Instructions for use of MCC tablets forslimming and reviews

MCC для похуденияMCC – it is a microcrystalline cellulose, extracted from vegetable products. This drug differs from others exclusively natural composition. Отзывы об MCC для похудения преимущественно positive, and their addressers are those who managed to lose weight people and doctors. Going to take pills is worth consult with a nutritionist or endocrinologist, especially if you have a chronic illness.


Воздействие MCC на процесс похудения

A drug MCC для похудения производят из натурального хлопка, therefore, it is similar in composition to vegetable or fruit cellulose. Getting into the stomach, the tablets begin to render double act:

  1. Carry out a mechanical cleansing of the body. A drug performs the function of a cotton ball, filling the space of the stomach. Dietary fiber is not digested, and pass immediately into the intestine. Moreover, the tool has zero calorie, and therefore not promotes the accumulation of lipids (fats) under the skin. Thanks overwhelming appetite, the remedy is natural meal replacement during strict diets.
  2. Таблетки MCC для похудения действуют как сорбент. They are capable absorb the slags accumulated on the intestinal walls, toxins, heavy metals, fecal stones, free radicals, removing them by the chair. So the drug for weight loss normalizes the bowels, improving metabolism. Во время применения MCC кровь очищается от toxins that have got into it from the intestines. Thanks данному property of tablets, they are used as an alternative activated carbon.


Как принимать MCC для похудения: инструкция и дозировки

  • Дозировка. Принимать MCC необходимо до еды, starting with 1 tablet per day. Gradually, the dosage increases to 5-10 tablets, after up to 15 tablets. Maximum allowable dose The drug is 25 grams per day. Completing the course, the amount funds are slowly reduced to 1 tablet.
  • Как пить MCC для похудения? A drug ground to powder and dissolved in a glass of water. Drunk the solution is washed down with a portion of pure water. In addition, the means It is possible to mix as a food additive to minced meat or other. semi-finished products that you will be cooking soon.
  • Продолжительность курса приема препарата. The process of losing weight is designed for 21-30 days, followed by break.
  • Что еще нужно знать о MCC? During the diet It is recommended to drink plenty of water. Optimal daily volume is 2-2.5 liters.

Важно: точное соблюдение инструкции по применению MCC гарантирует эффективность похудения и отсутствие side effects. Regardless of the benefits and efficacy of cellulose, part of the tool, remember the existing contraindications that prohibit the use of the drug for losing weight

Advantages of use

  1. Purification of crystalline cellulose. MCC выводит токсины, шлаки and other harmful substances from the intestines.
  2. MCC – ценный источник пищевых волокон, необходимых нам для digestion and normal metabolism.
  3. A drug для похудения нормализует уровень холестерина в blood.
  4. It strengthens the immune system.
  5. Отзывы врачей о MCC свидетельствуют о повышении health and tone of patients taking pills.
  6. Means for losing weight is hygroscopic, that is collapses under the influence of water, which absorbs. Microcrystalline cellulose serves as an active sorbent.
  7. Clinically proven to be microcrystalline cellulose reduces the risk of cancer Research has been made public in a reputable medical publication. “Lancet”).

Важно: главным преимуществом MCC является ability to stabilize indicators of human weight. However in this issue should not be self-medicating – better follow doctor’s recommendations.

Противопоказания к использованию таблеток MCC

Похудение с помощью MCC происходит достаточно быстро, поскольку средство обладает мощным действием. Этим объясняется наличие списка противопоказаний к применению таблеток для losing weight

Microcrystalline cellulose can not be used: < p

  1. During pregnancy and lactation. < / li>
  2. For constipation. < / li>
  3. While taking other medications in parallel, since drugs can reduce the effectiveness of each other. < / li>
  4. При авитаминозе, поскольку MCC вместе с продуктами распада удаляет из организма часть полезных минералов и витаминов.
  5. With flatulence, a tendency to bloating. < / li>
  6. If the intestinal microflora is impaired. < / li>
  7. If you have anorexia or bulimia. < / li>
  8. In childhood and old age. < / li>

К другим недостаткам регулярного приема MCC относят способность целлюлозы растягивать стенки желудка. The increased size of the body stimulates strong bouts of hunger after the end of the course and, ultimately, leads to overeating. In addition to these contraindications, there are some side effects of the use of diet pills:

  • Disorders of the digestive tract (constipation and pr.). < / li>
  • Stomach heaviness, bloating. < / li>

Побочные эффекты часто являются последствием неправильного приема препарата для losing weight When they appear, it is recommended to drink 300-500 ml of water every 30-40 minutes. Sometimes a doctor prescribes a laxative to alleviate the patient’s condition.

Where to buy tablets < / h2>

Where to buy microcrystalline cellulose for weight loss? A drug продается в аптеках многих стран, включая Россию. Купить MCC возможно в интернет-магазинах.

Price < / h2>

How much is a remedy for weight loss? Цена MCC невысока, ее пределы зависят от того, где вы приобретаете таблетки, какая фасовка, кто является производителем.

The approximate cost of the drug for weight loss:

  • MCC «Дворник» 100 таблеток – от 85 до 150 рублей.
  • MCC «Кортес» 100 таблеток – около 150 рублей.
  • MCC Эвалар «Анкир-Б» 100 таблеток – 90-100 рублей.
  • < / ul>

    Reviews of doctors < / h2>

    Сальникова И.В., диетолог: «A drug действенен для похудения только, если кроме его приема, человек предпринимает ряд других мер: придерживается сбалансированного рациона, занимается спортом, следит за своим здоровьем. Microcrystalline cellulose slimming is really good and safe, but it is effective not as a main way to combat excess sediment, but as an assistant. Those who drink pills and at the same time eat up huge portions of unhealthy food are fools. Weight will not go away without a suitable diet. ”

    Зерга К.Р., эндокринолог, диетолог: «Насмотревшись фото и начитавшись отзывов, кто насколько похудел с MCC, многие начинают бездумно пить таблетки и ждать сказочного результата, не понимая, что настолько легкого похудения добиться невозможно. Without dietary restrictions and regular physical activity with one cellulose, those extra pounds cannot be removed. Чтобы похудеть, стоит совмещать MCC со сбалансированной диетой и разгрузочными днями, как минимум.»


    Отзывы худеющих об MCC и результаты

    Алина, 22 года: «Мне препарат MCC помог в похудении. Saw it for a month, during this time, dropped 6.5 pounds. The doctor advised a moderate diet – no hunger strike, remove the flour, add fresh vegetables and drink plenty of water. She played sports twice a week herself, watching a video. Результат меня вдохновил продолжать прием таблеток для losing weight I want to pause and take the course again. “

    Maria, 49 years old < / strong> : “I am taking the drug and I don’t see any major changes in my figure. My goal is to lose 4 kilograms, the second week of the course went, and it took 1.3 kg. Perhaps this type of diet pills does not suit me. I will drink them for another week, if there is no effect – interrupt the course. ”

    Stanislav, 36 years old < / strong> : “I took three pills for three weeks instead of breakfast and after lunch, which consisted of a portion of soup. The feeling was like a swallow. As written in the instructions, she drank a lot of water, so she spent most of her time in the toilet. But the result exceeded expectations – minus 6 kilos! ”< P>


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