the back, interval training and
high-intensity cardio.

Week Two:

The period of ovulation, or about 12-14 days (plus or minus a few
days, depending on the length of the cycle). From this point on, the level
estrogen begins to grow as the egg moves down to the fallopian
(uterine) tubes. High levels of estrogen are associated with elevated
flexibility of the hamstring muscles, which may cause
knee injuries.

Your best fitness reception:

Be attentive to the signals of your body! If exercise
hurts you in the knees – miss it! Sure to
Start your workout these days with a warm-up! Stretch,
to relieve tension in muscles and joints. Run small
squats, lunges. Mash knees.

Week three and fourth:

This is the luteal phase, during which the level increases.
progesterone levels and decreases estrogen levels.

Your best fitness reception:

Hormonal background is able to force you during this period.
feel weakness, lethargy, especially during intense
exercise. Your body during this period accumulates fat in quality
energy source for carrying the future of the intended child,
as laid down by Mother Nature.

Most women in this period have difficulty with
motivation for proper, healthy nutrition and fitness training.
Constant feeling of hunger and weakness now and then lead to a violation

Therefore, always plan on physical activity and watch your
nutrition especially carefully. Eat healthy foods rich
carbohydrates. This will help avoid cravings for sweets, which in this
time is especially strong.

Do not give up physical exertion on critical days,
training during your period will help you feel better and
keep your shape. Distribute your exercise schedule correctly
according to the calendar of your cycle. This will help to avoid
extra excitement and give you confidence in your own abilities!

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