Instructions for use Allohol for weight lossand reviews losing weight

Allachol is a choleretic drug prescribed for the treatment cholecystitis, atonic constipation, cholangitis, hepatitis, dyskinesia biliary tract or gallbladder and other chronic diseases. The drug is used as an addition to the diet and physical exertion for effective, rapid weight loss. By reviews losing weight, Allahol helps speed up metabolism, improve metabolism, normalizes the work of the intestines and stomach. What is the composition of the drug and due to what is losing weight during use of allohol?


The composition of the tablets for weight loss

Allohol is a drug that is released in form of tablets coated with a yellow shell. Each pack contains 5 blisters of 10 tablets. The composition of Allohol include natural components of plant origin: dry bile extract, dry nettle extract and dry garlic extract, activated coal.

How to take allohol to lose weight

To prevent side effects or complications, medication requires a responsible approach to reception. Fundamental rules use of the drug for weight loss Allohol.

  • How to drink allohol for weight loss? According to instructions for slimming to take the drug should be according to the scheme: 2 twice a day, 2 tablets.
  • How to take, before or after a meal? Allohol drink not on an empty stomach, but only after eating, so as not to injure the mucous membrane of the digestive organs.
  • Duration of treatment. Admission course drug for weight loss is 14 days. By назначению врача, Allohol use may be prolonged.
  • Are there any contraindications? Like any other drug, allohol has a number of contraindications for the reception associated with health condition: inflammation of the pancreas, acute hepatitis, individual intolerance to some components, jaundice of Acholic type, gastric ulcer, dystrophy liver stones
  • What can be side effects? In patients rarely there are various side effects from taking Allohol, however, sometimes the drug causes allergic reactions, heartburn, constipation or mild diarrhea.
  • How much can you take for weight loss? To get good results the course of taking pass thrice with breaks at least 3 months. If you drink a means for losing weight Allohol postinno, it will negatively affect the work of the gall bladder and will cause digestive disorders.


How and how much acts

What are pills taken from? Action allohol directed to removal of bile from the body, but this tool is used to losing weight How does the drug work? Allohol has no fat soluble properties but prevents the delay of food in the digestive tract, eliminating the processes of rotting food. The drug normalizes the work of the stomach, reduces the level cholesterol, stimulates metabolic processes, contributes to weight loss

Not enough to effectively combat excess weight Allohola, so you should change your lifestyle to an active and provide yourself with a balanced diet. Byвторив 14 day treatment 3 times in combination with a sparing diet and exercise, you will achieve excellent results by losing weight on 5-10 kg.

Can I drink medicine during pregnancy?

During the period of pregnancy or breastfeeding to take means for weight loss is recommended solely on the indication of a doctor. Any medication, including allohol, women in position or with nursing children should drink with caution, it is recommended to carefully to monitor the state of health. If there are unpleasant sensations, discomfort, alarming symptoms, consult a doctor.

Allahol and Alcohol < / h2>

According to аннотации к Аллохолу, прием алкоголя в период лечения противопоказан. Byд действием таблеток повышается моторика и секреция пищеварительных соков ЖКТ, а спиртные напитки повышают образование и отток желчи, усиливают аппетит. In combination, this leads to a negative result – an increased risk of side effects.

Alcohol can lead to spasms of bile ducts, interfering with the normal formation and elimination of bile. This provokes attacks of pain in the area of the right hypochondrium, therefore it is better to refrain from drinking alcohol while taking Allohol. To relieve pain, help spasmolytic drugs.

Combination with other drugs < / h2>

If you are taking other drugs at the same time as Allohol – this is normal, because diet pills are combined with any drugs. Allohol use during the diet necessitates the introduction of an additional dose of vitamins and a complex of minerals in the diet. Using fat-soluble vitamins together with diet pills, the effectiveness of the latter will increase. Complex medication is effective in combating diseases of the liver and gallbladder. Symptoms disappear a week after the start of treatment. < P>

Analogs of the drug < / h2>

How can I replace Allohol? There are many medicinal препаратов, обладающих желчегонным эффектом, которые считаются аналогами данных таблеток для losing weight These include:

  • Vitanorm < / li>
  • Aeschol < / li>
  • Gepabene < / li>
  • Holos < / li>
  • Tsinarix < / li> < / ul>
    • Nettle Leaves < / li>
    • Bittner < / li>
    • Cavehol < / li>
    • Flowers of tansy < / li>
    • Tykveol < / li> < / ul>
      • Olimetin < / li>
      • Ursodex < / li>
      • Urdoksa < / li>
      • Febichol < / li>
      • Cholenim < / li> < / ul>

        Vanishment: < / strong> most of the listed medications are allowed only by prescription!

        Price < / h2>

        How much does a drug cost? The cost of diet pills Allohol low. The price in Russia does not differ in pharmacies in different cities, since it depends on the mark-up, transportation costs, cost of storage. Buy in Moscow drug for weight loss is possible for the price:

        • 10 tablets – from 8 to 16 rubles. < / li>
        • 24 tablets – from 30 to 50 rubles. < / li>
        • 50 tablets – up to 80 rubles. < / li> < / ul>

          Отзывы врачей

          Lomakina G.V., nutritionist: “Alloholom cleaning is good, but you should not expect that the“ magic ”pills will quickly get rid of extra pounds. The drug does not affect the fat deposited by the body. The function of Allohol is cleansing the body from bile and the normalization of metabolic processes. To похудеть, в первую очередь правильно питайиесь и ведите активную жизнь.»

          Зуев М.М., диетолог: «Ускорение обмена веществ с помощью Аллохола происходит постепенно, поэтому средство нельзя назвать эффективным для losing weight Tablets improve the process of digestion and the function of the stomach, accelerate the metabolism, cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, helps in the fight against obesity. You will achieve results if you combine Allohol intake and a balanced diet. ”


          Reviews losing weight < / h2>

          Inna, 47 years old < / strong> : “I don’t strive to lose weight very quickly, so I drank Allohol to activate metabolic processes and fight cellulite. The drug was taken in combination with proper nutrition and active workouts 2 times a week. I was pleased with the result – if you look at the photos before and after, then the difference is obvious between the former and the current state of the skin on the problem areas of the body. ”

          Catherine, 31 years old < / strong> : “I have been cleaning Allohol for 3 consecutive years. Actually, he actually helps me to establish the process of digestion, as a bonus, I got rid of the course of 2-3 pounds, doing nothing extra for weight loss. “

          Yana, 36 years old < / strong> : “I didn’t feel any pill action. She took Allohol for 1 month, 2 tablets per day strictly after the main meal, the result is zero. I had no problems with the stool and intestines, but I wanted to lose a few pounds. I note that I did not manage to lose weight with the help of Allohol, so I will go on a diet. ”


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