Is it good for nursing moms to eat fish? What kind of fishmore useful, how to choose a fish that can be nursing women

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The issue of feeding a nursing mother is very complicated.

The choice of products affects a lot of nuances, because
necessary to provide all necessary weakened after childbirth
the body of a woman and do not harm the child at the same time.

Considering the usual products in this vein, you might encounter
so that they fall under the ban, as primarily excluded
vegetables, fruits and berries, despite their obvious benefits and wealth
with vitamins.

But is it possible to eat a nursing fish, you need to consider
in more detail, it all depends on the type of fish and the way it

The benefits of different varieties of nursing fish

Fish must be included in the diet of a person seeking to
healthy nutrition. Fish must be on the menu at least
1-2 times a week. For those who follow this rule is marked
reducing the risk of malignant tumors, diseases
cardiovascular system improves memory and concentration

First of all, being determined with the qualitative composition of the fish,
need to figure out where she came from:

• river fish contains more protein and iron;

• in marine fish more iodine, vitamin D, phosphorus.

In terms of its composition, marine fish contain more micronutrients,
but to determine the degree of usefulness of a particular type of fish is necessary for
each specific pregnant woman and it will depend on her geography
accommodation. If in the radius of residence of the future mother per thousand
kilometers there is no sea, but there are clean, non-navigable rivers,
Of course, fresh river fish will be more beneficial for her body than
frozen several times sea.

Varieties of fish are also divided by fat content:

• skinny varieties (pike perch, pollock, pike, crucian carp);

• moderately fat (chum, carp, pink salmon, sprat);

• fat (saury, salmon, mackerel);

• very fatty (lamprey, eel, white fish).

The fatter the fish, the more in its composition of amino acids Omega-3.
This substance is indispensable for the body, so fish is not worth it.
choose only from lean varieties, fish oil is beneficial and
eliminate it from the diet can not be.

Can a fish in the diet of a nursing mother change the quality and taste

The older generation believed that the fish eaten the day before
feeding the baby can give an unpleasant smell to milk. Pediatricians and
nutritionists have no connection between eating fish and smell and
taste of breast milk do not see. The smell can remain on the body of the mother,
if the hood was not turned on during cooking, but not in

The quality of milk in its composition also does not directly depend on
ration nursing mom. Its composition is not formed from the contents
a woman’s stomach, and from substances in her blood. During the period
feeding, as during pregnancy, the female body itself gives
child all the most necessary and useful, so only
a catastrophic lack of vitamins can lead to
poor quality milk composition. First of all, the nutrition of a woman
must be rich and varied to preserve her own

The exceptions are artificial food additives and
medical preparations. The human body is simply not provided
for processing these substances, so they go into the milk
unchanged. A nursing woman must understand that everything
dyes, preservatives, stabilizers and flavor enhancers will certainly
get into the milk and affect the health of the baby. That is why
you need to exclude them from your diet.

How to cook fish for lactating? Is it possible to eat raw fish and
fish snacks?

To eat fully and eliminate unhealthy
child substance, the woman is recommended not to include in the diet
fried, smoked and salted dishes.

The best way to cook fish is roasting.
You can bake fish for nursing on a baking sheet, in foil, in the sleeve,
separately and together with cereals or vegetables. Also useful properties
fish and good taste are preserved when cooking
for a couple or in a slow cooker.

Fatty fish with rice can be a tasty and healthy meal.
in the oven, fish balls with buckwheat, river-stuffed vegetables
fish in foil, baked fish with potatoes, stewed with apples.
With the help of a pressure cooker, you can cook the most delicious tender fish

The main thing when cooking fish during breastfeeding –
тщательная тепловая обработка. When buying fish
it is impossible to completely exclude its infection with parasites. Concerns this and
fresh fish, and frozen, because its quality is influenced in addition to
places of catch are also conditions of storage and transportation. For this reason
it is better to cook fish in the oven rather than to treat the chest
child from parasites.

Completely from the diet at the time of feeding should be excluded
sushi with raw fish, dried, dried, smoked, salted,
canned fish.

As for the type of fish that can be breastfeeding, then
almost no restrictions. Take some care
so as not to cause allergies in the newborn can only the first
month: do not eat or gradually try those varieties of fish that
the woman did not eat during pregnancy. If no reaction
child does not follow, then you can fully incorporate it into your

Can nursing replace fish with seafood?

Seafood in its composition contain not less protein, various
elements and vitamins than fish. However, nutritionists and pediatricians
recommend to exclude them from the diet of the mother for the entire period of breast

Shrimps, squids, mussels are a very strong allergen even
for an adult, so in infants cause negative
the reaction may even be a small portion of marine delicacies for mom.
In addition, the conditions of storage and transportation are often violated, and in
frozen foods can develop bacteria and
parasites that can be saved from in one way – not to eat
seafood, while the baby eats mother’s milk.

Another danger of seafood is their property.
accumulate harmful substances. These include hormones and
antibiotics that people use when growing them in captivity
or metals, radioactive substances from waters.

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