How to wind the hair on the tongs: step by stepleadership

If you need home hair styling quickly
curls, then you can use forceps. It is good and reliable.
A way to create a beautiful hairstyle, however, to abuse them is not
should, since thermal effects do not go to the hair

How to wind hair with tongs (curling iron)?

Forceps with a regulator are best suited for this purpose.
temperature, then you can not only control yourself
process but also protect your hair from being exposed too
the heat that has on the hair is simply destructive
impact. For healthy, “thick” hair, this procedure, if
do it too often may not have consequences, however, if
hair is thin, and all the more weakened, then from intense
The heat-affected ends will begin to split and break. therefore
For fine hair, it’s best to use the low mode.

So, let’s talk about how to twist the hair on the forceps.

  • First of all, the tongs need to be plugged in and heated to the required
  • Dry hair should be properly combed in the direction of growth,
    and then divided into zones and individual strands. Usually perm
    It is recommended to start with the hair growing on top. Separate
    small strand, once again comb it, lift it perpendicularly
    up and, opening the forceps, enter them into the root zone strands.
  • After that, the forceps need to close and turn to themselves,
    fixing for a few minutes. Thus secured
    direction of the strand.
  • After that, the tongs need to be slightly opened and gradually
    promote to the ends of the hair, evenly opening and closing them.
    Due to this, the hair in the strands are not damaged.
  • On the tips of the hair, forceps need to close and start to wind
    strand in the desired direction, between the forceps and the skin
    should fit a hairbrush.

как накрутить волосы щипцами, фото

In the same way wind the rest strands. Direction and
the shape of the curls you choose yourself in accordance with the plan
hairstyle: you can get a curl along the entire length of the strand or only
its ends so that the hairstyle gets its final look; curls
can be directed inwards or outwards.

After each strand is processed, the curls should be carefully
brush with a natural bristle brush and lay.

Note that curling tongs can be used no more often than
1-2 times a week, since hair is exposed to thermal
impact, and it is very harmful: the structure of the hair is disturbed, they
dry out, lose their shine and silkiness. therefore если вы
do not want your hair turned into lifeless tow, not
overuse curling tongs.

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