In what cases is extremely necessary bandageof pregnancy. Rules for choosing and wearing a bandage during pregnancy:what and why?

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Growing belly during pregnancy causes tender looks
surrounding and pride of the future mom. However, the increase in size
the stomach causes not only positive emotions, but also negative
sensations that affect the well-being of women. In this case, on
help come various bandages.

The use of a bandage during pregnancy has the most controversial
reviews of women and radically different opinions of physicians.

Frightening myths alarm pregnant and cause fear
применять бандаж при of pregnancy. But there are situations when
a woman needs a supporting element. Well correct
selection and compliance with recommendations for wearing a bandage during pregnancy
facilitate a state and exclude possible consequences.

What is a bandage during pregnancy?

The bandage is a specific supporting element. Bandage
refers to orthopedic appliances. Lets support
growing belly during pregnancy, without affecting the fetus,
contributes to the correct location of the baby in the stomach.

Bandage — незаменимый помощник будущей

With the right choice of product, the supporting element:

• significantly reduces fatigue;

• removes heaviness in the legs;

• prevents the appearance of pulling pain in the abdomen;

• facilitates the movement of women;

• relieves stress from the spine.

There are several types of bandages that differ in
its type and purpose of use.

1.•Доchildbirthой бандаж — незаменимое
a device that greatly facilitates the state of the future

2.•Afterchildbirthой бандаж позволяет значительно
shorten the recovery period. Dragging abdominal wall, bandage
helps to improve muscle tone, affects the condition of the skin
abdomen, normalizes intra-abdominal pressure.

3. Универсальный бандаж применяется женщинами,
both during pregnancy and in the postpartum period.
The special cut of a product allows to apply it during the different periods.
During pregnancy to support the back of such a bandage wear,
having its wide part on the back. After delivery for slimming
belly bandage changes location and is worn wide part on
peritoneum area.

Universal bandage is used during pregnancy and after

There are also specific postoperative bandages that
recommended for women after cesarean section.

Доchildbirthые современные бандажи имеют довольно привлекательный
look, made of safe hypoallergenic materials,
well breathable, comfortable to wear. With the right
application, the future mommy does not feel the presence of orthopedic
adaptations on yourself.

Bandageи для беременных выпускаются в виде:

1. • Panties that have an elastic insert to maintain

2. • Belt, which is made as an elastic band with lateral
valves, regulates the tightness of the fit.

3. • Corsets with lacing, which are currently considered
a relic of the past and are quite rare.

It is worth considering that the corset for pregnant women refers to the elements
underwear. Therefore, requires competent care and regular

Who needs to wear a corset during pregnancy?

The need for wearing a corset arises when
increasing abdomen. Basically this process falls on
fourth month. However, the change in the size of the abdomen of each woman
very individual. Therefore, you must consider your own
sensations and well-being.

Even being completely confident in the necessity of applying
bandage, do not rely on your own intuition. Bandage — это
medical orthopedic device. And only a doctor can
decide on the appropriateness of its use. Because
there are contraindications that absolutely do not allow
ношение бандажа при of pregnancy.

Not every pregnant woman doctor will recommend wearing a bandage. If a
muscles are well developed, and after long loads in the form of finding
there are no unpleasant
feeling in the back, abdomen, wearing a bandage just does not have

But for women who have a pelvic or transverse
The presentation of the child, wearing a bandage is simply contraindicated.
The supporting device will not allow the baby
turn around in the stomach and take the correct position.

Therefore, for pregnant women after 24 weeks, if the fetus is not located
head down, wearing a bandage is strictly prohibited.

In the case when the fetus turned over and took the correct position,
applying the bandage will allow fixing it in this position and not
allow unwanted amateur performance.

Situations when a bandage during pregnancy is a must,

Bandage поможет улучшить состояние:

• when there is a late threat of interruption

• if a woman has to lead a rather active lifestyle and
long is on the legs;

• with osteochondrosis pain;

• for any pathology of the spine;

• if a woman has pelvic floor and abdominal muscles are too weak;

• with varicose pathologies;

• when there is excessive heaviness in the legs;

• with pathologies of the cervix uteri and with polyhydramnios;

• after surgical interventions on the area of ​​the peritoneum;

• when the fruit is too low;

• при многоплодной pregnancy;

• if the fruit is very large.

It should be borne in mind that nature has all the possibilities
bear fruit without the use of additional supporting
devices. Without extreme necessity, it is inappropriate to resort to
this method. Abdominal muscles are able to cope with
loads, and ongoing support deprives them of physiological
abilities that leads to excessive weakening.

Myths that the bandage prevents the appearance of stretch marks,
physicians are refuted.
The process of striae formation is not related
only with the tension of the skin, and to a greater extent with
hormonal changes.

The decision to use the bandage will have to take pregnant
independently, but to the recommendations of the gynecologist is
to listen.

How to choose a bandage during pregnancy?

When choosing a bandage, keep in mind that this is a personal intimate subject.
wardrobe. Therefore, in this situation you should not resort to help
friends and acquaintances proposing to apply the now unnecessary

Buying a bandage is only in specialized stores,
pharmacies or in the department of gynecology. The fixture must respond
medical safety requirements. Bandageи, предлагаемые в
wide sale or online stores can be made from
substandard materials and not fit for elasticity and
cut to medical standards. In addition, bandages refer to
personal care items and are not exchangeable. And by acquiring
poor quality or inappropriate product, the ability to exchange it
will not be.

When choosing a bandage you need to rely on your own feelings.
So you have to resort to fitting. It is advisable to try
several types and stay at the most comfortable.

Remember that the bandage will have to be used for a long time. AT
the ideal woman should not feel his presence.
Consider when choosing the size of the bandage that the stomach will still be
increase. Therefore, preference should be given to elastic
products with volume control.

Not in last place is the material from which made
bandage. The ideal option is cotton. But cotton products
not elastic. Therefore, manufacturers add to cotton or viscose
artificial fibers in the form of polyamide, microfiber, polyester,
lycra. Such high-tech materials are safe for the future.
mummies, and thanks to their unique properties, the product becomes
durable, elastic, suitable for frequent washings. If a в составе
bandage material present solid synthetics, the skin will lose
the possibility of free breathing, potnitsy will begin to appear,
diaper rash and allergic rash.

How to wear a bandage during pregnancy?

First of all, you need to learn how to wear a bandage when
of pregnancy. AT прилагающейся инструкции подробно описывается этот
process. If a возникли трудности, и самостоятельно не смогли
deal with the intricacies of using a supporting device,
You can contact a gynecologist. ATрач подробно расскажет о правилах
ношения и научит, как безопасно применять bandage.

To properly wear a bandage, stick to the following.

1. • Lay down on a comfortable, flat surface, with your underneath the buttocks.
a small pillow.

2. • Soak for a while for the muscles to relax, baby.
took a comfortable position. This will relax the bladder.
and go away feeling heavy.

3. • Gently put on the bandage, firmly fastening it on the body. Not
allow excessive pressure – it hurts the baby. But weak
fixing the bandage will not give the intended effect.

If a бандаж надет правильно, женщина не испытывает чувства
discomfort, regardless of the posture in which it is located.

When wearing a bandage, follow a number of rules:

1. • Wear the support element for no longer than three hours. After
what you need to take a break for half an hour.

2. • Remove the bandage at night and during the day rest.

3.•If a малыш ведет себя в животе слишком беспокойно, бандаж
better off. To re-use not earlier than after
half an hour.

Not игнорируйте правил по уходу за бандажом, которые
consist in regular washings at a certain

If a принято решение о применении бандажа при беременности, и
the doctor has no prohibiting arguments, do not listen to negative

This unique device is not capable of harming the future.
mommy or a child, and help get rid of many negative
симптомов, присутствующих во время of pregnancy.

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