I want a child from my ex-husband: is this normal orcrazy idea? Plan-abstract for a woman who wants a child from”Former”

I want a child from my ex-husband: is this normal orcrazy idea? Plan-abstract for a woman who wants a child from"Former"

The birth of a child brings a woman with nothing comparable

Childfree subculture does not count. But what if you want
a child from an ex-husband or boyfriend? Agree, the situation is not usual
will call.

And here it is important not to break the wood, because the kid is by no means
should not be a toy or a bargaining chip.

Yes, and think about yourself: “pull” the two alone? Not
will you regret your decision?

There are only two options for the development of a situation: to give birth or not
give birth to.
But the nuances more, and they are worth it to
look closer

There are three categories of women who decide to give birth from
the former

• adult women who have lived long enough in a barque, loving
husband after a break;

• adult women who do not have any ex-husband
special feelings, but regarding him as an excellent candidate for the role
biological father;

• young women or girls who see the birth of a baby a chance
restore or create a family.

Each of these women has their own reasons for wanting a child from
the former мужа или парня. But not everyone understands what can turn
such a desire.

Хочу ребенка от the former мужа, потому что люблю

The intention to have a child for yourself today will not surprise anyone. AT
past public condemnation and sidelong glances that
rewarded single mothers brisk public of the Soviet years.
Another question: is it worth it to give birth and what will the child grow without

К непростому решению родить от the former можно прийти разными
ways. Sometimes this option becomes the only option.
keep near him a piece of his former love. Relations are broken,
but next to you will live a small copy of a loved one.

Хотеть ребенка от the former мужа в этом случае
особенно если брак был долгим и женщине уже
�”Far beyond …”. To build a new relationship has neither the strength nor the desire:
love is still alive, I don’t want to think about another man. BUT
biological age requires its own. Not важно, по каким причинам
the marriage broke up. If a woman has the ability to raise a baby
she herself has no illusions about her husband’s return and
really wants a child without any additional conditions, then
need to give birth. «Хочу ребенка отthe former мужа» — вполне нормальное
a wish.

Of course, there are many questions. Will the baby be happy? Will whether
stigma for the baby bitter word “fatherless”? How to explain
daughter or son lack dad? ATзрослый человек отвечает за
the decision itself, but how will this choice be taken up
child, incomprehensible. But you need to understand that support in the life of a person
draws from the family. If the father is not, then the main burden in this
difficult case falls on the mother. Need to be psychologically ready
and to questions, and to problems. If mom is calm, and most importantly – strong
spirit and does not feel any guilt, then the baby will grow
calm and confident.

Хочу ребенка от the former мужа, потому что пора рожать

Женщина может выбрать the former мужа в качестве биологического
father and for more prosaic reasons. Love is long gone, couple
broke up without tears and tantrums, each has its own life. And one day
the woman understands that some more, and it will be late to give birth. Not near
no one who could be a father: that weakling, that scoundrel, the third
ugly (hiley, short growth, bad temper, etc. –
necessary, as they say, underline). BUT вот у мужа генетика хорошая
– what is not an option?

Cynically? Yes. But who said that choosing a father for a child whom
you give birth to yourself, whom you will love more than life and grow,
as it should be – strong, healthy, happy, kind,
fair – not the legal right of a woman? Yes, and not necessarily
happy baby must certainly be born of great love. If a
the woman has the opportunity to raise the child herself, she may well
попросить the former мужа стать его отцом. AT этом случае
хотеть ребенка от the former мужа не
the crime.

Another question is how he will react to this, what his wife will say.
(if any), will any agreements be reached on
participation in education. This is another topic. And you need to think about
than. A child is not a pill for lonely old age and not a way
realize your feminine purpose no matter what. What kind
if the biological clock is ticking over your head, you can only give birth with
love for a little, with the desire to give a happy life
little man

Хочу ребенка от the former мужа, чтобы вернуть его

Breaking up a serious relationship is always a huge stress for
women. Especially if the relationship was long and happy,
if a woman loves a cold spouse (young man) and not
imagines further life without him. All the time
it happens that a woman tries to keep near her beloved
mean way – pregnancy.

How vile? Yes, because in this case the child becomes
a figure on a chessboard: if I look like a knight, then he is forced
will surrender. Checkmate, smoothly flowing into the new marriage. About love
the child is not talking, and believe me, he is still in the mother’s stomach
to know this. Most likely, such a child will not love either the mother or

If a женщина безумно любит the former, воспринимает его уход как
the collapse of life, you can still understand it. Attempt to return partner
birth of a baby – a gesture of despair is akin to clouding of reason. Think
«Хочу ребенка от the former мужа» преследует постоянно, становится

Much worse if a woman acts on the calculation. Child a priori
appointed responsible for family reunification. BUT если этого не
happen who will be to blame? That’s right: the same baby, on which
and built the calculation. If a попытка вернуть the former рождением сына или
Daughter fails, fix something will be simply impossible. Kid
bind the mother hand and foot, will be doubly guilty. Who will grow up
from a little man? Scary to think. A bunch of complexes
distorted from childhood psyche.

If a женщина хочет родить от the former мужа, чтобы вернуть
him she must stop a hundred times anyway
to think
This situation in any case will not bring
happiness even if the husband returns. A child must not be born for
implementation of a plan, even the most good, but only
because he is desired. Mother’s goal is to make not herself happy, but

Стоить ли обманывать, если хочется родить от the former мужа

Обмануть мужчину, если хочется родить от the former, — плохая идея.
Not важно, какая цель у женщины: родить для себя или попытаться
return partner Резоны все те же: разменной монетой
becomes a child who is not guilty of anything.

You can play on pity, on physiology, bring the future father
unconscious by alcohol or worse – just to
get your way. But is it worth it? Cheating is always meanness, and
starting a new little life with her is a huge sin. Even if you
leave a man in ignorance regarding conception and birth, this
may open after a few months or years.

AT какой ситуации окажется когда-то любимый человек? How is he
react to deception? ATряд ли кому-то понравится чувствовать себя
a limp stupid tool for fulfilling someone’s desires, let
and good. The problems can be very serious, and they
sure to affect the baby.

Not only a man, but also a child can learn about deception. how
In this case, the maternal deceit — God knows. BUT ведь ничто
does not hurt the childish soul more than meanness and betrayal
parents. This woman is also worth thinking about if she wants
ребенка от the former партнера без его ведома. It is very cruel
attitude and to the man, and to his future baby.

Хочу родить от the former мужа и попытаюсь договориться

Much more honest, and in some sense even easier, to try
agree with the ex-husband. Not нужно ставить его перед фактом:
men react poorly to attempts to manipulate them, especially in
such a delicate situation. What can be done?

• Find a reason to meet with your former spouse. In no case
You can not voice your decision and request by phone. It is quite
already cynical and obviously losing option.

• Prepare territory: create a cozy atmosphere if
meeting happens at your home, or choose a romantic cafe
(perhaps the one with which you both have pleasant

• Tidy yourself for the full cycle: make-up, hairstyle,
manicure, clothes. You can dress up to remind the man of the past

• Not делать никаких резких заявлений по время свидания, не
put forward ultimatums and in no case slip into
the charges. Even if a man is categorical, immediately abandoned
the role of the future father, do not lose your presence of mind. May be,
This is the first emotional reaction caused by shock.

• Ask the former to think about the offer for two or three days.
A man needs time to realize the essence of the proposal, especially if
in marriage, he did not want children. Try to convince him that
no claims to him after the birth of the child you will not have.
Explain that you are not counting on material assistance or his
participation in raising a child.

• A man can put a condition: yes, he agrees to give you
son or daughter, but wants to be not only a biological father. If a
this option is acceptable, you need to discuss in advance the form and degree
father’s participation in the child’s life. Immediately consider whether you need
enter the father’s name on the birth certificate. Sometimes much more convenient
from a practical point of view, put a dash in the column “father”:
no extra papers need to be collected.

Agree with a man if there is a firm decision to give birth to
he is much more productive, safer and more decent than to cheat
and, so to speak, “take advantage of inexperience.” ATсе тайное всегда
becomes apparent.

how подготовиться, если хочется без проблем родить от
the former

howим бы ни был способ зачатия, подлым или честным, к нему нужно
prepare in advance. ATедь задача — родить здорового младенца, да
and not to lose your last health during the nine-month period

That is why you need take some
preparatory actions.

1. • Undergo a full medical examination, make sure that
health is in order. Gynecologist, general practitioner, dentist
mandatory, and then – for health reasons. remember, that
pregnancy can trigger chronic illness or
identify some previously hidden pathology. Be treated lonely
a pregnant woman will be late, and a newly-made mother – also

2. • Correctly determine the optimal day for conceiving. If a цикл
not broken, then its middle (14-15 day from the beginning of menstruation)
perfect time for an intimate date. Special test will help
to determine the days of ovulation.

3. • Take steps to increase the likelihood of conception: start
drink folic acid, give up bad habits (smoking,
for example), protect yourself from hypothermia, trauma, psychological

The situation may arise so that the second date will not.
Именно поэтому женщине, которая хочет ребенка от the former мужа,
It is worth paying maximum attention to the issue of intimacy.

Хочу родить от the former парня, но выброшу этот бред из

It’s hard for a woman to give up the thought of the baby, but sometimes
absolutely necessary. «Хочу родить от the former парня, и все тут!» —
it is very irresponsible and even immoral. Reasons for refusal
lot. And the first is the age of the future mother. If a на такой опасный шаг
a young girl is decided, especially if she is tied up with a partner
not a marriage, and just a close relationship – this is a 100 percent mistake.
The trouble is that the girl is still a child herself and she can act
on an emotional wave, without the participation of reason.

This situation is very dangerous. One thing when deciding
is taken by an adult woman consciously. She is responsible for
consequences, can provide for itself, most often does not build any
illusions. 20-year-old girl, as a rule, is dependent
financial position. Therefore, it is very important that its decision be
supported by parents.

And is it worth it to hurry? Youth is wonderful
a gift that is a crime to waste. With the birth of a baby
life will be completely different and over the course of several years
there just won’t be time. It may happen that a new one comes
love, and on hand – a reminder of the old. Will this be needed
a child to a potential husband? Not превратится ли он в обузу? Who

It is worth thinking about this:

• after the birth of the baby all the responsibility will fall on the shoulders
single mother. Those problems that parents share in a complete family
in half, will have to solve alone. BUT забот ох как немало,
the load will be enormous;

• a young mother cannot work for some time, and live on
benefit is simply impossible. Who будет нести материальную
responsible for the baby and his mother?

• It will be difficult to explain to a child why he does not have a dad. Even
if the father will take part in raising the baby, see
him, then understand why dad leaves him every time, baby
can not soon;

• it’s difficult to have some personal
a life. Does the birth of a baby really bring happiness? BUT вдруг
want to change everything?

Рождение малыша от the former мужа или партнера — очень
complex issue. It is necessary to solve it from the perspective of an adult, because
responsibility for the new life is huge.

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