Is it possible to peaches a pregnant woman or nursingMom: who can not? The benefits and harm of peaches in the chestfeeding

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When a woman prepares to become a mother, she has to
limit your diet.

ATсе, что она употребляет, передается и малышу в утробе.

It is very important to monitor proper nutrition in order not to inflict
harm to your child.

Is it possible to peaches during pregnancy?

This fruit can be said to be indispensable in the female diet.

It is characterized by low calorie, while quenching
feeling of hunger and quickly digested. ATрачи рекомендуют
use peaches to nursing mothers and women in the period
carrying a child.

Why peaches are useful nursing mother: fortified composition

AT персиках содержится огромное количество компонентов, которые
favorably affect the health of the mother and baby.

AT состав входят следующие витамины и
trace elements:

• витамин С, Е, AT, К;

• wine acid;

• a nicotinic acid;

• lemon acid;

• iron, potassium, phosphorus, zinc;

• essential oils;

• carotene;

• pectins.

Польза персиков при грудном feeding

Pediatricians and nutritionists recognize the fact that it is peaches for
Nursing mothers are the safest fruits. Saturated
fortified composition favorably affects the body
woman and child, they are allowed to use in the period
of pregnancy.

1. Due to the content in the composition of magnesium, peaches contribute
strengthen the nervous system.

2. Excess fluid, toxins and slags are removed from the body,
prevents the formation of edema.

3. The consumption of sweet fruits is reflected in the female mood
– it is improving. Also, peaches help to cope with postpartum

4. Nursing mother peaches are recommended to eat, because
the content of minerals and vitamins in the composition stimulates the development
baby brain.

5. A woman giving birth often faces the problem of constipation. Here
sweet fruits will also come in handy, they let you forget about constipation
and regular bouts of heartburn.

6. The immunity of both the mother and her baby is strengthened.

When the baby is 3 months old, he can be given
peach juice, as it is not a strong allergen.

The only exception is individual intolerance from birth to
product and overeating. Peach juice is especially useful.
If the child is often sick.

Can peaches nursing mom and baby harm

Young mothers often don’t give peaches to their babies because
fear an allergic reaction. It is worth noting that she can
occur in several cases:

• overeating fruit;

• an inherited allergy;

• eating a peach along with the peel (it has the most

Signs of Allergy:

• runny nose;

• sneezing and coughing;

• a rash in the neck and face;

• swelling.

If a baby has one of the
the above symptoms, it is recommended to temporarily exclude the fruit from

Is it possible to peaches during pregnancy and is it safe for
baby in the womb?
AT период вынашивания малыша необходимо
be extremely careful if there is a hereditary
predisposition to diabetes.

ATажно помнить, что персики считаются
natural laxatives and overeating can lead to
severe bowel disorder, frequent emptying, as in
women and the child. If this happens, it is better to turn to
to your pediatrician to help solve the problem.

Рецепты с персиками при грудном feeding и во время
of pregnancy

Peaches are very useful to eat fresh, but nursing mom
или женщине во время of pregnancy иногда хочется разнообразия. there is
several delicious recipes for dietary meals with
fruits that are allowed to be consumed and are useful for

1. Peach and cottage cheese casserole

For cooking you will need the following

• 2 chicken eggs;

• low-fat cottage cheese (400 grams);

• 4 tablespoons of semolina;

• fresh peaches.

Step by step recipe

1. Cottage cheese carefully pounded with egg yolks, separately
mixes semolina with salt (at the tip of a knife) and sugar (150
grams, can be less).

2. Peaches are cut into cubes of medium size.

3. Proteins are whipped until foam is formed.

4. A mixture of semolina with salt and sugar is added to the curd,
everything mixes up.

5. Added proteins, whipped to foam, then peaches. ATсе
mixed until a homogeneous mass.

6. The baking dish is greased with vegetable oil to
the dish does not stick, then peach-curd is laid out there

7. Casserole baked in preheated oven
20-25 minutes.

The dish is very light and airy. Casserole absolutely
safe for nursing mothers and her offspring.

2. Peach parfait

Требуемые Ingredients:

• fresh peaches, cut into small cubes (4 full

• half a glass of natural yogurt;

• low-fat sour cream – half a glass;

• brown sugar and fresh mint to taste.

Presented ingredients are designed for the preparation of 4-ex
portions of parfait.

Step by step recipe

1. Yogurt with sour cream mixed in a bowl to form
homogeneous consistency.

2. Prepare portion glasses. Each of them is half
filled with sliced ​​peaches.

3. Sugar is poured to your taste, then 2 tablespoons are poured.
mixtures of yogurt and sour cream.

4. Add some more peaches, remaining space.
filled with sauce and mint.

Breastfed peaches cooked this way
will be an excellent dessert to the daily menu. To avoid
overeating fruit can eat no more than 2 glasses of parfait in
throughout the day.

Can peaches during pregnancy and lactation: the main
rules for eating fruit

To prevent the unwanted reaction of the mother’s body and
baby, you need to know a few useful recommendations on how to use

1. To avoid аллергической реакции фрукт рекомендуется
to peel.

2. In the first month after birth, it is advisable not to eat peaches, and
adhere strictly to the diet. Baby’s body is not yet
be strong, so you should not experiment.

3. Like any other product, peaches need nursing mothers.
enter into the diet gradually. One month after delivery you can
try to eat a quarter of the fruit and see if the
chair of the child, whether there are rashes. If all is well, it is already allowed.
half fruit. Whole peach is allowed only after
mom make sure that the baby is not allergic.

4. The daily rate of peaches during lactation – 1-2 fruit. In such
the amount of fruit will not adversely affect the state of the body
women and her child.

5. Canned peaches are prohibited for consumption, as in
There are many chemical additives. However, you can eat a small
the amount of jam if it was cooked by yourself in
home conditions.

Nursing mom peaches need to eat
vitamins and minerals that are missing after childbirth. The main thing is
Do not overeat and follow the basic rules of eating fruit. AT
pregnancy is also not recommended to abuse the fruit,
since everything eaten by a woman is passed to the baby.

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